View Full Version : More campaign passes

Nio Bran
08-25-2015, 04:00 AM
Well this thread is about the limit of the ticket

i want it to expand more than just 100 ticket
caz 100 ticket is still not enough to lv up 1 creature a day
and some other reason i want more ticket .becaz pve cost alot of ticket to play i dont have much time so i want to have more ticket to finish pve faster in a week or less
maybe kobojo could just expand the limit a little bit to 200 - 300 ticket so player will have more time to train there mutant....

And nothing happen after i post this thread................

08-25-2015, 04:41 PM
100 passes are both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes I find it a chore to use up the tickets in the morning, or before going to bed. But there are times when it is not enough! lol

Only problem with that limit is players will be able to play almost infinitely. Say at the Mega boss, you get 2500 exp, that is 33 fights to increase your fame and replenish your passes. That is without exp earned from PvP as well.

Nio Bran
08-26-2015, 03:11 AM
I need it and i need it now

It going to take forever to lv up all mutant on my roof