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Prabu Farel Siliwangi
10-29-2015, 11:01 AM
Another mutant Fan Made by me.Took 25 minute to finish it
Pencil drawing and Scanned
Name:Galactic Prince
Real Name:Hyuga Connor
Family:1.Mr.Marvelous/Victor Connor(Father)
2.Space Princess/Usagi Tsukino(Mother)
Alias/epitets:Son of the last Lonian
Prince of Moon
Mysterious hero
Marvelous Boy
Sailor Lonia
Type:Heroic(Have 2 ability,Boost and Curse but still have 3 slot orbs)
Ability:Boost and Curse
Saber attack:Blade of Lonia
Galactic attack:Lonia Punishment
How to obtain:
1.Bough in shop(Silver version)
2.Fuse Mr.Marvelous and Gold Space Princess with platinum star
Age:17 years old
Mutopedia entry:
A brave young hero.A birth child of Mr.Marvelous and Space Princess,Formerly he trained by both of his parents but after his father presumed death when he still 7 years old,his mother take care of him alone.10 years later he become a strong handsome hero,fought for peace and good.His goal:Find his father,Protect the weak and give an end to evil mutants on earth
*Lonia:Mr.Marvelous' homeland planet(Destroyed by Nebulus)
*Lonian:Planet Lonia's native alien race.Resembles normal human but With higher IQ above human,Superhuman strength,Taller body,Green colored flesh,and blue colored blood(Fate:Extinct,Exterminated by Nebulus and Zodiac squad(Minus Aquapunzel and Virgon).Mr.Marvelous is the last surviving one)

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