View Full Version : Mutant Appearance Selection (Simple & Easy)

Paulo Carvalho
03-21-2015, 04:07 PM
Allow us to change our Mutant's appearance, selecting only from those available up to that Mutant's Star.

So if you've got a Silver Blade Banshee, you can choose between her normal, Bronze and Silver versions.

Also, if for some technical limitation it is not possible to allow us to breed Bronze, Silver and Gold versions of exclusive Mutant collections (Girl Power, Japan, etc), then at least allow us to change the appearance of our Bronze and above Mutants of the same Gene to look like them - or at least the Gold version.

So, a normal Blade Banshee would not have access to the Girl Power Blade Banshee appearance, but at least a Gold Blade Banshee would.
Same for Girl Power Demon, Girl Power Honey Bunny, Japan Robot, Japan Bushi, etc.