View Full Version : Change Back ground animation?

The Nam
06-24-2015, 01:35 PM
First time i try this game i was impressive by the look of the mutant and the animated that look so cool so i gave it a try and i love it. i also invited friend they loved too but some said that the game core is great but the animation in the back look bad
to be honest the the back ground of the rooptop look like an old china building ,not so modern
and the back ground when u start a battle it look nothing like in the google play trailer at all on the trailer it show that the arena look like a big stadium not old pile of junk that i see

how about change the look of the background in special holyday? you know christmas and stuff..
(sr 4 bad english)

Oh and why is this important . because it affect alot to new player ,when they try for the first time they would want it too look good when they enter the game maybe help them relax or something like that

And one more thing i dont like rooptop .i have a stupid idea why dont kobojo change it into a lap or something that fit with the game style
not like im afraid of my mutant getting sunburn or gave them cancer? ( i think it a cool idea )