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09-06-2015, 04:31 PM
Hey there! I've been a mutants player for a tad more than a year by now.

Here's something that I'd honestly like to receive some help on. Out of a given list of mutants, I'd like to receive some help regarding building a defense and an attack team for PVP. As of the moment of writing, my Fame level is 66, whilst my EVO level is 21.

Whilst not all of my Gold Star mutants are at my current EVO level, sooner or later I'll get them there. I will also include any orbs used with any of the mutants that I'm proposing as my main force.

So, currently, I have:

Oriax at lvl 21 with a level 2 health orb inserted

Reactor Captain peace at level 21 with two level 2 health orbs inserted and a level 1 speed orb inserted, making it have the speed of 4,2.

Reactor Star Trooper at level 21 with two level 2 attack orbs inserted and a level 1 speed orb inserted, making it have the speed of 11,76.

Goliath at level 21 with a level 2 attack orb, a level 3 health orb and a level 2 retaliation orb inserted.

Steampunk Captain Wrenchfury at level 21 with a level 1 health orb, a level 3 health orb and a level 1 speed orb inserted, making it have the speed of 8,77.

Gold Enforcer at level 21 with a level 2 health orb inserted.

Reactor Planet Cleaner at level 21.

Gold Rakshassa at level 21 with a level 1 health orb and a level 2 retaliation orb inserted.

The mutants below this line, however, are not yet at my current EVO level, therefore, I still need to invest some work on them, but I'd like some advice as to which ones I should prioritize.

Gold Star Trooper.

Gold Zomborg x 2.

Gold Ghostmonaut.

Gold Stealth Bot.

Gold Steampunk reactor Beetle Bot.

Gold Cerberus x 2.

Gold Colossus x 2.

And also I would like to read your advice regarding whether I should mostly use faster mutants (which, I think, you can already notice I've been working on) or instead opt for slower mutants that hit harder and have more health points.

I recently bred out the Gold Star Trooper to serve as an addition to my currently most used Reactor Star Trooper and Steampunk Wrenchfury. I also am planning to try and breed out a gold Zombat whenever I get the chance (I'm out of gold stars at the moment) and then wait until I get a chance at getting any of the other fast mutants. However, upon receiving arguments to opt for another tactic for PVP, I will reconsider.

So, all in all, what could you suggest at this point?

09-06-2015, 06:06 PM
Hey am giving you a generalised impression of mine based on my experience ( which i'll say still has to go a long way)... So i think build your defense team with some unconventional gene mutants... By that i mean genes which are strong against mutants which people usually use in pvp.. eg. Undead is a gene frequently used.. so you can keep a mythic, or saber is a gene frequently used so you can use a zoomorph...but also keep in mind they have to be strong ones... As there are genes who are stronger against these... Also try and get gene combinations which are antagonistic... Like your oriax or cap peace... They are mythic and saber, so are good combinations. Secondly use orbs judiciously as once used you can't disable them. Ther's really no point in speeding up a mutant which is already real fast, instead speed up one which is strong but slow (i see you have speeded up your star trooper). Thirdly most important of course is your evo level, especially with strong mutants having huge health. So my advice is use strong ones and aid them with orbs as per your requirement.

09-06-2015, 06:25 PM
My current defense team consists of my Captain Peace, my reactor Star Trooper and my Steampunk Wrenchfury, whereas previously I used Goliath instead of wrenchfury.

Would you reccomend me to replace Wrenchfury with Rakshasa? It could be useful against sabers, but it's really easily countered by a cyber attack.

As for orb usage, thanks for the tip, but It'll take some time until I get any new orbs. Good thing that at least the speed orb in captain peace is a good placement. I'll have to see what the next PVE offers orb-wise.

09-06-2015, 07:32 PM
Don't replace wrenchfury with rakshasa... That would be a very poor substitute... As far as i remember rakshasa is someone with low attack whereas wrenchfury's medium.... And as yours is reactor edition so its stronger and is also fast... Try leveling it up... You'll be benifitted... And just so you know many people use reactor wrenchfury in their defense team... So go with it.. but i'd recommend you replacing star trooper... Its galactic... And a lot people bring undeads... So its pretty vulnerable.. you've an oriax... Try increasing its health or speeding it up

Adam John
09-06-2015, 09:01 PM
I'm not entirely sure I agree 100% with the advice of not giving speed orbs to fast mutants.

