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[K] Hugo
11-12-2015, 12:27 PM

Psy Captains, today we would like to invite you to write the biography of this upcoming mutant that you certainly recognize!

To be eligible to participate in this contest you need to follow these rules scrupulously:

You must submit only your own creations. Any evidence of plagiarism will result in disqualification.

Your submission should not exceed 300 characters (spaces included).

Creations have to be posted before: Sunday, 15th November 2015 at 11PM CET

The grand winner will have the opportunity to see his
biography implemented within the game upon the mutant's release.

We will then choose our 5 favorite submissions and reward the respective authors! [/B


[B]1st position:
500 Gold + The mutant on the release date + Biography in the game

2nd position: 500 Gold

3rd position: 400 Gold

4th and 5th position: 200 Gold

Every participant will receive a gift from the real Darwin!

Ready, Set, WRITE!

Edcel Macastor
11-12-2015, 02:56 PM
im new here where can i write plss reply so i can participate :)

11-12-2015, 02:57 PM
después de la creación de mutantes con adn humanos y no estar satisfechos con la fuerza que estos tenían darwin decidió crear esta mutantes con sus propios ADN haciéndolo mas fuerte mas furioso y sobre todo mas inteligente pero el experimente salio mal no podía sobrevivir haci que creo un corazón artificial nació ciberdarwin una creación casi perfecta esta en español pueden traducir para que se entienda si te gusto la historia suscribirte al canal

Edcel Macastor
11-12-2015, 02:58 PM
im new here where i can write in the thread im willing to participate :) plss reply

Akira Kun
11-12-2015, 02:59 PM
darwin was bored with being the scientist that why he transform into a beast in order to be triump at the arena

Nishanth Jm
11-12-2015, 03:01 PM
Title: Jim the Hillbilly Werewolf

A strain of Fierce DireWolf DNA was discovered and a young and upcoming scientist made a mutant strain combiner with the wolf strain as the base. He was having the strain exported via a cheap delivery service which met with an unexpected accident and the strain combiner fell into the river which washed up near the house of the Jim the hillbilly, who assuming it was metal of sorts added to his shirt. During a drunk stupor fell of the ravine and the strain combiner activated leading to the birth of a fierce Hillbilly Werewolf.


Jose Daniel Gomez
11-12-2015, 03:01 PM
After messing with genes, dealing with psy-captains, and doing back office work, Darwin felt like he was losing himself to his job… so he created Charles, his ape-self and Darwin-described missing link between apes and himself. Darwin is happy, as now a part of him is rampaging in the arena as well!

(I wrote this on Facebook as well.. I had to shorten it a bit because I didn't realize it was over the 300-character mark, but now it's 299. I'm OP)

Jacky MGG 2015
11-12-2015, 03:02 PM
After cloning Eva Replication and Neo Urban, Darwin finally used his own genome to produce his own replicate. Obviously it was a failure so Darwin tended to obliterate it. Just as it was put in the incinerator, this abomination underwent the second mutation. It became a stronger, agile, and deadly as well. This poor mutant had its mind overwhelmed with the pain of being an abandoned object. And now, it is ready to show his vengeance in the arena as to seek revenge to Darwin. Behold! The vessel of Wrath is here for a ruthless slaughter!

Harsh Mittal
11-12-2015, 03:03 PM
darwin was doing a enpirnment on wolf in an accident he got mutate with the dna of wolf which was hunger for battel

Shovon Mutant
11-12-2015, 03:09 PM
As we all know,Darwin is fond of experimenting and customizing the mutants.He created a powerful portion to make the Monkey King unbeatable!But,Alas! His own foolish clone took the special portion mistaking it for a coffee cup.The result is in front of you.It has turned into a fearsome mutant which has sweared to spare no one in the arena.

Edcel Macastor
11-12-2015, 03:10 PM
darwin go to the lab for a experiment after the combination he decide to inject himself to perfect mutant after the injection he turn a strong and more powerful he ever create........ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR.......... .. the gene of this mutant is cyber-zomoorph i think this is my biography.....

Iván Torres
11-12-2015, 03:10 PM
Durante años, Darwin dedico su vida a los mutagenos desde su niñez. Cansado de no poder experimentar lo que se sentia ser un mutante un dia decidio mezclar su ADN con la de Bestia, los resultados fueron tan catastroficos que ni el podia controlar tan inmenso poder. Descontrolado, esta bestia mitad humano mitad animal arrasara con todo mutante que se le cruze en la arena.

Ark Akash
11-12-2015, 03:11 PM
Title:Hells Darewolf

A Mad scientist once did a experiment on humans.His experiment was mixing Human gene with wolf genes.He had almost finished the mixture of two genes.But accidently the mixture fall upon his son.His son became a wolf and thus Hells Darewolf was Born.


Braulio Menezes
11-12-2015, 03:13 PM
a great admirer of mutants fight, he decided to invest resources and research so that he himself became a mutant and fight in the arena

Cosmin Oprean
11-12-2015, 03:14 PM
Darwin's plan was to make a machine that give him superpowers but something went wrong in the procees.He was starting to turn into a beast with sharp teeth,long hair and big fingers.Now he is trying to fix the machine to turn him back to human but until then he is joining the arena as the Beast.

Fadi Brahem
11-12-2015, 03:15 PM
after years of working in the genetic manipulation facility and hearing about baron urban transformation Darwin mixed the buranaka strength with the speed of the monkey king and created the ultimate serum..... But with the prohibition of humain trials Darwin used the serum on himself and voila he is here and ready to rumble in the arena

Kyle Wellington
11-12-2015, 03:20 PM
Tired of having to constantly protect his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, this leprechaun decided to trade in his lucky clover for razor sharp claws. You need to think twice before trying to steal his lucky charms.

Nazir Ahmed
11-12-2015, 03:21 PM
One Day I was very bored at morning then i make a new gene experiment with my own gene and i look like this hooooohahahahahah come and face me :omg:

Lucas Chrystian
11-12-2015, 03:22 PM
Darwin was in the making esperimentos with DNA beasts when cut and blood was mixed with the DNA being tested , he did not realize WHAT had happened until incubate the larva ... generated when the larva out of the tube and he saw WHAT had done , he tried to lock the creature until it knew more about their abilities. Now the creature is free and ready to do battle in the Arena.

Marcus Vinicius
11-12-2015, 03:25 PM
An unknown mad scientist combined the DNA of a beast and a human being to give life to this creature that has only one purpose in their existence: destroy, in the Arena, all mutants created by Darwin, the greatest enemy of its creator.

Rido Prasetyo
11-12-2015, 03:29 PM
darwin go to the lab when she saw Eva lying on the floor and he saw footprints of urban neo XII Finally Eva dead and darwin promised to avenge last eva darwin conducted experiments on himself and changed as neo

Iron Chow
11-12-2015, 03:29 PM
Darwin's favorite pet beast died protecting him from an attack of one of Neo Urban's creations. As a way to always remember his fallen friend he decided to re-clone his fallen friend but as its DNA was missing key strands, Darwin had to supply some of its own. A creature of brain and fury emerged.

Vincenzo Basile
11-12-2015, 03:33 PM
Versione Italiana - Italian Version:

Stanco dei soliti mutanti e di essere preso in giro per la sua poca prestanza fisica, Darwin decide di manipolare il proprio DNA con quella di una Belva, il risultato è una geniale e forte macchina da combattimenti.

English Version - Versione Inglese:

Tired of the usual mutants and being mocked for his lack of physical prowess, Darwin decided to manipulate its DNA with that of a Beast, the result is a brilliant and strong fighting machine.

Artsem Yanovich
11-12-2015, 03:33 PM
A brilliant mind and lightning decision prompted Darwin to create a unique tool that allows you to temporarily change the human DNA in the rat, with the result that all human reactions increased in three of them, making a man dangerous to any opponent, but the unit has a side effect - aggressive inoperable!

И на русском:

Гениальный ум и молниеносные решения натолкнули Дарвина создать уникальный прибор, позволяющий временно менять ДНК человека на крысиные, в результате чего, все человеческие реакции увеличиваются в трое, делая такого человека опасным для любого противника, но у прибора есть побочные эффект - агрессивная неуправляемость!

Oscar Flores Bsc
11-12-2015, 03:36 PM
cansado de siempre la misma gama de mutanta y con ancias de crear un mutante a mas de velocidad y fuerza decide esperimentar con sus propips genes para asi dar vida al Dr. Claws feroz.fuert y von inteligencia sobrehumana

Thomas Biggerstaff
11-12-2015, 03:40 PM
At a luau in Hawaii, Darwin found his love Kitty, a Beast. Kitty saw the full moon, jumped up, and ran. Darwin ran to catch her. Kitty caught Darwin, infecting him. Not wanting to end his vacation early, Darwin was last seen enjoying the Sun, Sand, and tourist. Aloha, thanks Kitty - Woof – Darwin.

Jeferson E M Goite
11-12-2015, 03:40 PM

Psy Captains, today we would like to invite you to write the biography of this upcoming mutant that you certainly recognize!

