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Iron Chow
08-25-2015, 04:15 AM
Dear Kobojo'

I have noticed recently on the decline of players, And i have several theories why is this so.

1. because of the 6000 glitch

2. because of them orbs who made the whole game more complicated. and forcing people to use golds which they save for new mutants or for the mutants they want.

3. limited space on the rooftop, you make new mutants almost on a weekly basis and yet the compounds is still the same.

4. Its getting harder and harder to get gold if you dont have a forge or furnace, specially for higher levels.

5. Mutants are too expensive.

This are just a few that i think made mgg less enjoyable to play i dont have to mention the bugs and crashing and freezing of the game....


Some of my suggestions...

!.) lower the prices of gold packages... even for just a month or so.. that way people will be enticed to buy the packages... also bundle it up with jackpot token and a mutant like you did before.... also make this packages available to all players not just to newbies. We know you need money to make this game work and I love this game and this is my way of contributing to mgg.

2. Make the prices of orbs a bit cheaper or put them in a package....

3. why not make a level 1 , level 2 of rooftop that way we can still put our other mutants on display and if its really eating the bandwidth i guess make it static.

4. adding 1 or 2 golds per level wont hurt. also make the stars more available and lower the prizes.. the more people and enjoy the game the more likely they would spend money right?

5. lower the prices of the mutants or atleast sell them in real money that way we have an option to either buy it in gold or in cash.

6. for the frequent buyer give them a token or points that they can use to get exclusive items for buyers of the game.

7. Different packages with different mutants so that people will buy the packages that they need. you dont have to worry that people will stop buying cause as long as you keep on making mutants people will keep on buying,

8. making a cool thriller wont hurt your pocket, honestly your thriller looks like its made by an 11 year old.