I gave my PX27's speed orbs, and it makes sure that my X27 gets off the first attack, unless of course someone else already gave there's a higher level speed orb, or they're simply higher level. Why do this? Getting off the first attack on defense or offensive gives you the benefit of getting your tag off faster - this is crucial for wins.

I don't tend to give my slow mutants speed orbs - it feels like a waste. Mid-tier mutants, maybe. For instance, I gave my Buranka a speed orb and now he's about as fast as Apex.

I won't say there is a hardline on what to do, and not to do, but that is my advice. You need to consider speed tiers - if the orb can get your mutant into the next speed tier, it could be worth it.

Now with slower mutants, I tend to give them health orbs to boost their already high health, and sometimes all attack orbs, or one of each.

My Ivory Hanzo, I gave one L2 attack and one L3 Health, plus a boost orb. It helps him last longer, and his attack just gets higher and higher. If he isn't dead before is attack, he'll deal huge damage while reducing the attack of the person he went after.

If he doesn't last, it just means my opponent wasted multiple attacks on one mutant on my team.

My current defense is X27 with speed orb, crit orb, and attack orb.
Apex with two L3 attack orbs and a speed orb.
Tricera Tank with 2 level 3 health orbs and a retaliate orb.

Either way you look at it, your defense will win about 50% of attacks if you have tags. I notice as long as I have tags for defense, that is about where I'm at. Without tags for defense, I usually lose, no matter what defense I have. Because most people attack you have a tag, you're basically a sitting duck if you don't have at least one for your defense.

As for my attack teams, I try to keep a wide variety of high level, multi gene mutants, because you never really know what you're going to face.

I usually have 1-2 speeders, and a mid tier plus a slower tank.

I'm always playing with my defense teams, some work better than others.

I've seen people post of using defense teams that are all tanks, with retaliate and it worked great. Galactic Guardian, Buck and Haggis.
Yes, you'll be last to get off an attack, but everytime someone hit one of your team, you deal out heavy damage because of the retaliate.

I always try to favor legendary/pve/pvp mutants over regular mutants. They have better stats and more slots for orbs. Use those when, and if you can, to replace your regular mutants.

Like the above mentioned, don't replace Wrenchfury with Rakasha - Wrenchfury will be the better speed mutant between those two.

You also have to pay attention to the trends when you fight. I've noticed more and more that beast/saber seem to top the list these days, followed by androids. When you start to see the same gene pools, you start to recognize what mutants the opponent may be using to make up that pool, because they're popular and everyone wants them. If I see high amount of Saber gene, it's nearly guaranteed they have Buck Maurice in there.

Whenever I see large amounts of Saber/Android, it's nearly guaranteed they have 2 X27s, or X27 and Dezinger.

Try not to put all your eggs in one basket - try to go as balanced as possible with your attack / defense teams within reason. I've had the best success with that router.

You can also try and trick people. If all your mutants say, have the 2nd gene as Galatic, someone may think you have a heavy galatic team and may go with more undead/mythics, but you team migh be saber/galatic, mythic/galatic, beast/galatic - this could give you an advantage.

Also, but having a team with one of each gene, it'll be even harder for the opponent to determine which mutants are which primary gene.

As always PvP is a crapshoot most times. My win % fluctuates each week from high 30% range to high 68-69% win rate.

Right now I'm in the top 1% with a 72% win rate. This could easily take a nose dive going into next week, or I could remain fairly high in my wins. As more platinum mutants come out, and as I cannot keep up with new platinum mutants, I'm sure my wins will get less and less over time.

I only have one Platinum mutant right now. Many times now when I attack, my opponent has at least two of them, making the win very hard unless I have a good, high level tag on my side - and this is where having a strong speeder helps. Get off the first attack, use your tag, take out one of their tougher mutants. Sometimes I kill their speeder first, sometimes their tank - it really depends on how I setup my attack team and which mutants I think I have an advantage over.