To be eligible to participate in this contest you need to follow these rules scrupulously:

You must submit only your own creations. Any evidence of plagiarism will result in disqualification.

Your submission should not exceed 300 characters (spaces included).

Creations have to be posted before: Sunday, 15th November 2015 at 11PM CET

The grand winner will have the opportunity to see his
biography implemented within the game upon the mutant's release.

We will then choose our 5 favorite submissions and reward the respective authors! [/B


[B]1st position:
500 Gold + The mutant on the release date + Biography in the game

2nd position: 500 Gold

3rd position: 400 Gold

4th and 5th position: 200 Gold

Every participant will receive a gift from the real Darwin!

Ready, Set, WRITE!

luego de que darwin perfecciono su maquina durante muchos año ahora nos present su ultimo invento que fue provado en el mismo darwin la bestia ya que fue creado con varios adn y resulto exitosa el esperimento de darwin ahora no solo estara en nuestro laboratorio , tambien estara en batalla con nosotros

Seth Rollins
11-12-2015, 03:43 PM
Darwin fue un científico muy brillante. Experimentando en cientos de diferentes mutantes casi todo el día, es un científico loco. Hasta que un día, creó una fórmula para mejorar las capacidades y el rendimiento de un mutante. Pero antes de aplicarlo a la mutacion, pensó, "¿Qué pasa si, es mi turno para ser mutante y luchar en la arena junto con mis mutantes?" Así que se inyecta la pocima a sí mismo entonces, Boom. Él es ahora un fuerte bestia mutada inteligente. Ahora es su tiempo para entrar en esa arena y demostrar que el es el mejor.

Briyal Katcham
11-12-2015, 03:44 PM
Darvin is One of mgg member but when he saw eva and urban are enter in arena to prove them self and when his DNA combine with wolf's dna he thought now he also got a power of mutant now he is come in arena to release the Beast With a Power

11-12-2015, 03:51 PM
after breeding so much of mutants darwin think he should breed man with wolf and then the mutant get wolf hand ,legs and remainig body parts of man.One day darwin does some experiments on mutant and he fotgot to lock properly mutant in cage then the mutant escape from lab and runs towards jungle and now he is a mutants.. :p

Carlos Galindo
11-12-2015, 03:58 PM
darwin estaba investigando un fragmento de adn del eslabón perdido cuando empezó a pensar en que el baron urban y eva tenían sus propios mutantes, darwin aprovecho la muestra de adn y junto con un poco del suyo creo una nueva especie a su imagen

11-12-2015, 04:00 PM
After getting permission from Eva, Darwin finally got his own mutant version. This mutant has two different strands of DNA combined: A wolf's, making it agile and deadly, and Darwin's, making this mutant incredibly intelligent (and handy at the art of making martinis!).

Brandon Charles
11-12-2015, 04:03 PM
Was going to do a "Darwin mixed DNA one.."but lots of them so.... :)
Darwin was in the lab he was ambushed by Baron and thrown into a mutagen canister that spilled all over him! When Eva arrived it was too late...Darwin had transformed into an awesome mutant and will stop at nothing to satisfy his bloodlust in the name of science!

Dan Versluis
11-12-2015, 04:12 PM
Wile trying to combine the destructive force of Buranka and the agile might of Monkey King, young Darwin a scientist like no other, accidentally sneezed onto the samples. The contaminated samples produced a mutant like no other, With the appearance of Darwin, but with the power and speed the mutants. His name is...

Pawan Sheoran
11-12-2015, 04:16 PM
My Story for him >>
He was a action hero in his past life , but some other hero's jealous of his fame power , people loves him so much , so other hero give him some type of drug for make him ugly , and they got what they want ,
now our hero lost his fame and all people who love him to watch , so he decide to go in Mutant genetic gladiator fight club for get fame again as a mutant hero !

Jacey Bruce
11-12-2015, 04:18 PM
Bitten by a rabid radioactive wolf while vacationing in hawaii, Darwin noticed his body started making drastic changes. With his new keen sense of smell and superhuman strength he set off to prove he could compete in the arena

11-12-2015, 04:23 PM
Darwin go out in lab to get some fresh air,when he look in sky something is falling its UFO.He open it and a gooey thing came out and merge in him giving darwin a strength and greater strength.He destroy every thing in its path mutants and people until a huge sonic blaster fire in darwin,darwin and the gooey thing got separated.The gooey thing replicate darwin's image and have a strength and greater strength.

Alex Obrejan
11-12-2015, 04:34 PM
- El Canavar -

The passion for wolves drove Victor crazy, and after a marathon of TV arena matches, he snapped, took a DNA sample from his pet, a Carpatian wolf and broke into Darwin's lab during the night. After he injected himself with a mixture of the DNA and mutosteron, colapsed and was found by the psi-captain in a deep coma, completely transformed in a half human-half beast hybrid. Darwin saved his life with a massive organ transplant, sustained by a cyber-core adrenalin rush, and gave him a chance too prove himself in the Arena.

Luis Miguel Aldaz
11-12-2015, 04:35 PM
Darwin estaba realizando algunos experimentos en su laboratorio para así crear mutantes nuevos con el gen animal
pero por accidente derramó agua sobre los controles y estos explosionaron, Darwin trató de protegerse pero inhalo los genes así que su adn se mezcló
y termino creando un nuevo mutante mitad bestia y mitad humano que conserva toda la inteligencia de Darwin y también posee una fuerza sobrenatural

11-12-2015, 04:38 PM
darwin was a great scientist in creating mutant which was battling in the arena.one day he decided to create a new kind of mutant from the gene of an animals and a human but unfortunatly the all situation goes wrong and he just drink the gene thinking it was soft drink,and this reward him in turning him in a different strong and powerful mutant and now he is fighting in the arena... this is mine biography hope you like it :)

Sergio Henrique
11-12-2015, 04:42 PM
Darwin was walking when he met a wolf who was bleeding, so Darwin took to the laboratory that was where he was working on a new machine that could make a transfusion of blood from a human to a beast and use as donor blood to the beast, and after a few days he realized he had created a mut

note: the beast is a wolf

Nedas Banaitis
11-12-2015, 04:42 PM
While Darwin was messing around with some genes, he came up with an idea, to inject some zoomorph genes into one of his clones, creating this unstoppable beast

Sanja Milanovic
11-12-2015, 04:43 PM
While in the lab,Darwin had an awful accident followed with explosion.When he finally woke up,Darwin we all knew and loved became a young werewolf.His special powers served to protect humanity.
The End. :P

Vickey Knight
11-12-2015, 04:44 PM

He was a normal boy with a normal life. he was happy but soon his life changed before he could know it. He suffered mutation due to radiation , some how his human gene had combined with monkey gene that is his cells have reacted and some of his gene changed to primitive gene of our ancestor ape`s. He thought his life was over but no he had heard about mgg and landed there with the help of darwin who had made so many mutants.In mgg arena he comes and enjoy fighting. i want to warn you dont ever make him mad.

11-12-2015, 04:45 PM
This mutant is a creation tool kobojo company. with the aim to create a tool of war mutkhir and sold in various countries around the world , kobojo company experimented in making this tool . they plan to create a robot that has the ability like animals , but at one time there was an error in the program that is being done , there was an enormous explosion . dna of animals affected by the explosion together with gamma radiation . and created darwin .

Ben Radant
11-12-2015, 04:47 PM
Darwin was working late in the lab and mistook a formula he was working on for an energy drink. With the moon full and the formula strong, his instinct took over. Now Darwin is in the arena isn’t looking for cars to chase or mailmen to bite. Darwin, you are an animal! Awooo!

Derek Ducharme
11-12-2015, 04:57 PM
A man torn from past, present and future, unsure of when he comes from, is trapped in our time in search of that answer. Knowing that he's gone through physical enhancements, carries himself with an air of ferociousness and poise while still having a good time. He joins today's gladiators in hopes to find out when he comes from and who to punish for it!!! Hoping that each new victory brings him closer to the source of his troubles because his ability to see time and unable to cross through it bothers the crap out of him! But he hides his agony with his dashing smile, after all he still needs to look good.

Omar Javed
11-12-2015, 05:05 PM
As Darwin couldn't keep him self away from the action so he performed several experiments to make him worthy to fight after his all hard-work he is now able to fight in the arena and is trying to become the next champion...

Yu Chen
11-12-2015, 05:14 PM
NEO-URBAN made a machine to create a monster ; he with it clones Darwin and with this monster he try to kill all mutants in the Arena.

