View Full Version : [Suggestion] Fix Crit & Tag Team in PvP

Paulo Carvalho
03-29-2015, 03:11 AM
Crit and Tag Team attacks in PvP are probably the only 2 factors that may end up causing me to give up on the game one day.

Battle is pretty much ALWAYS determined by 1 lucky crit from one side that completely destroys whatever careful planning and tactical advantage you try to obtain through intelligent combination of Mutants.

If the crit doesn't do it, it's a tag team attack that destroys your team.

I've made these suggestion before - isolated in separate threads - but I'm posting them again together, because they all combine to make tournaments a huge cluster%"$" of "who has the most high level friends ready to help with Tag Team Attack".

It's just pure frustrating gameplay. Nothing you do matters if the enemies crit you AND you don't crit them EVEN when you have all boosts and they have none AND/OR they call tag team and you don't have one available.

Change #1 - Make crits deal only 150% damage (down from 200%) and increase the chance to crit to compensate.
This will make it so that critical hits are a little more regular, but less devastating.

Change #2 - Make Crit Defense Boost reduce crit damage suffered, instead of lowering chances.

Change #3 - Make the Mutant you call with your Tag Team Attacks cause damage as if his level was the enemy team's average level.
So if you have level 15 Mutants and are fighting against level 10 Mutants, and call your friend's level 50 Mutant with your TTA, his Mutant will be level 10 when performing the attack.

Change #4 - Make the Mutant you call with your Tag Team Attacks modified by your Mutant's speed.
So if you call Brittany with your Honey Bunny, Brittany will do less damage than she would if you called her with a Dire Despot.