09-06-2015, 09:10 PM
Hey... I just shared my strategy... Different ways work out for different people.. all depends on the mutants i think... Just make your own then

09-07-2015, 01:17 PM
I'm not even considering getting platinums for now. I'd rather focus on getting gold mutants. I've yet to get my Zombat in gold, then a Haggis, too. Most times I can barely get into the elite ranking, but I try to do that to get more silver stars.

Haven't yet encountered many x27's.

The reasoning for me keeping a captain peace in my team is due to it serving as a damage absorber, whilst Star Trooper dishes out most of the damage and same goes for Wrenchfury.

09-09-2015, 04:16 PM
Yes, it mainly depends on the mutant you use for which orbs. As Adam John said, faster (above speed 5) mutants use speed orbs, while slow mutants don't.

I am under the assumption you are a free player, or legendary mutants will not be easily accessible for the time being.

At this point, your defense team should be mostly mid speed or higher mutants. I find at higher evos (above evo 80) the slower mutants will reign more.

Try working on your gold bingo to get Tengu; he is a very powerful mutant. Save your gold for X27 and Buranka.

For now I would use Star Trooper and Zombat and if you can get your hands on one, Autonorush (Space Wars Reactor); Wrenchfury can work for now.

Other good free mutants to use are Terrordoll, Azuria, Wrenchfury

09-15-2015, 03:52 PM
While you are correct in stating that, indeed, I am a free player, I've been lucky enough to obtain the following mutants: (some of which I still ought to level up and breed into gold versions):


Doctor Blaw


Cosmo Kong

As well as:

Shell Shock
Shin Hakuho

Reactor Ghost killer (not sure if legendary or PVP)

Satyr Shaman

It's also worth noticing that it's really easy for me to breed elites that have a cyber gene due to having a reactor silver warrior. I was thinking of trying to get the reactor silver beast, cause that would make it really easy later on to get a gold zombat, bulldozer, absolem and cosmo kong (Haggis is already in bronze, need to level it before I can try to get it in silver).

As of now I have a supervillains reactor Star Trooper AND a regular gold Star Trooper (HP wise regular is stronger whilst the attack on the reactor version beats the regular). I could easily breed out another gold Star Trooper, thus having a team of lightning speed mutants, however, I just ran out of gold stars and I've yet to try to get that gold zombat.

Tengu does seem like a really strong one with its 50% retaliation, yeah.

Wait, x27's and Buranka can still be bought for gold? lemme check that.

09-16-2015, 05:03 PM
Hiiya there^~^ I'm not a long time player like most of the guys here in the forum but I am doing pretty well at the pvp tournaments and I wanna help. I started playing MGG at July this year and right now my evo lvl is 24, fame 55 and I've managed to get into the grand masters every single time since I started this game. No kidding. In my very first tournament, the reward was a platinum star and I got that. My win:lose ratio was like 1:1 but every time I lost, I lost like 5~10 points but each win got me like 40~70 points at the time. I think there's a problem with the ranking system and there definitely is a huge problem with how points are distributed and players are matched in the pvp tournament. I did spend a bit of cash here and there when there were good offers for sale, and I got eva's replication very early into the game. It has crazy stats and doesn't need to be cross bred for better versions. It got me through a lot of hard fights. When I first started the game, I searched for mutants with no better versions and just the one version, since I didn't have any stars or resources to make elite mutants and since they're already as strong as they can ever be. Most mutants with just one version, especially those with red exclamation marks like oriax or captain peace, rakk'n'ruin or eva's destruction, have reeaaaallllly good stats. They have stats like most gold mutants or they have even better stats. Anyways, sorry for talking to much about myself.

