View Full Version : Make the Default Option: No Tag

Paulo Carvalho
03-21-2015, 03:23 AM
Default behavior for Tag Team feature is pretty poorly designed:

First, if you select Tag Team Attack it's spent even if you don't use it in battle.
Second, the game automatically picks one available Team Mate by default, INSTEAD of "No Tag".

As a result, among the dozens of fights you do each day, if you get the slightest bit distracted you will waste a Tag Team Attack without even realizing it - you don't even use it in battle when this happens because you don't realize you picked it.
So it's a complete waste.

The two above combined are infuriating.
People will usually want a Tag Team Attack for particularly difficult fights, not all fights.

So, assuming Kobojo isn't intentionally trying to make you waste Tag Team Attacks out of cruelty or greed, I think it's a simple enough change that would improve the quality of life of the game, and has pretty much no development cost.