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Paulo Carvalho
03-21-2015, 12:50 AM
Is there a chance for me to get the opportunity to acquire/buy my own Zodiac (Aquapunzel) anytime soon?

I know we're not in January/February anymore, but since Sagittarius is in the Jackpot, I suppose it's a possibility?
I started playing only in March, so I never got a chance to get my sign's Mutant, and waiting until next year seems really unfair.

03-21-2015, 01:36 AM
Well, a while ago there was a pack with 3 mutants for sale (aquapunzel, sagittaurius and caprika inside), so I guess there may be a possibility of that happening again, BUT I guess it'll be with other zodiacs instead.

03-21-2015, 03:07 AM
You most likely will not have to wait until next year; they will probably release the packs/singles again, or the Zodiac mystery box

Paulo Carvalho
03-21-2015, 04:26 PM
Thanks for the replies.
Looking forward to it.

Himanshu Mittal
03-22-2015, 08:38 AM
I got sagitarrius in jackpot but it is not such a good mutant. Health just around 5.5k at 22 evo.

Matthew Sherry
03-22-2015, 02:28 PM
I got sagitarrius in jackpot but it is not such a good mutant. Health just around 5.5k at 22 evo.

All Zodiacs have 50% better stats than normal mutants, Gold mutants have 75%. I made a thread in the suggestions forum about buffing them to Gold star level just because of how exclusive they are and how much effort you need to collect them. I want to be able to use them not watch them gather dust on my roof top.

03-22-2015, 02:37 PM
Does anyone know when there will be zodiacs in the shop Again?
I still need 7 zodiacs to finish the zodiac bingo Card

Plus: any tips as how to get goliath?

Evo 40 - fame 137

Matthew Sherry
03-22-2015, 02:42 PM
There is another Zodiac thread very similar to this already going, there is no need to make another one.

I got my Goliath by begging friends to play the game, then when they inevitably didn't keep playing they just let me log into their account and level them up to 5. It took some time to find enough people to let me do it but it worked. 1 of them at least did keep playing and it's nice knowing exactly what mutant I'm tagging in sometimes.

03-22-2015, 04:28 PM
I have merged the 2 zodiac threads.

Your inquiry should be answered more or less.

Matthew Sherry
03-23-2015, 06:27 PM
The Zodiac box is back for 500 gold. Was it 500 last time?

Paulo Carvalho
03-24-2015, 03:34 AM
Got my Aquapunzel :)