View Full Version : [Suggestion] What to do with duplicates

Davin Po
08-13-2015, 07:42 PM
After getting utterly and unpolitely screwed by yet another random shuffle mechanic, something needs to be done with all these extras we have laying around. I'm hoping that with enough player support and well-thought ideas, we might get at least one of them introduced in game.

1. Mutant Smelter
It's a thought that's been had by a few players. Turn unwanted mutants into Gold. It doesn't have to be much, and it should only apply to Bronze+ monsters, but getting a return on botched fusions is something MGG is long overdue for.
Again, it doesn't have to be much, say 20% of the star's value (50 for Gold Star, for example), but it would go a long way into adding Gold revenue to the players.

2. Fusion at all levels
The idea of same-to-same Platinum upgrades makes me realize that we could really use the same at lower tiers as well. Having a ton of spares would mean guaranteed upgrade fusions, and it would remove excess mutants from player rooftops and inventories.

3. Trade
A direct mutant-to-mutant trade would be a huge benefit for players needing to fill out Bingo cards or unloading duplicate mutants. Set one mutant for giveaway, and if someone has it, that player provides a mutant the giving player does not yet own.
To use myself as an example:
[Space Princess] available for [Sagittarius, Psychoboar, Virgon, etcetc]
This would be a HUGE quality-of-life change, and it might get players interested in buying gold-selling mutants to rebreed and use for trades.

08-13-2015, 09:31 PM
1.- Not a bad idea, I quite like it.

2.- I think this will make Gold mutants way too easy to get. You just have to get a lot of Bronze mutants and fuse them until you get the Gold versions, with 100% chance.

3.- Been discussed many times, kobojo will lose a lot of money from this. Let's say 10 players need a certain mutant: One buys the mutant, breeds and then trades it to the other 9 players. Kobojo just lost 9 potential sales right there.

Davin Po
08-14-2015, 02:19 PM
#1 would be my preferred method. Just having a kickback for failed breedings (had one just yesterday! stupid Honey Bunny...) would be fantastic.

As it is, Gold mutants are already too easy to get. It started way back with Buck Maurice and Kobojo selling his gold version directly for Gold. It was a huge meta-game shake-up at the time. Reactors got more gold-heavy, too, to compensate. And the method would still involve getting 4 Bronze mutants+stars, 2 Silver mutants+stars, and 1 Gold Star. It would take time and resources to accomplish, but it's a 100% guarantee. When RNG screwed you over, it's nice to have a longer, more certain method to achieve the same goal. It's good game design.