View Full Version : Ridiculous PVP

Tim Caldwell
09-06-2015, 10:48 PM
I have several issues with PVP, but right now this one is really out there.

please see the image I have attached.


Please note the reputation of the challenger.
there is 160 pts of difference.
then look at the sum of levels.
he has 129, all gold.
the best I can possible do, being at mutant level 38, is 114 one platinum and two gold.
a difference of 15 levels and the platinum at this level is still a mis-match.
I seem to get this a lot.
bad mismatches that I have no hope to win.
even if I had the information from a pve match, I probably still couldn't beat this guy.
come on guys, something is wrong with your match making routine.
and while I'm on the subject, why can't we get more information about our adversary, like we do in a pve.
If we have to go against someone who has chosen their best combination, then we should at least be able to be as best prepared for them as we can.

John MacDonald
09-07-2015, 08:28 AM
I routinely get mismatched like that. Due to good tags, I can usually win, buuuuut...

It is silly that I get so few points for beating someone with 15% higher levels than me and I only get 10 points, but lose 20 on a loss defense, which is consistent.

If you're going to keep matchmaking the way it is, change the points on a win/loss.