View Full Version : MGG Theory: "Is the size of these mutants even possible?"

Vince Leclerc
04-07-2015, 06:39 PM
Mutants : Genetic Gladiators, made by Kobojo Games, is a mobile game I really like. Strategic combat, near-infinite possibilities of combinations of mutants to make even more powerful mutants, and an interesting concept and lore. I really love this game, but there are few things that makes me go « Wait what? How? » and there is one thing in particular that makes me get a bit confused… the mutant’s size. Have you noticed how HUGE those gladiators are? And the question I’m asking myself is « is the size of these mutants even possible? » Dear Psy-Captains, grab your best fighters and geometric tools because it’s time to theorize!

First of all, do we know in the actual game what is the actual size of the mutants? The answer is yes, but it is only confirmed for one mutant only and it’s the saber/necro combination mutant known as the Blade Bouncy- uhm!...*hem* Banshee… Blade Banshee. *arhem*

We can base ourselves on this mutant because she is the only one yet to have her official height featured in her biography. Here is the segment that features it: «…So if you like your ‘gals’ cold and 20 feet tall you’re in luck.» Since the Blade Banshee is the only mutant with a known height, we will assume that 20 feet tall is the average height of every mutants in the game. Compared to a fully grown man, who is exactly 1.80 meters in average, or 5’11 ‘’, the Blade Banshee would be at exactly 20 feet tall or approximately 6.10 meters tall. If we divide 6.10 meters by 1.80, it gives approximately 3.39. So, Blade Banshee, like all the other mutants, would be in average 3.39 times taller than an average human. Case closed? Oh, no, my friends. This is only the beginning!

If this is an in-game fact, why do we still need to question ourselves if this works or not is because there are other in-game content that proves that it’s not that simple. Let us look at Darwin, our fellow scientist, the one that creates all the mutants for you! There is a picture where he is featured with an unknown, face-hugger like larva in the capsule he holds in his hands. Notice something weird? Yeah, I know, the larva is ugly as F but look at the size of the larva on this picture… and then look at the size of the larvas in-game. Noticed it now? It’s clearly not the same size at all! It could be something possible… if Darwin was a frickin’ titan three times bigger than an average mutant! 6.10 meters times 3 gives 18.30 meters, or approximately 60’04’’ tall! After Godzilla, here comes Darwinzilla! But we all know that Darwin is 100% human so it clearly doesn’t make any sense.

Want to know something that doesn’t make sense as well? The fact that few mutants really look like human beings, it’s even disturbing! Look at mutants like Lara, Ceres, Blade Banshee, Baron Lundi, Techno Taoist and I skip others. Modern science has proven to be able to clone animals, like sheeps and cows and in this futuristic game, it could be very possible to clone human beings, like Baron Urban did… but failed 12 times before doing it again and creating an abomination called Neo-Urban 13 and letting it escape, you dumb fool! *sigh* calm down, Vince… *exhales* good. Okay, where was I? Oh yeah! Cloning humans! It can be taken in consideration that if we can create mutants, we can also clone humans, but is it possible to create clones that big? I mean it’s 20 feet tall… it’s huge!

Like my d-*arhem! Sorry, everyone. I almost let this one slip out. Let’s forget this and keep up with the theory, shall we? *

This year 2015, researchers at McGills University in Montreal have been able to clone ants and they also successfully cloned ants bigger than the previous ones. After 7 cloning, the ant was now two times bigger than the first one! In an article made by CBC News talking about it, it says that there is a gene that most of living organisms, humans included, possess. The gene is called EGFR and it is said that by manipulating this specific gene, scientists could halve and/or increase the size of a cloned organism! That’s awesome, isn’t it?

So from this, can we consider that we could not only create human-like mutants but we could also change the size of any artificially-concepted-living organisms by manipulating their EGFR genes? It seems pretty legit to me.

And since the story takes place in a far future, it is highly plausible that science would have drastically advanced and that we could be able to create giant, artificially-made genetic gladiators used for our own entertainment. And because we love it BIG, we could manipulate the EGFR genes and after several attempts, we could make our 20 feet tall, cold gal blade Bouncy! Banshee! Blade Banshee… damnit! So to answer to the question of this theory : Oh yes, it is!

Tell me in the comment section what do YOU think about it! Legit or not? Comment below, share with your friends!