11-12-2015, 05:15 PM
Darwin and his brother were two scientists but went separate ways now with the power of Baron Urban Marwin could confront his brother

Aayush Dobriyal
11-12-2015, 05:25 PM
he was a scientist but he was rejected for his stupid invention , but he tried it on himself and he beacome a terrible fighter , he is ready now to beat every one in the arena

Gerson Castro
11-12-2015, 05:30 PM
despues de aver creado mutates aon adn unmanos darwin quiso crear uno suyo pero lo que no creo que pasaria que nese mutate era su lado malo
y de ahi nacio darkdarwin pero el solo era un mutate devil en las arenas por eso drawin se encargo de colocarle amplificador de fuerza en su pecho ,
darwin se aseguro que no fuera malo pero solo lo enpeoro con el amplificador de fuerza y de nacio darkdarwin

en ingles

after having created mutant human DNA aon darwin he wanted to create one of their own but I do not think it would happen to mutate nese was his bad side
and there was born darkdarwin but was just a devil in the sands mutate so drawin is putting on custom power amplifier in his chest,
darwin made sure it was not bad but we only enpeoro with amplifier power and was born darkdarwin

Gabriel Gavril?
11-12-2015, 05:34 PM
When Darwin saw Eva's Replication and Neo Urban XIII he said that he deserve a Clone Mutant too.So he extracted the DNA of the strongest creatures from The Earth and combined them with his own DNA and what happened?It happened,Darwin the new Clone Mutant who will use his force to Slash and Destroy the forces of Baron Urban to save the Mutant World and now this new force arrived into the arena so if you have some evil plans you should stay back and hide from this new Mutant.

Matty Alen
11-12-2015, 05:37 PM

Psy Captains, today we would like to invite you to write the biography of this upcoming mutant that you certainly recognize!

To be eligible to participate in this contest you need to follow these rules scrupulously:

You must submit only your own creations. Any evidence of plagiarism will result in disqualification.

Your submission should not exceed 300 characters (spaces included).

Creations have to be posted before: Sunday, 15th November 2015 at 11PM CET

The grand winner will have the opportunity to see his
biography implemented within the game upon the mutant's release.

We will then choose our 5 favorite submissions and reward the respective authors! [/B


[B]1st position:
500 Gold + The mutant on the release date + Biography in the game

2nd position: 500 Gold

3rd position: 400 Gold

4th and 5th position: 200 Gold

Every participant will receive a gift from the real Darwin!

Ready, Set, WRITE!

En el año 2015 se decía que hombres lobo existían... Darwin lamentablemente arrastraba con una herencia familiar, pero usando su inteligencia derivó parte de sus genes a este nuevo experimento y así nació Ciberdarwin... Ahora no habrá quien lo pare, su inteligencia no es comparable y su fuerza es sin igual. Tendras que correr si lo ves.

Luka Jevtic
11-12-2015, 05:38 PM
Sabertooth- He became mutant when he wanted to work for Mutant X military. They turned him in to a mutant, he is part tiger and gave him a name Sabertooth...

Antoniio Neiira Roman
11-12-2015, 05:39 PM
after helping to make mutants in the Kobojo platinum company, obsessed Darwin was not happy with his amazing feats, decided to look outside the city and the ancaltarillas something that catches attention when he was bitten by Splintter and discovered something amazing

Daniel Hart
11-12-2015, 05:39 PM
With Darwin being an admirer of Buck Morris, he decided to splice experiments himself. He tried splicing his DNA to Beast. It resulted into this werewolf version of himself. In his non-monster state, he created a device on his chest. It keeps the monster at bay.

Antoniio Neiira Roman
11-12-2015, 05:39 PM
tras haber ayudado a realizar mutantes platinos en la compañia KOBOJO , el obsesionado Darwin no estaba feliz con sus increibles hazañas, decidio buscar en las afueras de la cuidad y en las ancaltarillas algo que llame la atencion cuando fue mordido por Splintter y descubrio algo increible

Trisno Ortmann
11-12-2015, 05:43 PM
Darwin wanted to honor the creations he had made throughout his years in the lab, he made a clone of himself spliced with Cosmo Kong. but it went wrong, it melted into a huge puddle. not wanting to waste his experiment and always wanting to be more capable of battling without the help of his creations, he injected the failed experiment into his bloodstream. it had a terrifying effect though, he turned into a monster himself, not a warrior. now, when he feels threatened, he turns into a creature similar, yet more powerful and intelligent than The Hulk and Dr.Jekyll/Mr.Hyde combined. he now roams the arena's to battle to train himself to control his animalistic new side....

Gabriel Berrios Franco
11-12-2015, 05:44 PM
Experimento con una gran variedad de mutants zoomorfos incluyendo su ADN e implantó ADN zoomorpho en su cuerpo y los resultaron fueron fantásticos. Con la fuerza de la bestia y la inteligencia humana lo hace mortal en la arena.
Experiment with a variety of zoomorphic mutants including DNA and DNA zoomorpho implanted in his body and were were fantastic. With the strength of the beast and human intelligentsia does mortal in the sand.

Aniket Sharma
11-12-2015, 05:44 PM
One day, just while hanging around in the lab, Darwin decided to have some fun. He mixed his own DNA with that of his pet chimpanzee and after a few hours of wait, this amazing mutant came out, determined to get in arena to compete and win against his other fellow mutant friends .

Samuel Rodriguez
11-12-2015, 05:45 PM
Darwin al ver la clásica película de hombres lobo de los años 70 pensó en lo bueno que seria ser un hombre lobo para agradar a las chicas lo que no sabia era los problemas que ganaría a la hora de ducharse y el pelo tapara sus tuberías.

Alif Kazi
11-12-2015, 05:46 PM
It gets way back, at the time of Darwin's birth . He wasn't the only baby boy, he had a twin too. but fate had other plan for his twin Arwind . His twin brother was stolen by a famous thief Hishe while hospital caught fire. than he was raised as Hishe's son and become the 21st century's famous theif and con man "Shadow". As he recently learnt about Darwin , he went to his lab pretending as Darwin while Darwin was at vacation. In the lab he find a device which was Darwin latest experiment. He wore it and was trying to escape when the guards realized that he was a phony. Accidentally the Device was turned on an he became an all star mutant beast , one of the Mutants: Genetic Gladiators .

Raven Atramentous
11-12-2015, 05:47 PM
This guy finally reach his limit and became a mutant. He have blood and genes of a mutant but that will only expose when he reach a certain age because that certain age can develop all of his senses and ability.He will physically be a mutant when he exactly reach 30 years in his developing body. Darwin with his friends wen't to the beach to celebrate his 30th birthday while preparing his things he suddenly pass out he didn't know where did he wake up not knowing what happen to him but that place is full of unknown being he tried to ask someone and they called it Mutant Gladiator Arena welcome to the beast family and he pass out again knowing his appearance was change.

11-12-2015, 05:52 PM
One day Darwin created a secret formula that would make him irresistible to Eva but he failed. Not only he failed he also created this mutant that runs everywhere and kills mutants.

Pablo Fabian Sojo Peña
11-12-2015, 05:54 PM
Dr. Darwild.

Darwin was looking for some help on the psylab, after some time he decided that there was no one that knew his work better than himself, so he began working on a clone but not without some improvements, Darwin II was helpful and brilliant the perfect assistant for Darwin but one day when they were collecting some data on the arena the clone jumped on the middle of the battle breaking some beautiful havoc, now he's Dr. Darwild research partner and star of the arena.

James Ze Awezome
11-12-2015, 05:55 PM
After dozens of failures in the lab, Darwin decided to get some inspiration from other mutants and created a perfect recipe for making a clone of his mind and body. Unfortunately, he took a bit too much inspiration from the beasts of the arena and it looks more like an animal than a superhuman!

Matthew Lockwood
11-12-2015, 06:01 PM
Jealous of the power he witness's from the creatures in the arena, he used his lab to create an elixir containing the best elements of the best fighters, constructing a device to feed this mixture into him, he became powerful but also an abomination.

Arthur Rodriguez
11-12-2015, 06:06 PM

11-12-2015, 06:12 PM
Darwin's love for creating new mutants has gone too far. When he mixed two DNAs his Lab just transformed in a hazard zone. He fainted. After he woke up his ultimate dream has become reality. Be aware Psy Captains!

Kurt Andrés
11-12-2015, 06:15 PM
a werewolf and big foot fell in love, that relationship was born fruit of this mutant with incredible agility and strength of each. you will be able to face him?

Adrian Giura
11-12-2015, 06:23 PM
nerd try an experiment at home to became stronger and get that,stronger beast to defeat all enemyes, beastynerd

Abuturab Ali Zamel
11-12-2015, 06:30 PM
after darwin enchased his DNA he enters the ring to compete to be the best in the world

11-12-2015, 06:31 PM
Psy captains run in terror when this mutant steps in the arena. Darwin once bitten by a wolf leaked a new bio weapon into his blood for days he fought a comma and when he woke he had become a mutant far more powerful than any psy captain could fathom. He is wolf, blood wolf.

Andreiasi Nicolae Daniel
11-12-2015, 06:40 PM
Darwin attempted to create a powerful robotic mutant but it took the form of a robotic symbiote virused Darwin tried to catch him but failed and symbiont jumped on him and move product and nerves. Darwin is now thirsty after the fight and destroy everything in his path

khalil khnich
11-12-2015, 06:46 PM
This colt is a half-man, half-wolf has a supernatural intelligence that lies in the human half of physical strength and a large tremendous speed as a ravenous wolf; This combination makes him invincible .

