View Full Version : Zomborg and Blade Banshee

Pascal Hobi
03-30-2015, 09:46 AM
It is kind of frustrating^^'
I have a lil' problem, these two mutants mentioned above this text just won't come out of my breeding center. I tried so many comninationsso many times but I always get the worst ones which I already have about 10 times. I need these two to complete my Bingo xD
Any Advice?

03-30-2015, 01:49 PM
Theres really no advice of getting these 2. Just keep using the single genes which I assume youve been doing (Zombie/Leech+Robot/Android and Zombie/Leech+Warrior/Nordic).

I remember when I first started one of the first Darwin missions was to make a zomborg, I ended up finishing all the missions except for Zomborg. Eventually one day I decided to make my first gold mutant, and wanted a dead bot. Boom, Zomborg. Just be patient, itll come around.

03-30-2015, 09:57 PM
Just like Howard said, keep trying, it will also help to have an upgraded breeding center since those two mutants are rare.