I learned most of what I know from experience, so I may not be of much help, but I've always used fast mutants in my defense team with the widest variety of genes I could manage. Right now I use a gold apex(atk lvl3, boost lvl3, spd lvl3), eva's replication(atk lvl3, atk lvl3, spd lvl3), and a reactor scare bear(atk lvl3, life lvl3, wound lvl2) and most of my attackers end up losing their points. Here's the defensive and offensive tactic I like using. Choose fast mutants that can strike and kill(or wound&curse) one or two of the opposing team's mutants before they even get a chance to attack.(Another tip is to make a team with all 6 genes). Since a lot of mutants have speeds ranging from 3.2~5.5, I use mutants with a minimum speed of 6. I use either my rak'n'ruin(speed 12.5) or eva's replication(with speed over 10 cuz of a speed orb lvl3) or both in most of my fights cuz they can hit like two or three times before the enemy even gets a chance to hit back. And in most of my fights, I manage to kill one or two of the enemy's mutants without a scratch on mine(unless the enemy mutants have retaliation). My point is that from what I've learned, having fast mutants is really helpful in a fight. It's a good tactic, and I read in one of the answers to your post above that speed orbs for fast mutants aren't good, but I disagree. Give slow mutants, let's say a geminium(spd4) a lvl2 speed orb(+10%) and you get a geminium with speed 4.4. Now compare that to a rakk'n'ruin(spd 12.5). When you equip a lvl2 speed orb to rakk'n'ruin, you can get 13.75 speed. Whereas 4 and 4.4 has practically no difference whatsoever. With 13.75 speed, rakk'n'ruin can hit mutants with speeds lower than 4.5, 3 times before they can even move a muscle. Three blows is often times more than enough to kill mutants with low or medium health. Or, you could fatally injure a mutant with high health with the three blows and finish it off with an attack from another mutant from your team. As you can see from this example, equipping mutants with low speed with speed orbs seems like a waste or orb space and gold. Also, as you may have noticed, I use a team with all 6 genes so that my team won't be helpless against certain attacking teams.
Also, for choosing attack teams, I guess the easiest and most obvious thing to do would be to collect a wide variety of powerful mutants from all 6 genes pools and lvl them up to your evo limit so that you'll be able to choose the mutants with the genes you need when you meet an enemy team.

Now for orbs, I think the best ability orbs for slow mutants are wound, retaliate boost and heal.
Here's why;
-Wound damage is based on the attack power of a single attack, so the stronger a single blow is, the more wound damage an enemy receives every time they bleed.
-Retaliate obviously hurts the enemy mutant that attacks, so it'd be easier to finish them off once it's your turn.
-Boost is also awesome cuz the enemy has to choose between killing your mutant with the boost ability in one go, or not touching it at all, cuz if they hit the mutant but not manage to kill it, they'll get hit really hard. But if they do manage to kill it, they'll have used up all their firepower on one mutant, leaving the rest unharmed and ready to dish out some damage.
-Heal is useful for all mutants, not just slow ones, but since slow mutants get hit and then hit back later, they'll be able to recover some lifepoints they lost previously in the fight.
Good orbs for fast mutants are boost, attack, curse and definitely speed.(shield isn't bad either)
-Boost is useful for all mutants. Not just fast ones.
-Attack, also useful for all mutants but since fast mutants hit before anyone else does, best case scenario would be to kill enemy mutants before they strike back, so attack orbs are always a good option.
-Curse is really important because the curse ability lowers the NEXT attack of an enemy mutant. It'd be useless if you cursed an enemy mutant after you got hit wouldn't it? So hit first, and weaken, so that when they hit back, it won't hurt as much as it would have.
-Speed definitely is a good choice for fast mutants, much more effective when equipped compared to slow mutants.

Aaaaandd,, I recommend you use legendary mutants if you have em and choose the best orbs for each mutant based on their strong points. Reason why is cuz non-legendary mutants only have one orb slot, and orbs are almost as important in strengthening your mutants as stars are. The same mutant with full orbs would be like 1.5times stronger than one without any orbs, so orbs are really important. Anyways, I've never written an answer this long before in the forums but uh,, haha hope you find this helpful

09-16-2015, 07:46 PM

Do you recommend using Captain Wrenchfury?

These are my legendaries atm.