John Paul Lising
11-12-2015, 06:51 PM
Darwin were originally the winners of the Culling and would be recruited to become member of Harvest's personal army.That is not the case with this team.

11-12-2015, 07:01 PM
Once on a desert island , our hero chased the monkey stole his only food - banana. But he fell into the cave. Wandering in it came across the ancient statues of seated which is the same monkey, in anger , he pounced on her and killed . What I was cursed statue and turned into a monster . To this day , he wanders all attacks in the eternal wrath . : ярость:

Dragos Poparad
11-12-2015, 07:25 PM
Darwin era stufo di essere lo schiavo di tutti cosi decise di unire il suo DNA con quello di un lupo! Il risultato è una creatura senza rivali,abominevole che non avrà pietà di nessuno nell'arena

Dragos Poparad
11-12-2015, 07:26 PM
Darwin era stufo di essere lo schiavo di tutti cosi decise di unire il suo DNA con quello di un lupo! Il risultato è una creatura senza rivali,abominevole che non avrà pietà di nessuno nell'arena!

11-12-2015, 07:29 PM
Darwin's brother shares his genius, but is evil. He experimented on wolves and humans because they are alike in mind. He tried to inject a human with altered wolf DNA. Instead, he tripped and injected himself! He is now a relentless killing machine, the perfect blend of human and wolf.

Steve Lor
11-12-2015, 07:33 PM
On a special night every year, a change occurs within the Genetics Gladiator mastermind. He transforms into a mighty and foul creature that renders any other mutant's power useless. This mutant is the root of all evil; even if his normal counterpart is the root of all good. He is the one known as Darwin.

Cameron Warren
11-12-2015, 07:36 PM
some say a mutant experiment gone horribly wrong, others say he was born with this inside him, but all know now that he is loose he will rip to shreds any mutant that gets in his way of victory.

Angelo Ambrosio
11-12-2015, 07:39 PM
un giovane surfista viene travolto da un onda anomala e viene sbalzato su un isola scnosciuta, ma dove avvengono strani esperimenti. per salvargi la vita gli viene impiantato un cuore artificiale di babbuino, ma qualcosa va storto trasformandolo in questa fortissima creatura mutante...

Arsid Geci
11-12-2015, 07:41 PM
Once upon a time a new sciencist called Drawin ,he was solving the problem of a mutant gene beast .But the accident happen when drawin was so tired from his search,he fall a sleep into the table .Suddenly the morning came and Drawin woke up scared from his nightmare when near him was his mutant Gene .He broke the glass with mutant gene on it and mutant gene fall into his face makeing him a scyry beast with gratfull power but with no friends.Beast is till trying to get in his human form but his serches are worthless.Time past and he was losing his mind and lost his human actions and thinks.Now he is transformed to the beast and destroyed everything he saw,waiting for anyone to help him be normal again.

Justin Stanford
11-12-2015, 07:45 PM
Tiberius was more than Darwin's fan, he was a fanatic. He copied Darwin's every move; his clothes, his hairstyle and even his experiments. He wasn't careful though, and during an experiment he sealed himself in a breeding chamber by mistake. Now a mutant, he hits the arena to get closer to Darwin.
- Justin S.

Eldrick Donata
11-12-2015, 07:47 PM
One day while Darwin was working in his lab he felt lonely. He didn't know anyone interested in science, so he did the next best thing. Create his own friend! Using some of his genes he tried to make a friend but... something went wrong and he made a more monstrous and ape version of himself. Darwin saw how strong he was so he decided to let him join the arena.

11-12-2015, 07:47 PM
First thing i need to say that he looks like darwin

This beast study about the human dna and mutants dna and aftr this he mix his own dna to for his own sake to become a strong beast on planet !!! And he succeded ....
Now he came to arena to check his ability and his skills beware ...!!!!

11-12-2015, 07:59 PM
Darvins Brother Paul had studiied the zoomorph genes. he was alone is his laboratory... he got depressisve... he didnt have a Job. he didnt get Money. he got tricked so many times he wanted to pay i all back... but he didnt realize the risks. now he really suffers. it hurts. he got dangerous. nobody thought he would be to strong to handle, so they bribed him with Food and told him they could turn him him back, if he would fight for them, so now hes in the Arena.

sorry for my grammar

Angel Villanueva
11-12-2015, 08:09 PM
This mutant was an evil scientist who wanted to be a beast but there was an accident in his lab and became half-human half-beast and the energy regulator has in his chest and keeps alive now test their skills in the arena to dominate the world!.:omg:

Isa Torres
11-12-2015, 08:24 PM
After so many mixed hybridizations one day after gene mutants came out a new mutate that was bad it was strong yet controlled their unknown speed no one had tested whether this new mutant born .

thank you for reading my story

Arinjoy Ghosh
11-12-2015, 08:24 PM
Who said that re configuring human gene is impossible.The fierce result is here.Being a underdog he was ferocious and was so obsessed to gain power, he started crazy experiments on his own genes and he went to the breeding center with master splitter in absence of darwin and he become the wild news and worst nightmare in the arena.

Wojtek Tokarz
11-12-2015, 08:40 PM
"If You want something done well, do it Yourself"as they say. And as it turns out, it's just as true in The Arena as anywhere else.
When Baron Urban used his own DNA to create a Mutant it resulted in creation of monstrous Neo-Urban XIII who shook the world with his raw power . When Eva mixed her own genes with cutting edge cybernetics, Eva's Replication, an incarnate of speed and grace was born.
Was it any surprise, that Darwin also tried? Now there is something new stands in The Arena - A fusion of mad genius and bestial ferocity...

Joydip Sarkar
11-12-2015, 08:41 PM
Darwin has created a lot of mutants who are creating a lot of nuisance in the Psy-world.He can't stand it any more.He has managed to replicate his DNA in a mutant form.Watch out Psy Captains!This mutant is going to clear each and every battlefield.

Abdelhakim Kherrachi
11-12-2015, 09:00 PM
Darwin was working in his lab when a mutant enter and shoot him whith a mutant potion so he turn from him self to this beast. His name is Beastwin

Carlos Montilla
11-12-2015, 09:12 PM
Darwin después de estar encerrado en su laboratorio a causa de una nueva investigación que ayudará a los humanos a convertirse en mutantes y así poder luchar junto a sus preciadas creaciones , llegó a estar 5 meses encerrado en su laboratorio y eso le dio como resultado dos cosas
1)Tener listo el aparato/fórmula para mutar humanos.
2)Demencia extrema por cansancio y falta de alimento por su arduo trabajo.
Esto desencadenó la locura en el y se uso a el mismo como conejillo de indias para probar los resultados de su nuevo experimento y haci nacio el ¡nuevo Mutante Darwin!

Lazar Ivanovic
11-12-2015, 09:15 PM
He was a scientist and he was working for Eva.One day he created GLUBBER.That creature was unstable and some weird smoke came out of it and started killing him from inside.Baron and Neo-Urban 8th came and Baron said: If you want to live you will need to work for me. He said yes and Baron transformed him into the mutant.Now his mission is to destroy Eva.

11-12-2015, 09:17 PM
After years of experimenting with ways to create powerful mutants , Darwin decided to mix his DNA together with that of a wolf in the breed machine. The result was this agile mutant with claws and fangs are well developed , that come into the arena , he devours his opponents in one bite... . Sorry for my english XD I hope you like it!

11-12-2015, 09:26 PM
The ox-101 Belt Darwin made was a revolutionary piece of technology able to inject mutant DNA into a human. But, there were no candidates to for him to test the belt on, so his curiosity overwhelmed him and he tried it on himself not knowing what it would cause...

Will Kirschner
11-12-2015, 09:40 PM
One day when Darwin was working on a new mutant, he accidentally put a little bit of his own dna in it when he did not look, and the process of the mutant became remarkable. With the brains of a mutant creator and the beast within him, Darwin's creation became one of the smartest of all mutants.

11-12-2015, 10:16 PM
I got 4 ideas for his biography :)

Dr. Darwin / Mr. Charles

1. For long Darwin worked in psy-labs trying to produce the most powerful mutant in the arena, but little did anyone know that he had plans of his own. Plans not to create, but to BE the strongest and most powerful mutant of them all!

2. After an accident with Zoomorph gene in the psy-labs, a new mutant emerged from the lab, half man half savage beast! No one knows who caused the accident, but looking at it we can only speculate…

3. Experimenting with mutants and genes gave Darwin the knowledge of the DNA better than anyone else’s. Finally, he had an idea and serum for how to modify humans! Not for the Arena, but to advance more quickly into the next stage on the evolutionary ladder. With no volunteers he injected his serum into himself, but it was a failure, turning poor Darwin into a mix of human and feral beast. Now he fights the mutants he once helped create.

