View Full Version : Please,I need help administrating my kobojo forum account!

Blaskievics Roland
12-08-2013, 04:05 PM
Hi,I am a big fan of this game,but I like to help people too,I would like to administrate a little my account here and make it cooler.There are so many big "kobojoers" and all have a profile picture and a picture signature,I would like to have that too.

1.So please help me get a profile picture(I may be wery dum if I don't know how to do this :))
2.It is a cooler the picture signature than the simple one?For me yes,and I really need your help doing that.

That's all I wanna learn from you guys,thank for the help,I apreciate it wery much!

'' It's a pleasure to play a game,get strong in that game,get powerful in that game,BUT you get more satisfaction
when you help someone to become more powerful.Always help somebody if you can! It's a honor to do that! "