View Full Version : What should be in the next upcoming updates !!!!!!!

Cosmin Oprean
06-02-2015, 04:45 PM
Wath i think should be in the next update:

First about the PVP i will like to see 2 new league for ex:Platinum and Diamon and the reward should be.
-Diamond-30 token for token or 3 special orbs that change at every weaks.
-Platinum-500 gold or a zodic mutant that change at every weaks.
About the PVE i will like to see more stage not only 100 lets say about 150 but with more time.
From the stage 110 to 150 the reward should be:
-110-1 Xp booster
-120-10.000.000 credits
-130-3 normal orb with lvl 1
-140-50 slots token
-150-1 gaming mutant
The Slots.
The rewards that need to be removed from slots
-Some low credits reward
-1 Day critical and shild
-Mutant from PVE and PVP.
The rewards that need added in slots
-More Legendery mutant
-A bigger gold reward lets say 100
-Orbs special and normal any tip
-Bigger chase at rewards
The Shop
-When you will add a gold pack of mutant add also the basic version of the gold pack
-The Basic (no star) mutant need to be in credits not in gold
The Reactor
-When you make a new reactor dont put it in the 3 token slot ex:Gods of the Arena.
-I will like to see some new reactor for the 1 and 2 token slot.
Ex:-Reborn-1 token slot,
Anime-2 token slot,
Cartoon-2 token slot,
Boys Power-1 token slot, etc.
-Make them in group of 4 lets say:Japan,Star Wars,Villain and BigBoss every in 1 corner of the slot.

This are the staff that i will like to see in the game.

Ashik Rafeek
06-02-2015, 06:32 PM
Its hard to finish 100 in PvE cause it is way tooooo boring then if it is 150 then its better to leave PvE there..

I Like the PvP Idea... (Y)