4. Darwin was always seeking new opportunities to experiment and modify mutants for the arena in the psy-labs. He also always wanted to experiment with human genes because he saw in them the most potential. With experimenting on humans being illegal and the lack of volunteers, Dawrin started experimenting with his own genes. Now he has combined the most powerful genes he knew with his own DNA, creating the ultimate mutant: strongest and smartest of them all!

Matthew Alban
11-12-2015, 10:33 PM
At the bottom of the site.

Justin Dema
11-12-2015, 10:34 PM
Darwin while doing n experiment invoving all the zomorph mutants mutosterone by mistake droped some of of his dna . The result was this a mutant with the combined powers of all zomorph mutants and the inteligence or Darwin, who soon joined the arena to test and show his abilities.
Beware before entering the arena he pased a month creating a speacial weapon of mas destruction to aid him in hegemony.

Johnny Guibert
11-12-2015, 10:59 PM
mastroffe et un guerrier qui vient du futur pour aidez les petits niveau qui son dans le besoins il attaque les mutants avec son rayons qui se trouve sur son thorce et les ramène en dans le passé et fait peur au autre mutants avec sa forme de loup il tue c"est mutant en leur dévorant le coeur la le mutant qu'il a attrapé na plus aucun pouvoir pour ce défendre pourca qu on fait appel a lui dans les légendes émoticône devil

Matthew Alban
11-12-2015, 11:03 PM
One day on Friday the 13th Darwin was doing a another test.And succeed to make the most powerful and fastest mutant. But then the mutant bite Darwin and made him the legend of Friday the 13th. But little did they know was that was Darwin's Twin brother David.So Darwin must find his brother to save his friend from danger from David
Now known as "The Hollow Miscreation'

11-12-2015, 11:34 PM
Here Eva !! for many years i Bring this Enchanted DNA Generator up and finish it i need someone to test this how about you ? the guy Darwin say to His Officer Eva but Eva just giggle and say to Darwin Hey Hey Darwin is this your joke huh ? you will failed to Flirt a ladies when you try to ask her to do this why don't you try for yourself first ? Eva answer make Darwin laugh and he say OK OK just teasing you Eva i will try it By my self ! but Enchanted DNA Generator is not complete yet and this Darwin toy turn him to a Beast after he's start the test

Kail Kartman
11-12-2015, 11:43 PM
While working at his lab like any other day, Darwin received the visit of a mutant time traveler, who was no other than a mutant version of himself that he would create in the future. Tired of having no fun or challenges, this mutant came to the past in hopes to find a tough opponent and have fun.

Jan Amador
11-12-2015, 11:56 PM
Darwin Bestian

Em mais um dia de trabalho no laboratório Darwin estava buscando criar novos combatentes para a Arena, e por um segundo ele imaginou como seria se ele mesmo fosse um mutante gladiador, foi daí que nasceu esse surpreendente mutante, que é um clone do próprio Darwin com melhoramentos genéticos, que cruzaram o DNA humano do clone com DNA animal

Isaac Hibben
11-13-2015, 12:21 AM
Urban wasn't the only one working on making a clone of himself. Fueled by the jealousy of love-hate relationship Urban had with Eva, Darwin had obtained some of the cloning schematics and he tried tweaking them for a different purpose; to make a better version of himself to win Eva's affection. He tried to add extra protein and a few speed orbs and couldn't wait and he had his mind transferred into the new body, not realizing extra protein also means extra hair. Darwin never really questioned the mysterious, shady figure that helped him move his mind into his new body...

Alexus Ligad
11-13-2015, 12:30 AM
One DAY darwin in his lab he tried to look in his research he got a idea to make a new DNA of a mutant but accident it the chemical of the DNA is fall and was broke the headset of darwin is was upgraded and darwin try to equip but he was transform into a warewolf

Adie Abd Gani
11-13-2015, 12:46 AM
Darwin was one of the former X-Men and he thought his nightmare already over after he found a cure for his curse. Never he thought that the cure actually only restrained the curse and make it even more stronger day by day. One night with full moon instantly transformed Darwin from his handsome self into this barbaric werewolf being. Darwin kind of torn down after he knew his cure isn't working out. Eva and the rest of the team managed to put him to sleep before he rampaged everything on the lab. Now, since Darwin able to control his transformation, he decided to take on a journey in the arena with the rest of the mutants and challenge everyone and see who is the real king of the arena.

Tullio Dasara
11-13-2015, 12:58 AM
direttamente dal lato oscuro della luna, dove i lupi ululano per rendere omaggio al loro dio, arriva il dna del lican supremo....
darwin innestandoselo a cambiato le regole del gioco elevandosi a dio supremo dell'arena..... l'apoteosi è iniziata.....

Lucie Naasti
11-13-2015, 01:38 AM
In an effort to challenge Baron Urban's cloning attempts, Darwin started experimentating late at night in the lab. But this time, he took his love for science a little too far.
Don't look him in the eyes, or be ready to fight the beastly spirit of Dr Darwin. If he transforms, you'd better hide!

(French version)
Dans l'espoir de rivaliser avec Baron Urban, Darwin s'est mis a travailler dans le labo tard le soir. Mais cette fois, son amour pour la science est allé trop loin.
Ne le regardez pas dans les yeux, a moins d'etre pret a affronter le sauvage Dr Darwin. S'il se transforme en Mister Hide, fuyez!

Rb Rb
11-13-2015, 01:39 AM
After Darwin and his team successfully subdue Urban from supplying a prison with scare bears; one of them bites Darwin. Now mutated Darwin decides to get revenge on Urban by becoming a Psy Captain all the while cloning his DNA in hopes that his clones can help Psy Captains defeat Urban’s forces.

Rb Rb
11-13-2015, 01:40 AM
good luck to everyone

Denny Zambrano
11-13-2015, 01:49 AM
It was a Thursday full moon night, darwin walked calm mind his lavoratori when he hears a noise and see q passed and was the mutant beast q abia escaped, drawin scared runs Tonce mutant beast realizes and avalansa where Darwin and bites in the neck after spending about 4 hours eva ba to look to Darwin and is turned into a mutant wolf eva orrible asutada go to the lab in darwin cobertido wolf eva persugue Intenda desifrar the antidote but can not find the cure for darwin darwin the wolf Tonce abalanso where the wolf and grasias eya amanezer Eva was safe.

Drago Megaman
11-13-2015, 01:49 AM
Darwin always wanted a successor to Neo Urban, the most powerful mutant ever created. He created this beastly mutant to take out his Evil Forces using a portion of his DNA. Thinking of fighting?....naah you'll lose it.

Drago Megaman
11-13-2015, 01:51 AM
My Facebook Id is - Dragomegaman. Hope you liked my opinion and reward me guys!!! XD

11-13-2015, 01:55 AM
This mutant was originally one of our scientists who was bringing in the laboratory of DNA samples zoomorph, before leaving for the holidays so many expectations, but for a series of unfortunate events his DNA is crossed with those standards. now his desire is revenge of what happened in the arena .. it succeeds?

Irving Ang
11-13-2015, 01:57 AM
Born from the very depths of the jungle when a meteoroid crashed on Earth, Darwin, who was collecting some specimens of the legendary Psychoboar struggles to keep himself from transforming to “full beast mode”. The device he created is the only thing standing in his way of unleashing his furiosity to anyone he meets. He helps the most honoured of Psy-Captains in the arena in return for Med Packs which he uses to experiment for a cure to rid him of his “insanity”.

Matheus De Souza
11-13-2015, 02:00 AM
Accidentally cage a beast breaks down, the beast maddened part to attack all the laboratory, then Darwin has no other choice but if transform into a beast and save his teammates, he puts on himself the mutalizador device, turning into the, Berserker Darwin ...
With its fury and strength he can defeat the terrible beast and saving everyone.
Enjoying the new power, he goes to the battlefields to explore the maximum of their potential.

11-13-2015, 02:08 AM
Darwin got tired of making mutants for us Psy-Captains,so why not be the most perfect ravenous mutant in the Arena? He injected himself genes from a Beast, and began morphing into....... something wild.

Franklin Stalin
11-13-2015, 02:35 AM
Darwin some models brightest scientists wanted to take their experiments a little beyond imagination but did not think it could happen , empeso been experimenting with human DNA to see if his new creation could exceed any mutant has ever created but their experiments did not fruits so experiment with your body and the result was amazing it was a stronger smarter more agile mutant than any other but her body as I can not stand the components that abian mutated empeso has weakened and almost take wing death , so I think a device I could aselerar the metavolismo of his body and has darwin haci manterner alive

Vince Leclerc
11-13-2015, 02:36 AM
After seeing Baron Urban and Eva fight in the arena as replicas of themselves, Darwin felt rather left out. So he decided to enter the game but didn't bother to create a replica of himself. Instead, he created a device that gave him superhuman strength, speed and ferociousness to wipe out the competion to prove that there is no better scientist than Darwin! You know what they say: If you want to get the job well done, you gotta do it yourself.
Après avoir vu Baron Urban et Éva combattre dans l'arène en tant que répliques d'eux-mêmes, Darwin se sentait plutôt mis de côté. Alors il décida de joindre la partie mais ne se cassa pas la tête à créer une réplique de lui-même. Alors il créa un appareil lui donnant une force, une vitesse et une férocité surhumaine pour écraser la compétition et montrer à tous qu'il n'y a pas meilleur scientifique que Darwin! Vous savez ce qu'on dit: Si tu veux un travail bien fait, on doit le faire soi-même.

