View Full Version : Change in the select ne opponent mechanic?

Boris Pankov
12-16-2013, 11:59 PM
I've noticed something strange this pvp season. When I go to do battle and I pay credits to switch my opponents the mechanic seems unusually broken. I seem to get paired up with people not just higher level than me (which is ok and has always been the case) but these people have 150 points MORE arena points than me. It's always between 100 and 150 points more than my current score whereas all previous tournaments I always got paired up with people at my arena score. And it doesnt just end there. If I choose to spend a whole bunch of credits (sometimes upwards of a million since I get people lvl 150+) only after a good amount of those do I get paired up with someone at my arena score. Surely this has to be a bug as it makes absolutely no sense. Unless it's a clever ploy to syphon credits which is cheap as hell I must say.

Strange thing is also that when I get paired up with that someone who is at my level it's usually an unusually weak player with an unusually high arena score. For example one dude was 1200 score with a captain peace, NORMAL (unstarred) enforcer and a silver dire despot.

Something seems awfully wrong. Seems right now I have to choose between not advancing in pvp ranks and not advancing in evo levels since a ton of credits go towards finding a player that is even AT MY SCORE, not necessarily weaker, just at my score. I'd like to know if others are experiencing the same...

Blaskievics Roland
12-17-2013, 06:36 PM
Yup,this happpened a lot to me,I am lvl 55 and sometimes appear lvl 70-80 with 200 points higher than me,I've wasted over 1 million credits to get balanced players in the last season.

'' It's a pleasure to play a game,get strong in that game,get powerful in that game,BUT you get more satisfaction
when you help someone to become more powerful.Always help somebody if you can! It's a honor to do that! "

Boris Pankov
12-17-2013, 08:30 PM
Lovely...Well Kobojo I strongly suggest you fix this. I'm perfectly fine with paying a lot if one was looking to find an EASY opponent but to get one that is kind of sort of even with you is unacceptable.

Luchan Ce
12-19-2013, 02:53 PM
Confirm, just came here to approve this nonsense, ive abou level 50 and 8 of 10 opponents are 80-120 lvl. What?! And the 10 is patheticly level 15...more, the higher opponent level, the more i pay to change it, so i spend about 20-40k just for 1 change.. to find normal opponent i must pay starting from 100k and its all for a chance to rise rating by 10? nonsense