View Full Version : Event suggestion: Holy Wars.

John MacDonald
05-27-2015, 08:45 PM
We have Angels(Retribution and Ghost Rider). We have Demons(Pit Lord, Mephisto, Demon and Oriax). We have Zeus. We have Nebulus.

Any chance we can have an event where we can pick a side, so long as we have the mutant in question. Zeus needs to get taken down a notch, along with his stupid beard.

Jack Jones
05-27-2015, 09:46 PM
i think you missed a few points and taken other to the extreme....... kinda like the idea as a whole. Just needs alot of work ps Zeus was a god........ Erm i guess on the whole kobojo shy away from topics like this for gaming reasons and to keep the playing field even and player on player and not teams, you start to introduce factions and it could be a fast slippery slope. If you introduce Angels and Demons.... you automatically create factions or groups. good vs evil etc etc, you open this can of worms and it could ruin the game. Not due to anything kobojo do but more to do with human nature and how it reacts to situations like this....... or maybe i just read too much into your suggestion.