Matt Brown
11-13-2015, 02:42 AM
It seems that now adays everyone has a mutant duplicate. So instead of just waiting for destiny to spark, Darwin went ahead and did a little sparking of his own. With his intense knowledge of mutants, he created the perfect beast that would crush any mutant in the arena and swoon the hearts of ladies. Who said a nerd is only as good as his tools.

Che Ahmad Fakhrullah
11-13-2015, 02:43 AM
One day I go to the jungle and i found a wolf.I be brave to fight it because that fight i was bitten by a wolf...and that because i become a werewolves...and now my name is...Death Wolf

ariel gonzalez b
11-13-2015, 02:45 AM
este mutante fue creado en reflejo al hombre lobo como sus garras y su pelo que le sale en su cuerpo
este habita en la noche al salir la luna se dice que una mordida de el te convierte en hombre lobo igual que el

Irving Perez
11-13-2015, 02:57 AM

Psy Captains, today we would like to invite you to write the biography of this upcoming mutant that you certainly recognize!

To be eligible to participate in this contest you need to follow these rules scrupulously:

You must submit only your own creations. Any evidence of plagiarism will result in disqualification.

Your submission should not exceed 300 characters (spaces included).

Creations have to be posted before: Sunday, 15th November 2015 at 11PM CET

The grand winner will have the opportunity to see his
biography implemented within the game upon the mutant's release.

We will then choose our 5 favorite submissions and reward the respective authors! [/B


[B]1st position:
500 Gold + The mutant on the release date + Biography in the game

2nd position: 500 Gold

3rd position: 400 Gold

4th and 5th position: 200 Gold

Every participant will receive a gift from the real Darwin!

Ready, Set, WRITE!
un dia de verano cuando una emulsión fue desatada sobre el pais, Darwin quizo hacer realidad su sueño de sentir las peleas muy serca y hizo lo impensable crear un dispositivo que lo volviera mutante, -cuando el pensaba que todo salio bien- Que error mas grande, el se trasformo en 2 darwin.... uno comun(humano) y un super mutante, que hasta la fecha de hoy anda en el bosque buscando a su otro yo.... uuuuu fin

ariel gonzalez b
11-13-2015, 03:27 AM
este mutante fue creado en reflejo al hombre lobo como sus garras y su pelo que le sale en su cuerpo
este habita en la noche al salir la luna se dice que una mordida de el te convierte en hombre lobo igual que el [/QUOTE]

Darl Xavier
11-13-2015, 04:06 AM
Darwin spliced one of his own genes and he was shocked by the results...Ferociously came the mutant going rampage in Darwin's lab and out through the woods. The mutant's only goal of accomplishing was to fine somebody like him.

11-13-2015, 04:23 AM
darwin has sought to make peace in the world so he decides to make a unique mutant. while he works. His laboratory exploded contain different types of DNA. He lost consciousness and awoke. He was shock because he was transformed into a monster, after a year he realized that he could use it to fight againts evil mutant

11-13-2015, 04:46 AM
Nobody knows about his secret. he's been keeping this all his life. being an offspring of a mutant and human.. Until one day. A terrible Accident Happened in Arena. It was triggered.. Everyone was shocked. His will is not enough to surpress the raging beast inside him. Mutants Scattered. The Arena was petrified of the berserking beast.

-Thank you i hope you like it. :) my name is Allen Lemoncito. thats my facebook account.

11-13-2015, 04:51 AM
Darwin try to make a new strong genes, but he made a mistakes. And this is the result!

Godwin D Victory
11-13-2015, 05:35 AM
Oh no, while trying to find a way of enhancing mutants natural abilities Darwin tested this device on himself. Now with enhanced mutant DNA in his blood he plans to leave no survivors in the arena. Do u think u can control Darwin add his wild transformation to your team today an wreak havoc in the arena.

Aravind Desikamani
11-13-2015, 06:10 AM
From the middle east, a mighty monkey was fused with a human by Darwin, but the result was this powerful creature

Kenneth Pocaigue
11-13-2015, 07:00 AM
Baron Urban's earliest cloning experiment created as a joking insult towards Darwin by combining his DNA with that of a lab monkey. A peculiar creature armed with incredible strength and intellect, yet amazingly short-sighted fascinations. It once got a hold of a price tagging device and wreaked havoc by inflation all across the Arena shops!

Gary Ng
11-13-2015, 07:04 AM
Seeing the threat that was Baron Urban, Darwin decided that it was time to end his evil plans. He tried to make a mutant out of the DNA of Big Foot. However, one of his hair entered the reactor and that monster was born. Possessing incredible strength, Darwin used a limiter to prevent it form becoming berserk.

Ricardo Mira Diaz
11-13-2015, 07:59 AM

Darwin was testing his latest invention, the Myogenetic Accelerator. A device which allowed the user to have accelerated muscle growth for enhanced physical performance. Darwin tested it on himself before he realized there were some traces of mutant DNA on the device it was already too late…

Yahali Segev
11-13-2015, 08:16 AM
Darwin was a mad scientist who turned fauna into gruesome creatures using a radioactive chemical. One day, he clumsily injected the chemical into himself and found himself to be a furious mutant! His chest-piece was his own creation; made to manually slows his heartbeat in case of a rage attack.

11-13-2015, 08:21 AM
darwin already made clones of eva and baron urban now he is experimenting on his genes making a beast type of himself and controlling it with a piece of device called (replonicator) to be abble to control its mutating state. that will sure to be competing in the arena and making his presence felt against the psy-captains

Arghyadeep Ghosh
11-13-2015, 08:23 AM
darwin used his gene to replicate as "Darwinoatant".but it made a failure. he then combined the genome with beast. under the circumstances a mutated beast-man thing came to life.it was ready to give a tremor in the arena.

Pongsathorn Supakosol
11-13-2015, 08:28 AM
Darwin the tourist who got plane crashed and fell in the radiation island . One day he explored this island and got exposure so he became powerful beast.

Awexome Danny
11-13-2015, 08:30 AM
Darwin invented a machine that could give him super hman powers but he accidentally used zoomorph gene instead of saber and here is the result. Now Darwin is causing a rampage in the arena.No one can stop him!

Yahali Segev
11-13-2015, 08:37 AM
Darwin was a mad scientist who turned fauna into gruesome creatures using a radioactive chemical. One day, he clumsily injected the chemical into himself and found himself to be a furious mutant! His chest-piece was his own creation; made to manually slows his heartbeat in case of a rage attack.

Teq Niche
11-13-2015, 09:40 AM
Unlike every other Mutant this fiery creature was born not bred during the rise of the red moon. Not a man turned werewolf but instead a Wolf turned Man. He is ready to climb to the top of the food chain and will tear everything apart to get there.

11-13-2015, 09:50 AM


11-13-2015, 09:51 AM
A Young Scientist Researched about a mutant called "Beast" , when he knew that the beast can defeat a warrior,He traveled in The Land of Amazonia To find the "Beast" and capture it. While he was on his way in the forest He Realize in his radar (Uhhmm Whats that in his chest?) that something or someone is following him he looked behind and saw the "Beast"!!. He ran fast as he can but the "Beast Caught him and bit him in his neck. The "Beast" ran away. After a few seconds he Felt that his body where getting bigger. And Finally he is now a mutant.

Thats it grin emoticon hope you considered my grammar :D xD haha

Lee Pretorius
11-13-2015, 10:00 AM
Darwin, as usual, was messing around in the labs when he decided to mix the Zoomorph and Buck Maurice genes to see what new mutant he could produce for the fighting arena. Voila... we have Wolverine without the blades.

Dereck Beaven
11-13-2015, 10:09 AM
Afther seeing Eva build her one mutant based on her DNA to compete with Baron Urban self efigy abomination, Darwin dessided he could do even better, Darwin way. He crossed Beast DNA with Mutosterone and pumped it to a clone of himself via a device he created called a Quantim Field Regulator, to create that unstopable brute force.

11-13-2015, 10:45 AM
When Darwin is conducting an experiment to make a new mutants. He was very tired and very thirst for a glass of water and accidentally potion she had prepared to make a new mutant mistakenly drink by Darwin slowly Darwin changed shape to shape resembles a vicious monkeys and become part of the experiment itself....

11-13-2015, 10:55 AM
He is the brother of darwin.He was envy on darwin that so smart than him.So he want to revenge Darwin and Kill the mutants created of Darwin.He invented the powerful weapon on his cheast that make him a beast.

