View Full Version : tagg suggestion

J Brutal Brindley
05-10-2015, 04:45 PM
Why not allow us to have 24 or 48 hrs per tagg so that way we can change our tagg to our favorite mutants everyday.but once you use a tagg/mutant their is a waiting period to reuse this same tagg/mutant after the 24 hrs .if you don't select a tagg it will auto pick the highest lvl mutant until the next day and the next if you don't pick.....this will allow players to use duplicates if they don't want to change and also not always using/cheating with Brittney taggs .....cuz I have lots of mutants and want certain ones as my tagg.........ex. I pick Brittney as my tagg,now for 24 or 48 hrs she will be my tagg.once those hrs have past ,my tagg slot would be empty and Brittney is no longer my tagg she will refill her tagg bar and can't be used until it's full or you pay gold to fill it...during the waiting period you can choose another favorite mutant as a tagg and use them till Brittany is ready? Or if they just want to keep changing taggs and it gives us a chance to utilize all our mutants