Legendary: ( no star)
HUMAN lvl 1
Scare Bear lvl 5
Blood Berry lvl 1
Cosmo Kong lvl 5
Lady Harpy lvl 1

And my only gold star units:
Ragnar (movie reactor)
Scare Bear (movie reactor)

Speed units: (no star)

Speed units (bronze):
Martian Marauder

09-17-2015, 02:44 AM
Hey anonymouse I read your thread and I gotta say, spending just a bit of cash can help strengthen your team a LOT. But if you don't want to spend any, I guess in time you could get a good team. Anyways, lady harpy and cosmo kong are worth breeding, so you may wanna try breeding them later on. Their gold star versions are powerful.
And I see that you have a scarebear from the movie reactor! It's a really strong mutant with genes that can really come in handy. You should lvl it up and get some orbs for it. Same goes for your ragnar. Orbs can make your mutants much more powerful so I really wanna recommend that you spend some cash when there's a good gold sales pack later, and buy some good orbs when they're in the shop. Buying orbs is never a waste of gold. But don't worry if you can't spend any cash. You can always collect gold through mutant slots, mutants bingo, or by lvling up.
It's a gamble, I admit, but trying your luck at the reactors isnt bad either. some reactor mutants are super powerful and if you get lucky and manage to get some of em, they'll be awesome additions to your team. I got owned by guys with steampunk wrenchfuries when I had a low evo lvl and few mutants. And for free players especially, since it won't be easy to get good mutants, trying your luck at the reactors is a great way to get super strong mutants that are out of your league at the moment. But its a gamble so be careful. I wanted a steampunk wrenchfury and I spent like7 tokens till I got one.. ugh
Cap wrenchfury is strong but since yours is a bronze one, it may be a little disapointing. Check out the stats on the gold steampunk wrenchfury from the reactor. You should try to breed elite versions of cap wrench or spend some reactor tokens to get the steampunk one.
Btw mutants with only one type of gene are easily countered so I don't use them.
As you keep playing, youll be able to get stronger mutants so dont worry too much if your current team isn't how you want it to be. Cheers

09-17-2015, 05:51 AM

Thanks. right now I'm just doing the daily challenges on facebook (i hate the browser version, so slow and glitchy) to get 10 gold a day.

I would spend money for gold, but am currently a broke full time college student. So this is what I have to do until I finish.
I plan on saving up everything just incase Px27 comes out. I keep hearing people talk about how great he is. So I spend a few gold here and there on stuff that could be useful like Cosmo Kong.
Since I didn't have anything bronze or higher the other day. I was aiming for a reactor that had a high chance for silver or gold. Which is why I picked movie reactor..

So I'll work on leveling up Cosmo Kong, Scare Bear, Ragnar along with Harpy on the side and then I'll try to get a gold version of cosmo and harpy.

Do you recommend not using Zombat?

When you say elite, are you talking about bronze/silver/gold or something else? Not familiar with how to get an elite version of a unit.

Any tips for leveling? Right now I'm just doing Alpha - Neo Paris boss stage since I can just get my silver 11 nordic nightmare or ragnar to kill them and carry the others.

09-17-2015, 10:18 AM
I think we're talking a bit too much on someone else's thread,, but err.. the term "elite version" simply refers to mutants crossbred with stars, so that they become stronger and more"elite", so yeah you're right. Nothing more to it.
As for your zombat, I think its okay. Its super fast and its gold version can deal decent damage, but I just dont like the wound ability that it has. It has a weak individual attack power and makes up for it with speed, attacking multiple times. So wound on a mutant like zombat seems a bit less effective than it would be on other mutants. Anyhow, that's what I think but the decision is yours to make.
And for lvling, you just have to look at the mutants in a stage and determine which stage will get you the most xp while your mutants sustain minimum damage per round. No specific tips for lvling other than that

09-18-2015, 10:34 AM
I think we're talking a bit too much on someone else's thread

I don't mind, really, as long as it doesn't go too off-topic.