Lance Lavz
11-13-2015, 11:39 AM
Darwin is making experiments right now but he decided to make a device which can turn him strong and speed he did it because he needs to face all the enemy who tries to kill him

Kyan Olaer
11-13-2015, 11:47 AM
darwin was doing his experiment about apes and the monkey's genes he was about to be shot to a robot for a new mutant. but the monkey jump right on darwins face and shot a thug outside the lab and thats how the mutant was created

Rosanne B Jabonga
11-13-2015, 12:41 PM
After Darwin accomplish all of mutant in Arena. He tried to find some recipes and other tools to make his own mutant. After 2 weeks the experiment blow out. After an hour ago he had headache and unconscious he tried to find what going on after 2 days many fur growing on his hands and other body parts he had a long nails and eva and baron goes to the lab and they see darwin eating some meat and had a wolf face. Darwin is now a hungry and angry beast. Eva decided to put darwin in the arena.

11-13-2015, 12:48 PM
Darwin a very smart scientist but always told that he was weak pathetic useless but they have pushed him to the limit enraging he experimented with extinct extinct wildlife to triumph the arena!

Fadi Brahem
11-13-2015, 01:15 PM
there is no denying ... darwin was jealous of baron urban and after hearing about his transformation to the unstabtable neo urban darwin tried the same thing to himself but the results were diffrent and here it is now ready to rock the arena

Lykhan Ebarita
11-13-2015, 01:19 PM
Darwin felt a little left out that Eva and Baron Urban had their own mutant counterparts, so he has made one for himself so he could join in the fun too!

Fadi Brahem
11-13-2015, 01:22 PM
people were getting more and more exciting about the new platinum ideas and darwin wanted to surprise them by introducing the platinum master splitter but his attempt was a failure and master splitter escaped from it s cage and he bitted darwin in his way out which turned him into the mutant that he is right now

Didin OneHeart FourYou
11-13-2015, 01:29 PM
Darwin was jealous of the new power eva. and he made himself as an experimental trial materials to create a very powerful force by combining his own DNA with the DNA of wolves. with the success of experiments he did, he got the human body half-wolf, a very powerful force and a body that is perfect for doing battle. Darwin shows the results of experiments he did himself the Eva and shows his new strength in the fight Mutants.

11-13-2015, 01:35 PM
Darwin studied the different types of the mutants until he went to the forest to get other mutant, when he saw a monkey eating a with his children ,he know that monkey is the king of the all monkey . He look for a place that he can hide to study this mutant. He found a baby monkey, he didn't know that baby monkey is the baby of the Monkey King. The Monkey King found Darwin tooked his son ,after that the Monkey King bit Darwin. Darwin escape from the Monkey King. Until the next day he evolves to a Monkey and the other scientist that found him, they call him Monkey Fist Darwin

Yuri Nazarene Baldemor
11-13-2015, 01:42 PM
When Darwin was experimenting with the Beast Gene,he was making another mutant,a mutant that could impress Eva....but Baron Urban knew this so he messed up something in Darwins lab and when Darwin was making the mutant,the incubator exploded,leaving open wounds to his skin and exposing his blood to the beast gene,as a result he became a Half Human Half beast....

Aniket S Patil
11-13-2015, 01:54 PM
Very few Knew About the work done by Darwin in his Lab. Entry of Eva's Replication was work put in reality by Darwin. Just as Eva's Replication this beast has showed up in the arena taking down some o the most powerful opponents. Trying to merge His own DNA with mutant DNA ended up in creating the fierce beast Ware-Darwin. This beast is not jus muscle, it has the speed & intellect to use attacks on every opponent he faces in the Arena. Darwin even sometimes is heard calling him Jr.

Rahul Mysore
11-13-2015, 02:19 PM
He was a very good scientist wandering from place to place to do experiments on new mutants.suddenly woke up on midnight and heard someone screaming . He went for rescuing the person and saw a lady sitting idle.he realised that was the evil mutant witch.then she cast a spell on him that no one could revoke and made him also a mutant.thus he was called darvidus

Adarsh A Seven
11-13-2015, 02:33 PM
When Darwin was testing a new time travel device, he accidentally went back in time and got stuck. He has now come back to the arena to show himself as the leader to all mutants. Then who is helping us? It seems Darwin created a robot just in case to take care of things in his place.

11-13-2015, 03:19 PM
A long ago.. a beast live in the woods with a lot of lunatic mutants everywhere.. with darwin help and others. They brought this creature in the lab for some experiment about it because it seems that this creature have potiential to create more and more mutants !!!

Elfrand Van Griff Pollatu
11-13-2015, 03:22 PM
Darwin wanted to create a mutant that is more powerful than the other mutants ever created. Eva had a mutant replicated herself and Baron Urban, too, so Darwin thinks what if he created a mutant who represents himself. So, prepare yourself to see the greatest mutant who would become the king of the arena, Darwin himself.

Fadi Brahem
11-13-2015, 03:36 PM
smarter yet stronger..... in his years of working in the genes manipulation darwin always wanted to create the ultimate mutant stronger faster smarter ..... then darwin thought that he could use his DNA in the process and here he is ..... knowing all his enemies weaknesses he is ready to crush his enemies

Andres Tobar
11-13-2015, 03:44 PM
darwin al ver el colosal poder de buranka decidio inyectarse su adn que solo le dio habilidades basicas y para aumentar su poder creo el amplificador de energia lo que le dio las habilidades aumentadas por 100 a comparacion del poderoso buranka pero con una mutacion tomo un poco de a forma de el y ahora no tiene miedo de entrar a la arena a acabar con todo aquel que se ponga en su contra

De Boeck Emilie
11-13-2015, 03:53 PM
mélange des gènes de Zoomorphe et de gènes de nécro se qui a donner un demi-homme demi loup-garou

Ayaan Pathan
11-13-2015, 04:47 PM
darwin had been studying gorilla sample for the new mutant therefore another researcher threw bomb at his lab so to protect himself
he injected that sample in his body which led to creation of this mutatant

Aryn Dana Bailey
11-13-2015, 06:01 PM
It was an accident, he claimed: an uncovered petri dish already primed with mutosterone and zoomorph DNA, a broken test tube, and a few drops of blood were all it took for Darwin to have his own monstrous rendition joining the ranks of mutants in the Arena. But maybe, he was just jealous of the fame Neo-Urban and Eva's Replication had gained.

11-13-2015, 06:24 PM
"this vacation sucks". With a new kind of mutated genes disk have been accidentally attach into the body of this crazy scientist, he change him self into a half-beast half-human. And now, beside a big brain, big muscle has been create.

Ed Lopez
11-13-2015, 06:41 PM
Luego de las historias facinantes que escucho darwin de las criaturas mágicas de los siglos XX decidio dar vida a su obsesión de niño usando su adn para crear al trolldarwin

Micha? Mym Mogi?ko
11-13-2015, 07:34 PM
After years spent in the lab Darwin became a victim of his own experiments. When he noticed his body is mutating he created a device which will help him cotrol his rage and make him even more powerful. Now he will compete in the Arena like any other mutant.

Cosmin Coteanu
11-13-2015, 07:34 PM
It is an experiment ferocious beast created by Darwin, he tried to create a mutant DNA and using him to defend all the Psy Captain of mutants created by Baron Urban.

Francesco Martinico
11-13-2015, 07:40 PM
History 1)
Darwin, had a younger brother (Dan), who helped him in an experiment to increase the power of the werewolf,
Sure to have quelled the werewolf Dan came too, and was bitten, He began to turn, but the transformation process was stopped by Darwin that he install a mechanism he invented, to block the multiplication of the werewolf gene, the result was the birth of DanWolf, the strength of a werewolf and inteligente of a scientist.

History 2)
Darwin wanted to create a warrior able to find Neo-Urban to help Captain-Spy,
So he decided to mix his personal DNA with the DNA of the werewolf.
He got so a warrior with the strength and the nose of a wolf, and the mind of a scientist. DanWolf, which runs the arena as a dangerous hunter!

Leo Masevski
11-13-2015, 08:39 PM
Darwin was doing a lot of experiments, but one day he discovered a strange type of energy in the arena. HE dig up into the ground and he found a strange green stone The MUTASTONE. While he was taking it back to his lab the stone cracket and it turn him into a Mutant :D Is it good

Francisc Adrian Craciun
11-13-2015, 08:45 PM
On a routine walk home from the laboratory, one of the strangest and most nerdy kids in the class was attacked by a werewolf. He'd seen enough movies to know that he'd have to be careful when a full moon came around and he purchased all the necessary locks and chains to keep himself in captivity. But nothing could hold him down, now he is freely hunting in the arena... be aware!

Juan Moreno
11-13-2015, 09:06 PM
It all started one day when Darwin began to see that the Urban Baron began to create new mutants with their own genetics to Darwin came up with the idea to do the same but with the same either to make their own cells and began to mutate Morphologically created its clones, but one day in the laboratory of Baron Urban and sabotage the mutant Darwin and when Darwin came when it was too late and Morpho Darwin was born this creature has the intelligence and wisdom of Darwin and the wickedness and aggressiveness of Baron Urban

Apple Alegre
11-13-2015, 09:20 PM
A Mutants Genetic Gladiator quest giver, A scientist and giving you a mission by completing a mutants crossbreeding namely Darwin. Generated his own blood to become a Strong, Powerful, Dangerous and wild like a Human Beast. Darwin realized that it is the time to know the determination and best strategies Psy Captains defeating him in Arena. Darwin willing to create more powerful characterize mutants will going to defend him if you will show and prove your a real Psy Captains defeat him in Arena.

