View Full Version : Keeper of the Corn

10-04-2015, 02:27 PM
here is keeper of the corn


his attack is high

speed is massive

health is low

it is a necro/saber

Necro move-Crow's Furry damage-"not sure yet" details: holds his hand out and a flock of crows attack the enemy, upgraded Crow's Furry- damage "not sure" details: he has his arms as a x formation on his chest then brings both arms down and screams which unleashes a storm of crows Hits: one mutant

Saber move- Protect The Corn damage "not sure yet" details: he swings is scythe from left to right
Protect The Corn upgraded- damage "still not sure" details: he swings his scythe left to right, then right to left, finally slams it into the ground where a bunch of crows fly out of the crack it made Hits: every enemy mutant