View Full Version : [FORUM RULES] Read before posting

[K] Ulan
11-10-2015, 07:05 PM
Dear adventurers,

To ensure smooth travels through the forum, please consider the following set of rules:

1. Keep your participation in the forum constructive. This means insulting, flaming, behaving destructively towards forum members or Kobojo representatives will not be accepted in this platform.

2. Spamming/Flooding/Consecutive posting will not be tolerated.

3. This is a collaborative platform, so no matter how much more experience you may have in-game than other adventurers, make sure your participation remains kind and helpful. Do not mess with the newbies! :blush:

4. Advertising other games is prohibited.

5. Harassing, swearing, attempts to boycott the forum or game and using offensive language will lead to forum account suspension.

6. Posting religion-abusive, racist, sexist or porn content is not allowed and will result in being blocked permanently from this platform.

7. Do not post consecutively - if you have something to add, please use the "Edit Post" button.

8. Make sure to post in the appropriate section.

9. When starting a new topic, please make sure the title reflects the content of the thread. Stay constructive, clear and straight to the point.

10. Try not to create duplicate/multiple threads regarding the same subject, if one has already been started by another forum user add your feedback to it.