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Kenneth Pocaigue
08-13-2015, 04:38 PM
In the previous seasons climbing the ladder was easy... You aimed for higher evo opponents and garnered more points from harder matchups.. With the help of a well placed, high powered tag, you could effectively win 90% of all matches against opponents between 3-8 evo levels above your max evo.. That usually granted points anywhere from 30 to 300 depending on the difference of evo.. but the general rule of thumb was, Higher risk = Higher rewards. Nowadays, it is different... This season there are more platinum mutants running amok, and there are more high powered orbs passing through shop and becoming widely available.. more strategies coming into play.. it isnt pick tag win anymore.. you are required to think things a little more thoroughly now.. that much is nice and all.. but where the heck did all the points go? It isnt higher risk = higher reward anymore.. at least not in my experience.. Every single opponent I seek out is usually 3-5 levels above mine.. meaning the total levels of the team exceeds my total by 9 or more levels.. So you can see that Im always at a disadvantage when I take on my fights.. From evo difference alone I usually expect 20+ points per win, yet ever single win I have gotten has given less than that... I just dont understand... where is all the points going? I thought about things and considered many different possibilities.. Maybe evo difference isnt the only thing I needed to consider... SO I chased after Opponents that were not only Higher in Evo, but also higher in points.. My results were static.. 10-17 points per win against opponents that had 3+ evo levels over between 50-200 points over.. (couldnt see higher than +200).... 17?? For reals?? Ok maybe I missed something... Maybe Star rating had some influence... Maybe I didnt get much because I used platinum mutants against golds.. So I went back... Chased after Opponents 3+ evo, 50-200+ points and Platinum defense teams... (so frigging hard to find).. Lost several matches but finally managed to win.. myself a grand total of..... 18 points... WTF!? Again I looked at my reasonings and retraced my steps.... Maybe tags had something to do with the points as well.. SOOO I reshuffled and reshuffled till I found an Opponent that filled the above requirements.. and took a low fame, low evo tag... and didnt use it throughout the fight.. Wasnt easy pulling a win with the odds stacked so hard against me.. but I managed... 15 points.. Ok.. this is getting stupid... I raged and fumed behind my computer screen and cursed so hard at my luck.. But I thought still.. maybe I missed something.. Orbs? Maybe I should consider Orbs!!!! So here is what I did.. I Shuffled and shuffled till I found an opponent that was 5 evo higher..(+15 sum) and had more than 50 points over (he was +120 over me) AND had full platinum defense team (this wasnt even the hardest part... but it was freaking hard).. AND used the highest tiered orbs that were available (15 different opponents that filled all other requirements but this... I wanted to cry).... when I finally found my Prime target... I lost.. and reshuffled.. and climbed in between... and reshuffled.. and 15 million credits later I found him again, already Noted his team and orb Combinations, and already thought out my plan for success being down a tag, a mutant, star rating, AND orb usage (only used tier 2 speed orbs and tier 1 health orbs..all my orbs were lesser in potency)... And I finally got my victory of being the complete underdog.. to gain.. 10 measely frigging... points... Seriously.. WHAT THE FLUX GIVES HERE!? Is there anyone out there that can shed some Light on Why PvP Is so ridiculously hard to climb? I mean seriously..

08-13-2015, 08:32 PM
Your wall of text has many interesting questions in it and I hope all get answered but I have one I'd like to add ;)

So I keep getting matched with lower evo players 80-90 mostly low 80's even after spending hundreds of thousands of credits for new opponents. If I use lower level mutants to battle will I just get 10 points or could I get more than 10?

Opponents Mutant Evo is 81
My Mutant Team Evo is 75

If I only get 10 points either way it would make sense to just overkill my opponent but if using lower level mutants will actually help with points it would be beneficial and save me thousands of credits looking for opponents.

Don Lopertuis
08-13-2015, 10:06 PM
@Kenneth :

There is something Kobojo forgot to precise to us : the best your collection is, the less points you get in PvP !! I learned it today from Kobojo support : the system includes your entirely collection into the calculation of the victory points. So, even if you attack a higher ranked player, with a higher CE, you won't obtain a lot of points if you own at least one platinium mutant in your collection (not in in your team, in your collection !!!) and your opponent has none....

So, Kobojo punishes the players who have to much invested in the game !!!! First time i see this in a game !!!

Tell me, Kobojo, why should i pay for new mutants or platinium stars ? Why should i pay more for a game which punishes me to pay... ?!!!? I am totally disgusted...

Don Lopertuis,

08-13-2015, 11:41 PM
Well that might make sense if I had any platinum mutants but I don't and the points I have been receiving are 10-20 no matter what level or points or star value my opponent has. I can loose more than 20 points from a battle but I can't gain more no matter what opponent I am battling. Still hoping things will change but I'm having trouble getting higher level opponents to battle.

My PVP Opponents

Lower evo level mutants - up to 10 lower -_-

Same evo level mutants 8)

Higher evo level mutants - only 3 higher o_O

Outrageous evo level mutants - around 50-100 higher :ohno:

Adam John
08-14-2015, 03:16 AM
I've been having the same string of luck this PvP tournament.

I"m losing 20 points to oppoents my same evo level, with roughly the same amount of PvP points.
When I revenge them, I get 10 back - yet they got 20 from me.

If i search and search for a higher level evo player, with more points (very hard lately), and I win, I sometimes get between 10-30 points.

It's very strange.

Today for instance I lost 3 battles at lunch. All 3 loses were to players who's evo sums were equal to mine, or slighly higher (highest was 123 sum, I'm 114 now).

The 114 players got me for 20 each (i'm -40 right away). 3rd guy was 123 evo sum, I lost 5 on his attack. Now i'm -45 points.

I revenged all 3.

First the two who were equal level, and both of them had over 100 points more in PvP than me. My revenge on each was 10 points each.
The guy who had evo 123, I lost to, and lost another 5.

So in total, I was -points in the entire exchange. Makes no sense to me. I've never won 20 points attacking someone my same evo level sum who has more points.

I'm at a 50% win rate this season. Last season I had a 68% win rate. I chalk up my loses to new platinum mutants and better orbs.

But the point score system makes zero sense no matter how many times people try to explain it. If it worked the way people explain it, I should lose 10 points to people my same evo level and my roughly same point level, not 20.

Because when I look to attack other players, not just a revenge, and they are same evo and higher points...i get 10 on the win. Sometimes, not all the time, when people revenge me..they get...20!

There is definitely something odd happening here.

I'm still trying to understand how people with a fame of 60 get 60,000+ pvp points in this game, yet no one has yet explained how this works. I asked this in another thread when two guys claimed to have been in the 5-10k point range, and said it wasn't cheating, but based on the initial attacks when pvp started. But they never explained it, probably because they don't want to give up whatever secrets keep them in the top 100. Fair enough - but PvP shouldn't be based on some weird trick. I've been fighting a hard, uphill battle this whole season. Don't get me wrong, I like the challenge, but I also like a fair point distribution. If someone attacks me and wins 20 points, and I win a revenge, i don't see why I shouldn't get 20 points back.

Micha? Mym Mogi?ko
08-14-2015, 10:21 AM
Recently i got attacked by same person, sometimes i loose, sometimes i win, but he has much higher evo, and more points than i have.
When he attacks and i loose i got -20 points, when i revenge and i win i got +10, +14.
Can you explain that???

john mentex
08-17-2015, 02:13 AM
We are losers!thats it iam evo 53 and never reach jop 300. They are winers! They dont even need to fight to get in top 10.