View Full Version : [Suggestion] Idea: 3rd Attack for Mutants

Paulo Carvalho
03-27-2015, 07:48 PM
The other day I was looking at the Honey Bunny and I thought: What the hell does she have a Katana for?
She just throws shurikens and kicks...
Is it a paper weight? Perhaps her speed would be 20 if she didn't have the Katana slowing her down? xD
EDIT: Now I know she uses it in her Zoomorph attack after Lv15.

But that gave me an idea I thought I'd share:

1 - Add a 3rd Attack to each Mutant.
This will definitely add a lot of flavor, and has a huge amount of possibilities.
1.1 - The 3rd attack can be of the primary gene, secondary gene, or neutral type.
1.2 - The 3rd attack can be single target or AoE
1.3 - The 3rd attack can have a different property.
Using Honey Bunny as an example, her 3rd attack might apply Wound, but disable her Retaliate until she uses an attack with Retaliate again.

The underlined part prevents Retaliate and Boost from being broken.
The first of the two available to the Mutant starts active (just in case Kobojo made a Mutant with both Retaliate and Boost). Whenever you use an attack, you activate that attack's property, but disable all others.
So a Mutant with Retaliate; Life Drain & Boost (in that order) will start battle with just Retaliate active, and when he uses an attack, he activates that attack's property, but disables all others.

03-28-2015, 08:43 AM
I think that would be a very interesting and creative idea. I think that it would also benefit the game if it had another attack so it would give it more possibilities to attack.