View Full Version : PVP rebalanching and Tag system discussion

Prabu Farel Siliwangi
05-29-2015, 12:45 AM
Ok Kobojo i want to discuss about PVP rebalanching.Looks like if Britany and Blanka lost their spread attack in PVP maybe many players will change their Tag into single attack mutants just like Dezinger,GG,Genshiryoku,etch.And Britany and Blanka tag user will decrease drastically and it will impact Campaign because many players change their tag into single attack mutants.What i mean impact campaign is Campaign will more difficult because many player lost their Britany tag because the tag owners change their tag to other mutant instead Britany or Blanka.So to solve this problem is make the campaign easier just like in the past.I still need Britany for Training in Mega and Supra division but if their number decrease i can't training or slow down the training time and it will cost too much time.
And i have a question if Britany or Blanka is our enemies in PVP(Not as tag) are they will keep their spread attack?

05-29-2015, 01:22 AM
Yes, they will keep their spread attack if they are mutants. It is only in PvP tag for where they will change to single attack.