View Full Version : [ADVICE] Strong progress continues with a good start! using MUTANTS BINGO!

07-24-2015, 12:14 PM
For new players! or players who messed up and wanna stat over again.

Here ill teach you guys:
- the easiest way how to earn up to 4000 gold in less than a month without spending cash!
- the easiest way to obtain the desired mutant in their elite levels silver and gold! (breedables only)

**HOW TO EARN 4000 GOLD IN LESS THAN A MONTH? easy, at the start of the game, youll have 250 gold. DONT SPEND! unless for starting missions (i.e. accelerating 1st crossbreed). every fame level-up, you gain gold. and lastly, MUTANTS BINGO!
cross mutate till your heart's content! or at least complete the STARTER card in bingo. note: when making nordic knightmare, leechlord, and android, use bronze stars. this is important as this is the root of your strong progress. when you receive the gold from starter card in mutants bingo + your accumulated gold, improve your incubator as it will have 2. coz it sucks when your done with a 2hr crossbreeding but still waiting for a 1day incubtion. time wasted!!!!!!!!

buy 2 of each mutant with single genes. lvl them up to 10. then cross mutate each pair with bronze stars.
[SABER] warrior + warrior = bronze nordic knightmare/bronze warrior
[CYBER] robot + robot = bronze android/bronze robot
[NECRO] zombie + zombie = bronze leechlord/bronze leechlord
.....aaaaaaaaaaand same goes to the 3 remaining genes.

**HOW TO EASILY COMPLETE CROSS MUTATION, BRONZE BREEDING AND SILVER BREEDING IN MUTANTS BINGO? when you breed a bronze mutant, not only does it fill the bronze breeding card, but also the cross mutation card. which means breeding time/mutosterone/efforts are cut in half to complete the two.

when breeding a desired mutant to fill a slot in mutant bingo, always use the bronze single or twin-gene mutants, filling their mutosterone wont be a problem coz youll grind them as they too will be needed when they reach lvl15 for silver mutants!

for example:
missing mutatant: Colossus -- use your bronze android/bronze robot + bronze astrosurfer/bronze alien. use bronze star. and the choice is up to you if which mutants are missing. while crossbreeding, keep grinding, keep levels up and keep mutosterones filled. and when completed.... walah! 3100 gold! and a bunch of usefull consumables! (reactor tokens, jackpot tokens etc.) and the silver and gold stars.

for SILVER BREEDING, start by breeding another set of each bronze single/twin-gene mutants. get them to lvl 15 and breed same genes to obtain one of each SILVER single/twin-gene mutants. level them up to 20.

bronze android/bronze robot + bronze android/bronze robot = silver android/silver robot
bronze nordic knightmare/bronze warrior + bronze nordic knightmare/bronze warrior = silver nordic knightmare/silver warrior
aaaaaaand same goes with the remaining genes. then you can continue completing silver card in mutants bingo using the bronze ones if your mutosterone levels arent full. completing the SILVER BREEDING card in mutants bingo is not so easy as the silver star rewards given at PVE and PVP wont suffice in to trial-and-error crossbreeding when it comes to rare mutants. i spent 14 silver stars just to obtain a silver planet cleaner. sucks to be me.

**HOW TO EASILY OBTAIN DESIRED GOLD MUTANT? (breedable only) now that your evolution level is more than 20, time to breed gold mutants! remember the silver single/twin-gene mutants? its their time to shine! use them in breeding gold mutants. you know the drill ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ :)

aaaaaaaaaaand there you have it. it all just comes out like a ladder-like playing style. start low and climb to the top, and you need to go back down again to achieve greater heights! enjoy the game, relax. play with tactics. and this will prove this game is better than COC lol!

Brandon Charles
02-27-2016, 03:02 AM
this sums it all up! I think it is also a good idea to try and get reactor tokens in pvp and tower. winning some high star mutants or some silver single genes can really help early on. Plus the tower is a great source of vitamins and mutosterone :)