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Kenneth Pocaigue
04-08-2015, 12:55 PM
Over my MGG career I have noticed many intricate things about the game that I have come to love. I have also noticed lots of things that could really use improvement, but this is a suggestion post about one particular mechanic that I think would make some beloved mutants more viable in the biggest and most impact-full arena.. the PvP Arena.. Growth curves!

It is certain that even carbon copy mutants won't always have the same stats, sometimes you get a mutant with 3 points more attack than the mutopedia initially state, then later an exact copy with 9 points more attack.. What is this? Well, it is a random stat generated to give a mutant some form of unique identity! Or at least that is how I would like to think of it.. In any case, it means that mutants can actually be good or bad when compared to that particular mutant's base stats. Over time I have bred and tested this theory of random stat generation, and have found that there is an upper ceiling of +3% and a lower floor of -3% that can be added or deducted from a mutant's Base damage... Health is also affected, but I only researched and tested for damage with the goal of providing optimal tags for friends... so I have a long way to go in deciphering this mechanic..

So far, I have noticed that breeding mutants Generally have better odds at getting higher stat rolls than Shop, gift, or reward mutants. All the latter usually had negative rolls, and almost always were at the bottom floor of the stat margin (-3%). This difference in stats hardly seems significant, but in the higher evo stages, that 9 points could mean the difference between an 8,300 attack and an 8,549.. 249 points may not seem like much until you factor in things like brutal damage (8,300 x 1.5 = 12,450) vs (8,549 x 1.5 = 12,823) and critical hits (12,450 x 2 =24,900) vs (12,823 x 2 = 25,646).. that 9 points at the beginning makes a pretty noticeable difference.

Some mutants however cannot be bred... Captain peace, the Zodiacs, Oriax, etc etc.. These mutants will never get the opportunity to rise higher than their preset stat margins, which usually fall into Silver star status for most of them.. And Since you obtain them from shop or other means.. it isn't known whether these mutants also receive the benefit of a randomized stat roll. Even if they did though.. players didn't obtain them through breeding so they have much higher chances of getting Lower end stat rolls. This is fine as it is, however.. these mutants will generally collect dust or eventually be frozen into retirement as the player accumulates more gold star mutants. Why? because they Can't become better than their preset stat margins.. Supraman X is a good example.. when compared to other Mutants in his speed tier, he generally sports mediocre attack and health. Silver star rating to be exact. his Speed tier is GREAT for his ability, his design is AMAZING, and a lot of players would really like to Have a megaman Tribute running in their team! But... he's so underpowered because he cannot be upgraded.. So he will likely never see any real use. And thats just one simple example..

Here is my Proposition, what if the great minds at Kobojo added a new mechanic into the mix for these particular mutants... these extremely hard to acquire, yet extremely lackluster mutants that cannot be upgraded. and Even to Secret recipe mutants to give their niches a little more Oomph!! What if they added a scaling static multiplier to these special typed mutants? The random stat generator can stay abysmal as it is.. it can even be tweaked so that these mutants start out at the same strength as a normal mutant in basic form.. But How about gracing these guys with something a player can really appreciate in the long run?

Example: Supraman X Base stats:
Level 1 Level 10
Health: 1398 (+140 per level) // 2657
Damage: 299 (+30 per level) // 569
Speed: 6.67

With +1.5% static multiplier to growth stats.
Level 1 Level 11:
Health: 1398 (+140,142,144,146,148,150,153,155,157,160= 1,495) // 2893
Damage: 299 (+30,30,31,31,32,32,33,33,34,34= 320) // 624

The Growth can easily get out of hand so for the sake of balancing, there can be a cap that increases at certain intervals.
Increment cap until Level 50: Health: +175, Damage +40 with the caps increasing by +35% every 30 levels or so..
Or something like that... I have no doubt that Kobojo can utilize this idea to bring more usability to our favorite mutants, and fine tune it so that they don't become obscenely powerful until reaching insane evo levels.. And can just take a permanent cap after reaching a certain evo threshold.. for balance sake of course... xP Thoughts?

