View Full Version : About The Platinum Star

Mohamed Elsaid Moanes
06-20-2015, 06:44 PM
i have an idea about the platinum star let it be a combination of the three other stars (bronze + silver + gold) if you combined the three you will get a platinum star.
and since you gonna release platinum mutants you will have to add an option to transfer the orbs from gold mutants to the platinum ones or it gonna be a huge loss for our gold.

06-20-2015, 07:26 PM
It is designed so that you buy gold to upgrade your mutants everytime they release an update, Kobojo is very smart, they release mutants in credits once a month or 2, give some good gifts/events to get something good so that they keep their players in a good mood and it works pretty damn well.
the mech is simple: release new stuff, drain players, release gold offers, implement more powerfull stuff, drain players again, players get angry, release stuff for credits and so on the cycle repeat again. easy but effective

The Nam
06-21-2015, 02:52 AM
Of course they gonna realease better stuff every time. eventually everything new will be sell in gold, and all the idea that prevent them from making profit wil be ignore (sr for bad english)

06-21-2015, 05:53 AM
the purpose of the platinum star is to uncrease the costs of new mutants.

if a gold mutant costs 1500 then platinum will cost 2500

it will most likely no longer be silver and gold mutants but gold and platinum.

06-21-2015, 10:18 AM
What do you mean by "you'll HAVE to add an option to transfer the orbs"? I mean come on! It's like we don't know Kobojo... Kobojo only HAS to make what leads them to investing form the game, without taking into account if it will make us happy or furious. Right now they are reworking the gold production buildings. They HAVE to make them "function better", but they may end up forcing us to spend money in some way... I love your idea, but how do you expect that Kobojo will accept it? I mean, I had to post 3 times to the forums and get tens of upvotes to help make the Luxury Compound feature come true and now you are trying to convince Kobojo to materialize an idea that will limit their money benefits? They already replaced important event rewards with orbs, including stars. So even if they do let us combine stars to make a platinum one, where will we find stars? You know the answer to that... And you know that there is no way Kobojo will let us transfer orbs to other mutants... Think of something that will grant Kobojo money and then they will HAVE to make it...