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Danilo Henrique da Silva
03-31-2015, 03:10 PM
Hello everyone.

This is my first post in the forum and I'm kind new in the game too.

My level is 46 and my evolution center level is 25. I have only one mutant in level 25 and other two in 24, totaling 73 to PvP.

I would like to understand why I've been facing only with players level 50+, with mutant's level totaling 120+ =(.

I can't win most of the combats even with Eva's tag, and I earn about 10-20 points each fight, but loose a lot of them been attacked by powerful players.

It's been hard even to get to the top 50%!

Can anyone help me understand what is happening?



03-31-2015, 03:50 PM

Thank you for your cooperation and feedback. About this topic we can already tell you there are several investigations in progress in regard of pvp balance. You can also find direct comunication between Kobojo and players about this, following this link (a previous forum topic related to pvp balance issues):

Therefore our devs are very interested in the matter as you can see from there. In player vs player fights the teams get automatically paired checking the points/levels of the mutants. To win a team of mutants with a total value higher than yours, we suggest you to choose your team according to the genes of the opponents to maximise the damage and resistance.

Danilo Henrique da Silva
04-06-2015, 08:27 PM
Thank you for your response Anesyr.

I took so long to answer back because I haven't realized that I have to subscribe to my own post to receive notification by e-mail hahaha.

And thank you too for the suggestion to choose carefully the team genes of my team, but the gap of level are so huge that it really doesn't matter =(.

I keep fighting players with evo sum of 129, while my own is 76. It's so unfair =/.

I'm thinking of open a request to Kobojo's support, what do you think about it?

[K] Hugo
04-07-2015, 03:42 PM
Hey Danilo, to be honest i am not sure that a support request would give a better answer that Anesyr provided. What else would you expect? Let me know!

Kenneth Pocaigue
04-07-2015, 04:13 PM
PvP is usually hard at first for new players... But eventually as you expand your rooftop and progress to get access to more powerful mutants.. you'll eventually build up a good variety to choose from when considering the enemy genes in PvP.. Eva is a good tag for new players but I would suggest getting higher level friends to tag if you are really struggling. If you'd like I can offer you my tag to help further along your gaming experience xP

Danilo Henrique da Silva
04-07-2015, 04:23 PM
Hi Hugo.

I'm just considering that it might be a bug. I've just upgraded my evo center to 26 and now I'm only fighting players with evo sum of 130+.

It's almost impossible to win a fight and I always lose more than 20 points. It's very strange, isn't it?

Danilo Henrique da Silva
04-07-2015, 04:55 PM
Kenneth, I've had no problem to get to top 10% in 3 or 4 PvP seasons, but in this one and the last one I started to have this "problem" of fighting players very powerfull and losing a lot of points.

I don't know if powerful tag will help me because my fights are basically one-hit-kill from my opponents =(. I would defeat only one mutant and than lose the fight. Besides, when I win, I earn very few amount of points.

Take a look in these screenshots:


Kenneth Pocaigue
04-07-2015, 06:16 PM
What I can gather from these screenshots is that you are playing on Mobile.. For some odd reason Kobojo has yet to decide on whether they should show total evo levels during team previews for mobile.. If they did, it would make it easier to for the player to decide on their opponents.. If you play through the computer (facebook platform) then you can see total evo levels and make a more informed decision. It IS generally better to attack higher evo players because they should give you more points than if you attacked someone around your evo.. However, there is more to that equation.. Attacking players with much more points also gives extra points when you win.. so you can just hit players shuffled to you that have your total evo displayed.. But Honestly... even if you go against higher evo players, you can still win with "Just" a tag.. provided you have the faster mutant to get that tag out.. Some players with Tags like Britany or Buranka can guarantee a victory even with the 50% damage reduction from superior genes simply because their evo is extremely high... and those two tags specifically will always hit all mutants.. I don't condone winning through tag alone.. as that sucks the sense of accomplishment out of the victory.. but if you are struggling and need the help.. Thats always an option...

I'm not too sure if those are your only high level mutants..but I would suggest getting faster mutants to work in your team.. They may seem weak, but in the current metagame.. speed is your road to victory! So I would suggest picking up a lightning speed mutant at some point or another.. Honey Bunny is free and easy to acquire, sporting 11.11 speed.. Zombat makes his rounds to PvP and PvE sometimes so look out for him there... Gandalphus is also free but a little harder to acquire than Honey Bunny, and also a little bit slower at 9.09 speed.. but hes just as good.. Captain Wrench Fury is 8.33 speed but is notable because his ability differs from his gene make up.. If you can afford to, then pick up Ceres in Shop for 700 gold.. Fastest mutant available and she can be a gateway to unlocking all normal/rare galactic mutants... Shes hard to Upgrade to a higher star though.. In any case.. Speed is good.. So raise some faster mutants to balance out your teams xP

Danilo Henrique da Silva
04-24-2015, 04:32 PM
Good new (for me, at least)! Since yeasterday's update, with the new Orb feature and upgrades in the PvP interface, I'm having opponents about my level, with sum of mutants level about 78~84 and earning/losing a fair amount of points!

I think Kobojo may have adjusted the PvP algorithm =D.