Matthew Sherry
04-08-2015, 03:40 PM
I made a thread with a similarly overly complicated idea. It boiled down to just raise their base stats to the regular +85% that Gold Legendarys have so we could bother to use them in PVP. My idea was specifically for Zodiac mutants since they are so hard to acquire it feels like wasted effort but it could extend to mostly everything else barring some of the really easy to get mutants like Oriax and Captain Peace(as much as I'd love to see a gold level Oriax).

Also afaik every mutant that doesn't have a star/isn't breedable is either 50% better than normal; The Zodiacs, Easter Gunny, Supraman etc or is the full 85% better; Santacopus, Abraham Lincoln, Mexihcatl etc. Silver star mutants are +30% better.

If theres any devs lurking, or perhaps Hugo could ask, why are there mutants that are purposely weak yet require us to spend lump sums of gold to acquire? They are weak with no way to make them stronger. I don't get it. I understand the collector mentality but surely it's doing nothing but hurting sales to not have mutants be Gold Star level. I can imagine more people using gold on Zodiac boxes or mutants like Supraman X if they were actually worth it but they are not and never will be unless they get a buff.

David Deal
04-08-2015, 05:09 PM
I'd prefer them doing the +* approach like with Mr Marvelous. He isn't breedable but his scaling is in line. I've noticed that mutants that are goldish without a star don't scale appropriately in late evos.

Kenneth Pocaigue
04-09-2015, 09:15 AM
My first gold level'd mutant wasn't gold at all.. it was Captain peace.. he has slightly less than gold star damage but you are right.. he doesn't scale well at all.. From level 1 - 25 he was a decent "get by" kind of mutant.. but as I got more golds.. even normal ones.. he was quickly outclassed as my evo center progressed... My other Useful mutants that brought me far were the Snowmage and Jack'o Lanturn.. What really sets them apart from the other more easily acquirable mutants that can be upgraded is the fact that they have unresisted spread attacks.. That mechanic has brought me through a lot of tough situations.. For their sentimental value alone I still use them in PvE Just to make them feel useful.. but at the end of the day.. they really aren't.. PvP is the bigger arena.. and these mutants just do not help much in PvP... They can't keep up with my MANY other gold mutants... So they take a bench... so it would be really nice if they got a buff yes.. however, giving them the initial Stat increase that comes with gold star mutants will do more harm than good because Oriax, Goliath, captain Peace are somewhat easily acquired.. Zodiacs a bit harder but still... Gamer Mutants and Holiday mutants and all other upgrade ineligible mutants have one significant advantage over Normal and Legendary mutants... they lack the "Star" but still carry considerable power... at least more so than Basic forms of Normals and legendaries... even more than bronze and silvers.. Because they Lack the star... they can easily manipulate the Team Preview in PvP.. Allowing the attacking player to "Think" that the defense team is new and unprepared for the harsh environment that is PvP... This is all well and good except.. That makes it easier for NEW and inexperienced players to get a big leg up, but offers no real benefit to experienced players who already have collected these mutants and many many others as it is immediately, and averagely rewarding and not something worth striving for.. however, incorporating a growth curve/rate mechanic to these mutants not only solidifies their uniqueness, but also gives them viability in a sea of superior mutant choices that is rewarded with time and effort spent on acquiring AND leveling these mutants.. Of Course my idea is impractical and absurdly difficult to implement without substantially harming the metagame as it is.. But it is a nod to a direction that can make these particular mutants worth more for the effort it takes to simply acquire them.. Caps on Growth rate and possibly reverting rates at intervals will be necessary in order to maintain the balance so that these mutants do not completely overshadow other gold and legendary mutants.. because we don't want a metagame that consists of Solely one group of mutants.. **the zombat effect** We just want them to be worth what it takes to get them, so that we can use them.. My idea doesn't put them in league with other legendaries till much later in levels.. But it does eventually put them there..