View Full Version : Re-fight With Same Mutants Button

Alex Mitro
06-18-2015, 03:28 AM
Just and idea. When battling through events, PVP, or PVE, I believe there should be a re-fight button that you can click to use the same mutants you used for the previous battle. I love battling but sometimes it's a pain to scroll through all my mutants to find the the three that I want to use. Usually, I use up all my campaign passes battling with the same three mutants for many consecutive fights in order to level them up. If you don't want to use them, you simply scroll through and select the mutants you do want to use. :)

john mentex
06-18-2015, 02:16 PM
I agree 100%

06-18-2015, 03:47 PM
Yay, I upvote this !! :)

06-19-2015, 03:25 PM
Excellent suggestion! :D

06-19-2015, 04:42 PM
Yes, this is a really needed feature I've often felt need of. There also needs to be provided better options for searching mutants, e.g., by typing their name in a search box.

06-22-2015, 04:29 AM
Yes, I too would love that idea. A while back I also suggested presetting teams, like give you an option to set 5 teams of 3 mutants, and you can easily pic which one you want to use if needed.

For now, a way to work around this is to add a number in front of the mutants name. Like say I have 2 teams i use in PvP, along with others I occasionally swap in, and then trainees. You sort by name and it will be at the top.

0 Ceres
0 Project X27
0 Project X27
1 Abraham Lincoln
1 Galactic Guardian
1 Tengu
2 Ceres
2 Rakk N Ruin
2 Apex
2 .....
2 .....
3 -------
3 -------

0 and 1 are teams I usually use in PvP attacks, 2 are other mutants that I tend to occasionally swap in, 3 are mutants that I am currently training

You can customize it which ever way you use the most