View Full Version : Stuck at level 26?

Liam Nielson
12-16-2013, 02:54 AM
Well I appear to be stuck at level 26. My level 26 golds aren't strong enough to break through Omega division 7 for the massive credit reward and I'm tens of millions short of the 99 million upgrade to level 27. And the 4600 gold upgrade option is a joke - that's like $70. So at this point I'm thinking I've topped out.

Has anyone else upgraded past this point without spending cash? I can continue to collect from the compounds but that only gets maybe 200-250k a day. Assuming I don't spend any on med packs that would take 120ish days.

Is there a sweet combination for selling mutants? I don't think I've gotten more than 72,000 for one.

Ronald Richard
12-16-2013, 04:50 AM
Don't you know that kobojo often give some discount on evo center upgrade? Mostly, they gave 20% discount, and sometime, they gave 30% discount. Don't ever upgrade evo center when it's not a discount time. For me, i got enough credits to level up to level 27 after completing omega division 5, but still waiting for the discount time.

JuanJo Lofiego
12-16-2013, 03:33 PM
I've just upgraded it to 27 using the 20% discount and the 100,000,000 credits from omega division level 5, and I've just started the division nš 7

Liam Nielson
12-16-2013, 04:02 PM
I must have missed the discounts on some of my upgrades. Either way neither of you offered any help. Any one else have any ideas or solutions? I'm sure I'm not the only one stuck like this.

Liam Nielson
12-16-2013, 04:25 PM
I just checked and they have the discount going right now. It's 79 million to upgrade. I have 69 million. 10 million credits = 2500 gold = around $60. That isn't happening, and it doesn't seem like earning 10 million credits via compound gathering and selling mutants is achievable. I enjoy the game and would like to keep playing but at this point there isn't much for me to do to progress further.

Ronald Richard
12-16-2013, 05:47 PM
Well, i don't know if this would be a solution, but do you have monocerous or master oida? If so, then they're the one you should breed the most. Monocerous can be sold for 200k, and it have a little breeding time (about 3-4 hour, and 1 hour incubating). Oida could also be sold for 200k, but maybe he has a longer breeding time, considering it's a galactic gene. So, if you're looking for credits from breeding, monocerous is the best way. If you're very lucky, you could breed it 4 times a day (since it takes 4 hour to breed, and 1 hour incubating), and earned you 800k credits.

Other than this, the most expensive mutants is obviously came from mythic gene, but since it takes a lot of time breeding and incubating them, it's not worth it. You could also level up your mutant to increase their credit increments. But as far as i see, there's no easy way to earn credits.

Markus Walter
12-16-2013, 05:55 PM
Boy, I'm just lvl 20(Mutants) and get nearly 500k credits per day from the compounds...have you maxed out your other mutants yet cause for each lvl they gain you gain more Credits a day! Also, try to re-use the Tag each attack. I mean it just costs 20 gold and should do the trick if you have a good one. Selling Mutants only gains 1 thing...room on your compounds. Its not worh to think of making big credits of it since it takes a lot of time and you might need the Mutosterone for something more important.

If you have more combinations for Mutants, try figuring which of yours are resistant to the attacks of your enemies at that stage and place those in who have the best chance of survival.

So, for more credits try to keep bred mutants, only have 3-6 basic gene(Nekro, Cyber, Warrior) compounds and cover the rest of your rooftop with Zoomorph, Mythic and Galactic. Only store those Mutants in the basic genes that don't fit into any other and try to keep all of them on the highest possible level. that way you should easily make 2-4 times the credits (I make around 480-500k a day with just 3 of 5 regions unlocked and not 1 of those compounds is full of Mutants).

Ely Cruz
12-16-2013, 06:28 PM
I have lvl27 gold mutants, and I'm done with the 1billion stage today, and its was very tough(easy if you have right mutants and few golds), the only way to finish it is to use tag 2~3 times specially in 2 mutants that have very high levels.

I used intermediate~speeedster mutants that can tank at least 2 attacks before dying. Though, I think, you can use even Alien/Zombat just to make sure to land 2 sure tag team attack that will lead to victory. So make sure you choose high level(evolution center) tags with cataclysmal damage such as dracos,thor, undead dragon, mutants under 4.0 speed.

Just now, I level up my evolution center to 31, its somehow end of the game when you get the 1billion credits reward.

Wojciech Batko
12-18-2013, 09:48 AM
I also finished 7th stage of omega a few days ago - maximum lvl of my mutant's is now 31. Upgrade to 32 lvl costs 600 bilion+ (after discount)... I never pay gold for upgrade, so with my calculation's, I need to take money from compoud's per 2 year's... This is the end of game for me, and for my wife:/


Boris Pankov
12-18-2013, 12:17 PM
Technically you can make over 1 mil (probably closer to 2) a day if you have all compounds and full with good level mutants and you can collect credits on a regular basis. But even then going beyond lvl 31 is all kinds of stupid.

Not, getting UP to lvl 31 can be done by using good tags and rebuying them. Considering every stage has 9 fights that's 180 gold if you rebuy the tag for every single fight which isnt undoable and it should give you enough of a boost to win you the match. But after you win that 1 bil it's pretty much endgame as far as evo chamber goes.