View Full Version : Instant upgrade

The Nam
07-15-2015, 07:56 AM
before any complaint about the platinum star will make other mutant becoming useless (sr for bad english)
i think we should give kobojo some idea to solve this problem .

simple idea :
ok my idea is to make a building that we pick one of the mutant u already have and chose a star we want
next step it to spend a bunch of GOLD and "BAM" the mutant with the star u want is ready to put in the incubator
the best part of it is the mutant wont be destroy in the process and only need one mutant
This can apply to legendary ,normal and mutant with Skin

but what about special mutant ? (the one that very rare and powerful) well they dont have star so why not just increase by 40% power or just make more orb slot !
i almost fogot Zodiac and those decorate mutant (but who care about them .they weren't made for fighting)

So what yo idea ?