View Full Version : Align Android application to facebook application

Aej Aej
06-05-2015, 09:22 AM
Why on earth do we not get the same features on the Android application (and I suppose IOS) than on Facebook :

- No chest to open

- No sending invitation to friends

- Daily gift always the same though it keeps telling you "collect your daily gift to get ... " (I don't remember the terms exactly)

- No display of maximum coins by complex (this could be interesting)

- No display of all gifts of "campaign"(Amazonia for the moment)

- No list of friends (and not even number of friends) ready for combo

- Presents from facebook mutant genetic gladiator page ...

- No daily challenge : (and this is the most annoying problem) I have to start the challenge on my computer and then can continue on my tablet EXCEPT for the 10 healing mutants => this does not work on the tablet, you have to go on the computer as well. And then ... during the day checking on the computer to see if goals are fullfilled and in the evening, back to the computer to get the reward ...

Just to tell you why I d'ont connect to facebook game with my tablet (and have to go to my computer instead) => it does not work ANYMORE ! ... Game start loading but screen remains blank.

Anyway, I would prefer the android application being leveled up to the same features because on facebook I get disconnected all the time and I sometimes loose tickets and I even lost Abraham Lincoln in the slot ... for one I got something interesting !

Just a feature interesting in android application : collect all. You should install that for people who are working with facebook.


Ashik Rafeek
06-05-2015, 07:03 PM
Not Only Collect all Button to Facebook need another update to send PvP Defense Request according to EXP like in Android

Stephen Brown
06-06-2015, 05:43 AM
I agree on the "collect all" feature needing to be on FB as well as android. It is a pain in the posterior to try and collect all my credits from FB because of how tightly the mutants overlap that I can't even click on the compound or have it register that I've touched it. On my phone I can touch one of my compounds and then collect all my coins at once. I don't use the android app much because it chews on my battery which when I'm working and can't charge my phone is a serious inconvenience. So using the app is a bad idea for me.