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Paulo Carvalho
03-20-2015, 07:16 AM
I think that Tag Team Attacks are a little overboard to the point of frustration where it comes to PvP.

When you fight an opponent that is an even match and his Tag Team Attack calls a much higher level Mutant to AoE your 3 Mutants to 0 Health in one strike, it kind of makes all the strategy behind the game pretty pointless.
Add to that the fact that you are given the option to pay credits to roll a different opponent, and it just adds insult to injury.

Isn't there a way to make level difference have a smaller impact on Tag Team Attacks in PvP?
Perhaps in PvP the Tag Team Attack Mutants would be "downleveled" to the respective Psy Captain's team average level?
So if your TTA calls a Lv30 Mutant and your team average is 15, his attack will do damage as if he was lv15.
EDITED: Make it based on the opponent's team average level instead, making it more fair when fighting lower and higher average team level opponents.
So if your TTA calls a Lv30 Mutant and your opponent's team average is 15, his attack will do damage as if he was lv15. If you use it against an opponent with an average team level of 50, his attack will do damage as if he was lv50.

Thanks in advance.

Matthew Sherry
03-20-2015, 08:25 AM
AoE attacks in PvP have been a bone of contention for many players. People feel they are too good. There have been many threads and suggestions brought up with how to deal with it, such as scaling to your own evo like you said and scaling damage based on the speed: Autonorush @ 11.11 speed will make a Dezinger @ 3.45 speed Tag deal damage as if it was actually another speed 11.11 tag.

I don't actually know if Kobojo has acknowledged the issues with PvP and tags yet, aside from possibly Hugo or others passing along the messages and feedback.

Paulo Carvalho
03-21-2015, 12:45 AM
Actually in PvP I think your Tag Team attacker should be downleveled or upleveled to match the enemy team's average level.
This should make it so that cherry-picking low average level opponents isn't as effective, while attacking those with higher average level doesn't feel so daunting.

So, regardless of your average level, against an opponent with average level 20, any mutant called by your tag team attack will deal damage as if he was level 20.