View Full Version : some improvement

Fadi Brahem
11-08-2015, 10:21 AM
ok so let s start
zeus is the boss reactor of gods of the arena he has the same state as the star trooper reactor wich means they have high attack state and lower health than star trooper so what i suggest is adding the diffrence in health between zeus and star trooper gold and then add like 5-10% more health
2/ set frineds tag list by damage....evo....fame
3/ boxes let s take zodiac for an example why don t you add a wheel that when you buy a box a wheel will show up and gonna spin and you press stop and that way the player has a little bit chance to get what he wants
4/this is just a suggestion why don t you make a collector reactor? it will make high famed players and pay2win players happy
the reactor will contain five reactor bosses and the reward is not gonna be a mutant but it s gonna be a speacial item or maybe a number of furnaces and after getting the final reward the reward will change to a second reward wich is gonna be choice genetic mutant( means that the player can choose his gene) the player will have to spin to to get the mutant which will have a small chance of getting him
and the reactor price is gonna be x3 times the normal that means 9tokens