View Full Version : Serious problems with the mutants Ceres,Project X27 and Britany.

Buddy Lee
04-09-2015, 04:38 AM
So I bought the mutant Ceres. Then I fought a player in PVP and then I was thinking to myself there is no way a mutant can attack me first unless they have the same mutant Ceres as I do. So anyways to my surprise the other player had a mutant Project X27, so guess what happened even though that mutant has a speed of 12.55 and my mutant Ceres has a speed of 12.6 it still manage to attack me first. What the hell is this false advertising or what?!!!! Also to top it off guess what happened next, the other players Tag was the mutant Britany which by the way killed all three of Mutants with one hit. The mutants that I was using were George Washington, Neo-Urban XIII and Ceres. I just got one word to you DEV guys, "PLEASE FIX THIS ^^^^^" and who's idea was to make a mutant that can kill all your mutants in your team with one hit???!!!!!(Really DEVS really??!!!).

Also this is not the only time that I have lost against a player using Britany as there Tag. The Level on my mutants is 27 each but it doesn't even matter that Britany Tag is way too powerful.

Grim Jack
04-09-2015, 06:32 AM
Already a thread (http://forums.kobojo.com/showthread.php?6365-12-66-speed-Mutant-Ceres) about Ceres v X27.

Buddy Lee
04-09-2015, 09:00 AM
Nice okay thank you.