View Full Version : Why is PvP so garbage?

Robert J Webster
11-07-2015, 07:17 PM
Seriously... All I get is upmatched.

Every single fight has 10-12 'total levels' over my max. MY MAX. So I then raise my level and BAM suddenly it's from 10-12 to 12-20. How the fudge is that fair?

Also why don't we get ANYTHING for a lost fight? I get that we can fight over and over. But our guys don't heal.

We're burning resources(Health) on fights we can't win because their PvP matching system is one of the worst I've ever seen.

It's worse then Marvel Avengers Alliance. And THAT is saying a LOT.

Armando Rossi
11-07-2015, 08:12 PM
Yes, pvp can be very annoying i can't do anything other than giving you some advices
get some strong tags, build up a good attack team, don't bother about defence team because with tag teams u can get rid of any defence team regardless how strong it is, play many battles at once because if you play only 2 or 3 battles u'll eventually end up with 10 lost defences meaning 100 or 200 points lost,
It's unfair but Kobojo don't care how hard is to obtain free stuff since they don't earn anything from it

Adam John
11-12-2015, 02:49 AM
PvP makes me angr!y! Kobojo doesn't give us any idea of how the scoring algorithm works. Ever since I acquired a few plat. mutants, i get owned on points all the time. I fight people who are 5-6 evo levels above me, and where before i could know I'd get 20+ points on a win, now i get 10???

My evo sum is 123. I've lost battles to people with Evo sum of 138 and lose 20 points??? I revenge and get 10? I attack someone with Evo sum of 142 and win 10??? Are you freaking kidding me?

But yet I see people with a fame level of 34 in the #1 spot of PvP with over 60,000 points? How the hell does that work? The only way I can remain in top 1% anymore is to blow gold on my top tag. Otherwise, it's 10 points, 10 points, sometimes i'll get 20+ points on a win.

This game is so screwed. I think I'll play it out till the end of the year and walk away. They do nothing to fix PvP and do nothing to educate players on how scoring works. Congratulations on milking whatever money you got out of me, but you guys are seriously doing everything possible to make this game so annoying. Every move you make is aimed at forcing players to spend cash/gold in order to succeed.

I play CoC, another free-to-play, where you can spend real money to excel, but that game does it right. I've spent maybe 20$ total on that game, and it's so balanced, you never want to stop playing.

MGG is insanely unbalanced and the PvP is the worst I've played in any F2P game with PvP.

Sorry Kobojo, but you guys are not doing a good job of keeping your player base informed of basic scoring principles on PvP. I should NOT be losing 20+ points to a team that is 4-8 evo levels over me, even though I have a handful of Plat Mutants.

I lose battle after battle on defense, no matter what I do, to people who can spend gold gold gold on their best tags, wipe me out and take 20+ or more points.

I expect to lose to people higher level - it's natural, but I should lose a fair amount of points. If i win, i should receive a fair amount of points. You're scoring system is flawed.

Lets say I have 1250 points, and someone evo 47 fights me who has 1300 points, wins. Should they really get 20 points when I'm evo 41? Just because I have 4 platinum mutants? I revenge them, win, and get 10 points back?

Yes, I'm ranting, I've been drinking, but I really don't care anymore.

Of course you won't read it. You never pay attention to the complaints of pvp, the cheaters, they don't care.

Anyone who knows how to work the system doesn't care.

I'm disappointed in myself that I ever wasted money on a game that seemed great at the outset, and just got worse and worse over time. PvP is the life blood of this game. You'll never fix it with a decent score system. You'll cater it to those the spend gold and cheat.

When I look at the top 100, I expect to see it full of players with fame levels in the 300+ range. Now some kid with fame 30 who has his dads wallet and a high level set of tags he can buy over and over again....and the cheats.

You know I lost multiple times to people with no plat. mutants, who are 2-3 evo levels below me, and don't use a tag, beat me, and get 20+ points? That should not happen. My platinum defense should destroy someone that low level with no tag...but they win? HAHAH!

Screw it, I'll just delete the game tonight before I get more angry.

/end rant and goodbye!

Grim Jack
11-12-2015, 03:11 AM
PVP is an ongoing project it seems.

Kobojo has asked for input concerning Matchmaking-in-the-PvP (http://forums.kobojo.com/showthread.php?7341-Matchmaking-in-the-PvP-Share-your-thoughts!) and have stated they were looking at options for improving the scoring system, and have been working for months on programming that will stop 'non-Kobojo' programming/software from being used in PVP.

Alas, this is about as far as the company goes concerning sharing info with their players.

My opinion is this: Either you trust them to do what's best for the game and you keep having fun playing, or you don't.

Brandon Charles
11-12-2015, 05:28 PM
good tags help, when i started I would only ever play pvp if I had a tag ready, orbs and the critical bonus too. Lol I still get wrecked alot though, cant ever make it into elites. basically spent a year trying to win veteran prizes. Good luck dude