View Full Version : Random Mutant Rolls - Partial Gold Refund

Paulo Carvalho
03-24-2015, 05:17 AM
I think you should be allowed to sell mutants obtained from Random rolls purchased with Gold for a % of their initial gold cost.

So a Mystery Zodiac Box costs 500g, therefore you should be able to sell what you get for at least 100g (20%).

Although this means every 5 rolls you get a 6th roll for free - that only matters IF you manage to get unlucky enough to NOT get ANY of the mutants you want 5 times.
Is it really too much to ask under those circumstances?
Assuming you roll 10 times. You get 5 mutants you do not have, but also 5 duplicates. You get to sacrifice those 5 duplicates to try another time - possibly getting another duplicate.

The reason for this is that any duplicates you get from these "random mutant rolls" are usually worthless.

This has the same philosophy as the "free spin" in Jackpot, so it's nothing unheard of in Mutants.

I thought about whether there should be a restriction on this - such as only able to refund mutants you haven't incubated yet - but that is both unnecessary and unfair for those who happen to incubate them before this gets implemented.