View Full Version : Suggestion:Must READ !!!

03-18-2015, 04:29 AM
We all know that putting stars on mutants will change the color of mutants and its attribute !
So here is my suggestion !
Why Dont kobojo Create or Put Sets !
A Sets That We Can Equip With Our own mutants , A Sets That Change The Apperance of mutants , A sets That Change The Attribute of mutants !
Ex: Head Gear For Stealth Bot ! If we put a helmet on stealth bot , stealth bot will use that helmet and he gain +5% Health ?
Head Gear +5% of Health (Depends On mutants)
Sword/Samurai/Etc + 10% of attack (Depends On mutants)
Boots/Shoes + 0.5 of Speed (Depends On mutants)
In this Case Equipping Sets Will be More Fun Cause We can Collect It And share it to our Friends
And in this case we can trade our Sets (Only Sets Not Mutants) .

What Do you think Guys....
Only suggestion !