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Prabu Farel Siliwangi
06-18-2015, 03:10 PM
Title:The new beginning for Galactic Prince
Characters:Mr.Marvelous(Victor Connor),Space Princess(Usagi Tsukino),Galactic Prince(Hyuga Connor)
Series:Mutants Genetic Gladiators:The future fight
7 years later after the Galactic Wars end and Nebulus' death.Now Victor and Usagi have married and have a son named Hyuga Connor.Hyuga is half Lonian Alien and Half Human.He have golden blonde hair just like his mother,bright blue eyes and handsome face just like his father.He's a good boy he always obey and love his parents.
One day, Victor decided to leave his family to kill Galactic Emperor
Usagi:Hyuga is too young,he won't understand
Victor:One day or another he will understand
Usagi:Please,Don't leave.There's no reason for you to go there
Victor:If the emperor still alive i must find him and kill him
Then Hyuga cames out from his Room.
Hyuga:Mom,Dad....What's going on?
Usagi:Hyuga sweetheart,You're not sleeping?
Victor:Come here,my son.Daddy must go to somewhere for a while!I'm not sure how long exactly,so i want you to do something for me
Hyuga:What is it?
Victor:Be stronger!,Never give up!,And take care of your mother
After heard that Hyuga started to sad
Hyuga:Why does that sound like you will never come back?(Sad)
Victor:I'm sorry my son.I can't promise you anything(Hugging his son)
Then after hugging his lovely family.Victor said good bye to his family.Actually he didn't want to leave his family but because one important duty he must let it go.Meanwhile Usagi and Hyuga can only crying at Victor's leaving.
10 years later,There are no news from Victor since his leaving,Supposedly he's dead.And now Hyuga is grow into Handsome and strong like his father23662367

The Nam
06-18-2015, 03:57 PM
The story is fine .even i didnt read it caz i cant see the name of any mutant . And the fan art need a litle bit more practice (next time just copy from the internet if u cant draw nice thing)