Most times for attacking nowadays I use my reactor Star Trooper, my gold Star Trooper and my reactor Wrenchfury. Works like a charm quite a lot of the time as long as I pick the right tags, since I end up killing 1-2 opposing mutants before they can even attack and, since I'm using speeder mutants and most opponents use slower tanks, I count on them one shotting whichever mutant they attack and their tag essentially gets wasted finishing off an already dead mutant.

As for EVO, I honestly don't sweat upgrading the center that much, since, If I got that right, I'll be encountering stronger opponents right after I upgrade. If that is actually the case, I'm seeing it as a worthwhile tactic instead to work on getting some of the good mutants I have got into gold star versions.

As a side node, how's this necro breeding event been for you? I managed to get Lady Harpy, Cobrakai, Boogey Girl and Undead Marine already, yet I'm still hoping to manage to dish out Britany, but I guess we'll see.

Whilst I do understand that slower tank mutants dish out more damage per hit, my tactic still remains to instead do several weaker attacks with faster mutants.

09-19-2015, 05:27 PM
Just managed to beat a team made up of three gold burankas around my level, though I did rely heavily on having a tag attack to take out the one with the most HP. Thinking perhaps it would be worthwhile dishing out another gold Storm Trooper for my attack team.

Essentially, there is quite a nifty thing with 11,11 speed mutants

Star Trooper has Galactic and Saber genes
Zombat has Zoomorph and Necro genes
Autonorush has Cyber and Mythic genes

If I manage to get autonorush, then I will, at some point, have a fully balanced 11,11 speed mutant team.

John MacDonald
09-20-2015, 07:13 PM
Just managed to beat a team made up of three gold burankas around my level, though I did rely heavily on having a tag attack to take out the one with the most HP. Thinking perhaps it would be worthwhile dishing out another gold Storm Trooper for my attack team.

Essentially, there is quite a nifty thing with 11,11 speed mutants

Star Trooper has Galactic and Saber genes
Zombat has Zoomorph and Necro genes
Autonorush has Cyber and Mythic genes

If I manage to get autonorush, then I will, at some point, have a fully balanced 11,11 speed mutant team.

My most successful defense team to date all had mythic as a secondary gene.

People would look at it and bring in teams with warrior primary. Because my primary was Beast, Cyber and Galactic(For Boost), they took serious damage. I was winning over half my defenses with that team.

Now, I'm working on a few concept teams.

Jason Frankruyter
09-21-2015, 09:12 PM
First, you want to make sure you have gold monsters...the pvp is hella rigged to those with gold/platinum monsters...your captain peace and oriax are great in the beginning, but the more golds you have, you will notice that they are not so good...as for defence...try to get monsters that cover every area... I'm not a huge fan of mutants whose genes are very close together (mythic/Saber...a beast gets bonuses on both of them)...I try to cover my ass by using cross breeds (Saber/space...saber kills mythic/necro, space kills beast/mech...as long as I'm not going to do negative damage, I don't care.)
Another thing you should do, if you are struggling, is to add some random people to Facebook...find someone with a high evo lvl, who will do moderate damage (although, you may still get one of their bad tags ie zombat)
As for orbs, it's all about how you play...I personally can't stand retaliate...but some people love it...
A lot of people use the same monsters for pvp... X27, mr. Marvellous, apex, shell shock or behemoth...know your enemies, and make good decisions...mr marvellous has boost, so if you can't kill him in one hit, let him attack first.
Try to keep a balanced mix between fast, medium, and slow...fast guys attack fast, but also die fast
If you keep dieing during your attacks, just remember that the dude in the 3rd slot gets attacked the most (generally) so he should be your tank...
Hope that helps?
My defence team- platinum dragon mother, platinum Monoceros (with curse), platinum sorceress
2x mythic makes people want to use beast or Saber, 2x beast makes them want to use space or mech...i win 3/4 defence fights...

Rodrigo Matos
02-13-2016, 03:43 PM
Anyone help me with this 3 mutants orbs?




Brandon Charles
02-20-2016, 06:24 PM
I used reactor star trooper for the last year now with attack and speed orbs and she does good. I used 2 speedsters and a tank for a long time and I had good results.