David Gonshalez Loco
09-03-2015, 03:23 AM
:angry: WELL i bought 3 mystery packs and they gave me some crit strikes n silver and gold stars which was fine...but i how can i spend 399 gold and get 2,000 silver and 2 BRONZE STARS..i have 100 bronze stars and im done with my bronze mutant Bingo Page,,,,so maybe like 50 gold in total? thats so bull guys. im sorry i really utilize my gold as best as i can and that mystery box containing those items is messed up! people that are low levels and barely starting arent going to buy those packs most likely is higher level guys like me that have mostly all breedable mutants and are wanting legendaries and zodiacs or even mutant tokens or updated compounds...im really dissapointed on this TROLL move. Ive never experienced that low level reward for high cost...in Mass Effect 3 theirs Recruit Packs, Veteran, Spectre, & Premium Spectre Packs. Theres others as well but the equipment pack can be used as an items for orbs crits xp boosts n health regens for similarity. I really hope you read this and try to understand from a players point of view ( i understand you guys have to be profiting from your players, but you always gotta show the love on stuff you have on "special") Sorry if this complaint/suggestion is a waste of your time, but i hope you hear my plea for injustice mah dudes!


Nazeem Uddin
09-03-2015, 08:20 AM
i dont think that it was unfair to you as you know that you have chances to get anything from the mystry box and you open it on your own risk so you cant blame kobojo for it.
if you want to blame them for anything then blame them for breeding issue because your silver and gold star are wasted up because you cant get correct mutant you desire after even using correct parents and putting several tries