View Full Version : Suggestion about the PVE ladder

Boris Pankov
12-09-2013, 12:37 AM
Alright so what I've noticed is that once the PvE event is completed a player disapears from the ladder and he can no longer check the event itself as it is unclickble and marked as "completed". That seems a bit...anti-climactic so to speak.

So my suggestion is a bit of a vanity-pandering but it also has it's strategic uses. It's basically this: have a list (dropdown, sidestrip or otherwise) of the friends who have risen up and defeated the strongest of challenges on the ladder. Aside from the bragging rights that obviously come with this it also allows for some strategy. If I see "joe" has completed the ladder but is a lower level than me I'll go to him and ask for tips and tricks. Maybe I wont even bother him but I'll visit his rooftop area and see his evo level, his mutants and strategize how I can use a similar tactic to overcome the challenges. And if not this then just a list of people to send a congratulatory mail saying "good job mate, awesome job on the ladder" seems like a good community bonding thing.

short version: show players who have completed the pve ladder instead of just having them dissapear as well as allow players who havecompleted it to open the event and view how others are doing(if a friend of mine is struggling on fight 87 he doesnt have to explain to me what level and what mutant there are but I can just go, look and give him an advice)