Jack Jones
03-14-2015, 05:37 PM
Before i get Modded, i would like this to be constructive and not destructive. The title was to grab your attention!!

Lots of changes have occurred within the game over the last few months, changes in combat system, introduction of the bingo, challenge hall, new buildings etc etc. Personally i like the changes, but i do think more could be done or small changes to what has been done. So on this note i would like to start with a couple please feel free to comment on my idea or add your own, but try to keep it constructive please.

1) The forge/furnace, nice idea but as a paying player not the best investment for me at the moment (and i have 8500 gold at the moment). If i have done the maths right, if you can collect from the furnace every 2 days at the same time it will take 4 months to get your gold back and the same with forge every 12 hrs. Then it is going nearly 3 months with the furnace to get 2000 gold........ 4 months roughly to up your evo at my level. If they tripled the rewards from them it would make it a more interesting offer. Also if you invested down the banker path to gain credits then it is even less useful.

2) The Bingo, love this introduction, because i was getting kinda bored with the breeding (even completed the 6 single gene gold mutants i was that bored). Now i am a member of a lot of groups on fb and admin in a few, i try to help people where i can in the game and have noticed a fair few posts about the bingo and one thing that has struck me is that people did not buy many of the zodiacs (now been sorted with a few different offers), what has not been addressed is the legendary mutants. I have suggested elsewhere but maybe putting a couple of them back into the shop each week at their original cost to give players a chance to finish sets off.

3) Challenge hall........ just saving for the rakk n ruin as i think a lot of people are. Maybe when i have got this i would like to see the lower prizes change a little each week. Oh and maybe some offer on getting challenge hall tokens.

03-14-2015, 07:03 PM
No worries about being modded, you are free to post your opinion, as long as it's not offensively, non child friendly, etc etc.

I will add in some input the best I can, though I am on my phone and it is quite cumbersome to scroll back up and to read and continue typing to opine on every sentence.

1) I do not mind the 4 month too much, I can understand how if you gain too much gold it will be detrimental as a business. At the same time, Kobojo wants long term players, and players thinking longterm will get rewarded.

Like the banker though, the furnace is really only useful with more then 1. My goal is to reach 10,which would make almost 2k gold per week, making me self sufficient.

Banker is a matter of opinion, on whether you thing the increased credits is worth 1500 gold. I find use in my bankers, I only regret getting them because the furnace came 2 weeks after I bought 8.

2) I love the bingo, wish there were also star cards for r1 to 3. I do like you opinion if rotating legendary more often too.

Also, I got my first gold monotone last week. Gold robot. I spun Japan an extra 2 times to get a second robot and bred those, and luckily, got gold robot first try.

3) lower prizes changes could be welcomed, as after rakk, I have no interest in anything else, as I basically have all legendary mutants (the mutant at I think 15 tokens changes), and have an abundance of gold stars and reactor tokens. I am. Not sure if they plan on changing rakk in the future, or add a second option for the 90 tokens.

An additional way to earn tokens would be nice, as I am just 4 short of rakk!

Grim Jack
03-14-2015, 11:26 PM
Well I woulda modded you, but I've gotta back up my partner so you're safe. ;)

Forge/furnace: Of course I'd rather have them pay for themselves quicker, but I think K's choice for a 4 month turnover is fair.

Bingo: More is better! I think a good idea would be to either add more or perhaps replace R1/2/3 as a player finished them and use B/S/G Legendaries and PVP/E muts, and any others that have been left out of Bingo, for more cards. As far as making more Legendary muts available more often, I have a personal issue with the 'I want it all and I want it now' trait I see all to often, but beside that it's another way to keep players over a longer period, so again I can see the thought process behind letting them out more slowly. Also, there'd be just as many people whining about 'I can't afford them....I don't have the money to buy more gold....all Kobojo wants is more money.....why are they always on sale for gold, why not sell more for credits'.

Challenge Hall: I'd be interested to know Kobojo's intention concerning the top prize. Is this the one and only way RnR will ever be available and thus it will never change? Will it rotate every 6 months or so (or however long it would take to earn 90 tokens)?

Other changes-

FB daily challenge: I like this one a lot. Before it was really nothing to achieve it, but just by adding the lvl up 10 muts makes it more interesting. Personally I'd like to see a set of 15-20 different possibilities that show up randomly each day.

New Jackpot Token videos: I've seen a few of them and while there are some that last 60-90 seconds, some are only 5 And so far I've seen them run in nice little strings, so getting a few extra free spins once in a while is always nice.

Are we forgetting anything?

Jack Jones
03-14-2015, 11:56 PM
Are we forgetting anything...... probably thats why i post in general discussion so more will read and comment.

Grim..... as to the legendary mutants, first i am not asking for new ones, just old ones back in the shop. They have been on sale in the shop at least once so adding them back is not about making more of them or having tons of them in the shops, just a bit of variety, we have seen the same mutants up for ages with one or two new ones. What i am suggesting is rotate the ones who are up for a while. Ok i can see the negatives about kobojo wanting us in for the long haul, but to be completely honest if we are at the stage we just want the odd one or two legendary mutants from past releases then we are probably here for the long haul. So all that releasing them again will do is make us spend gold............

Oh and as to Modding me...... i probably deserve it at times, but here i am just trying to help players and give kobojo a bit of food for thought.

Grim Jack
03-15-2015, 12:17 AM
LOL! Ya, ya, ya.....you're a trouble maker, we know it! ;)

Jack Jones
03-15-2015, 01:25 AM
you edited me!!!!!! Dictatorship!!!!!!!!

Bas Suilen
03-15-2015, 06:27 PM
I spun Japan an extra 2 times to get a second robot and bred those, and luckily, got gold robot first try.
You and your damn luck Howard ;)