View Full Version : [Suggestion] Leveling is a nuisance.. Here's My Solution

04-03-2015, 11:04 PM
Even with booster getting mutants to max level can be extremely annoying especially if you have a super high evo and with all these new mutants to breed and level if feels like an infinite process. My evo is just 40 btw so i can just imagine how those with higher level people feel.:nonchalance:

Please do not mention supra or mega division because one or two evo 40 mutants cannot possibly fight 3-6 evo 50 to 100+ mutants while trying to level up a low level mutant because it's already hard as it is. i don't even know the max evo of the mutants in the new divisions. This is just a guess. But whatever.


As you can see it is "possible" for kobojo to give separate (Xp) and separate (Fame). So i simply ask to increase only the (Xp) of all the final bosses. I mean they are final bosses, isn't the whole point for them to give a significant amount of rewards and because only the (Xp) is changed nothing is really lost because the (Fame) will remain the same. Your fame would increase at the same rate as it did before meaning it would still take forever to level up your (Fame) just as kobojo intended.:sour:

I am only asking for a easier method to level mutants because getting a whole lot of mutants to max evo is no simple task.

Thanks for reading my suggestion.:loyal:

Matthew Sherry
04-05-2015, 03:24 PM
I had a think about this. Mutants stop upgrading at level 25, you get attack 1, 2 and your ability upgraded at that point with no further improvements. It makes a good baseline. Why not have an XP multiplier based on your evo center level once you go beyond 25. What that would do is keep the time to level up beyond evo 25 constant.