Emanuel Volcan
11-13-2015, 09:36 PM
cansado de tanto crear en los laboratorios darwin se propuso ser superior a los mutantes que el mismo habia creado se inyecto un genoma de bestia ohhhhhhhhh surigo este increible mutante superior a todos pero que pasa darwin esta luchando contra el genoma de bestia por lo que la bestia se coloco una super bomba en caso de que lo quieran vencer este podria autosucidarse...... la mente de un genio con los poderes insorbitos de una bestia unidos ahora en la arena

Pedro Mendonça
11-13-2015, 09:46 PM
__________________________________________________ __________________________________

The lab's alarm echoed. A Beast had gone rogue. Having no choice, Darwin put on the experimental Enhancer, with Eva’s help. Activating it, Darwin gained super-human strength and saved the lab, but at a terrible cost: his DNA was restructured and his new form will surface every time he feels anger!
__________________________________________________ __________________________________

(that's 298 chars!)

Jad H. Rabadi
11-13-2015, 09:53 PM
wolves call him .......... .lost in the jungle when he was a child wolves found him but instead of killing him they
raised him,trained him to fight for them but he became so strong that wolves started to fear him so they kicked him out.
then he heard about the fights in the arena and with his abilities he set out to be the strongest of them all.

Nenger Plaza Villa
11-13-2015, 11:12 PM
Darwin despues de crear muchos mutantes muy fuertes tuvo la idea de crear un mutante mas fuerte y rapido , cruzo su ADN con uno de gen Zoomorfo para crear un darwin mejorado mucho mas fuerte que cualquier otro mutante de la arena.

Marius Ardelean
11-13-2015, 11:20 PM
While doing some cloning experiments with his own DNA, Darwin altered and improved his DNA and this is how this mutant came to be. Having both mind and physical power this mutant can be quite a challenge. This mutant is an "improved" version of Darwin.

Pedro Nunes
11-14-2015, 12:24 AM
Ryoka this is what he is after they have made more than 100,000 experiments and after seeing his entire family was killed by the Shinigami his brother , he decides to seek revenge on arena.E believe nothing can stop him.

Allgine Salazar
11-14-2015, 01:09 AM
When Darwin create of a many mutants. Darwin tried to become a mutant Darwin DNA was change and her body become bigger and stronger,and become rarely mutant. When Darwin fight in the arena Darwin was so very stronger of an other mutant her power is whimsical the six element was put on the big circle in their chest to become more power.

Sehun BD Byun
11-14-2015, 01:59 AM
When Darwin Is In The Lab He Experimented A Water That Can Transform Him Into A Beast. And He Drink It, After Few Minutes He Turn Into A Powerful Beast. And Fight In The Arena With His Powerful Attack

Ahmer Sarwari Qadri
11-14-2015, 03:38 AM
Drawin is living between the mutants and he knows they are stronger than him. He has to control them all, as to be in control and more stronger against the mutants so they will not disobey him in this fear and to be in power he decided to experiment on himself and now he is in full power and ruler of the arena.

Matthew Deeds
11-14-2015, 04:25 AM
After many years of creating the greatest gladiators known to man, Darwin has finally unveiled his newest creation. After working on a saber mutant a strand of his hair got mixed in and the true beast has awoken! Now take this beast in the lab straight into the arena to show the others who the true Alpha really is.

11-14-2015, 04:31 AM
La arena no ha visto nada parecido, bien es cierto que los mas brutales y ágiles mutantes han pasado por ella pero ninguno como Darwolfin quien además de filosas garras y su ferocidad animal posee un elevado IQ que le permite estar un paso delante de sus contrincantes. ¿que de dónde salió tan formidable criatura? algunos datos hackeados del laboratorio de Darwin insinúan que ante la escases de ADN fresco Darwin decidió usar un poco del suyo pero la inestabilidad del producto hace necesario que reciba permanentemente dosis de mutosterona directo en su corazón por lo que se encuentra obligado a vencer en la arena para conseguirla. si es cierta o no esta historia poco importa; el solo verlo moverse en la arena le resta importancia a su dudoso origen.

Viktor Kuzmin
11-14-2015, 04:34 AM
Darwin once went near the cage of animals. And noticed that they're hiding something. Once, when all the animals fell asleep he quickly walked over and looked. There was a strange device. He decided to begin study of this unit and accidentally tripped over the step. Now he had a double-mutant which was ruthless.

11-14-2015, 04:43 AM
A Day Darwin walked through the jungle with his translator animal voices and said it should be more wild, he returned to his laboratory and made a potion to become beast. And from that day Darwin making more contact with the sand

11-14-2015, 04:48 AM
A Day Darwin walked through the jungle with his translator animal voices and said it should be more wild, he returned to his laboratory and made a potion to become beast. And from that day Darwin making more contact with the sand

11-14-2015, 05:31 AM
While Darwin was examining all the mutants he had created over the years, a crazy idea popped in his head. He wanted to make a mutant that duplicated himself. He decided to create a clone and then experiment on it. After several tries, Darwin had finally made the perfect creature representing his more aggressive side. Now ready to beat down any mutant in the arena, it is ready to kill anything in its path.

Franco Isas
11-14-2015, 07:19 AM
"¿Y por què no?" Esa fue la pregunta que llevó a Darwin a extraer un poco de su ADN y a combinarlo con el de diferentes bestias por demás peligrosas para crear su propio clon y así estar a la altura de Eva y Urban y participar de ese modo en la arena. El resultado fue un éxito, salvo un pequeño detalle, su comportamiemto impredecible lo cual lo obligó a implantarle un dispositivo que lo mantendría bajo control. Al enterarse, Eva ordenó a Darwin deshacerse de su clon, pero él tiene otros planes, demostrar lo que vale su creación mediante la arena de batalla.

Chelsea Jordan
11-14-2015, 07:23 AM
Darwin was a normal guy that was happily married to a mad scientist and didn't know.
He went to the doctor and found out that he had a week to live! He told his wife and it made her furious about the doctors not being able to save her husbands life. so she took it into her own hands she spliced the DNA from a wolf and took some of her husbands blood to see if it could save his life! It would work so she told him to come to her job and she put their DNA together and it went horribly wrong she didn't expect him to turn into a werewolf now he is a minis to Mutants everywhere!!!!!!! WATCH OUT MUTANTS...............

Faizz Annazz
11-14-2015, 08:03 AM
One day, darwin go to the lab. he tested the manufacture of a new mutant. but without his knowledge he was exposed to the radiation. then he was exposed to the effect that becomes a mutant

Jeff R Hall
11-14-2015, 08:14 AM
After an evening of Universal horror movie (On Halloween no less!) Darwin was inspired to bring about his own Psy-Combat Werewolf.

Alex SC
11-14-2015, 08:53 AM
It was a simple man who was doing bad things . In a day he decided to robe Darwin lab he found gold, mutants and a lot of thing . On a table was something secret . He get it and put it on himself then he fainted . When Darwin arrive he found it . The man was looking like a zoomorph . Darwin get him and put it in incubator . Then he realised he did a new mutant...

11-14-2015, 08:59 AM
Darwin was a md scientist who turned fauna into gruesome creatures using a radioactive chemical.
one day, he clumsily injected the chemical into him self and found himself to be a furious mutant!
his chest-piece was his own creation; made to manually slows his heartbeat in case of rage attack.

Serg Paladiychuk
11-14-2015, 09:02 AM
In youth Darwin was a nerd, but a genius. And like all the nerds, Darwin had no friends. So he decided to create a friend in him likeness. He is not got. But he created "IndomiDarw"-Indomitable Darwin. He made a whip of future genetic gladiator arena...and now is the time to show it to the world!

Shaheer Ahmed
11-14-2015, 09:07 AM
One Day in the lab Darwin was experimenting with werewolf genetics but he had an idea and mixed his own DNA and the results were outstanding. Darwolf was born seeking to please his creator by finishing every mutant in the arena to prove he is his best creation yet.

Arung syahbana as-sahra
11-14-2015, 10:41 AM
No body Know Where He get His Mutated Skill Bonding With An Animal This Human Lost His Confidence aan turn into one of the But When His Facing Enemy The Enemy Just Gonna Get Disappear Because Terrified Of his Mutated

Palaparthy Vishal
11-14-2015, 10:46 AM
when darwin was searching for animals dna in forest he seen a dying red wolf and collected its dna samples and mixed it with human dna which eventually led to this mutant creation

Tpi Lazzari
11-14-2015, 11:56 AM
Darwin, fighter recognized worldwide , was wounded by a werewolf during the famous tournament transylvania.the lycantrope gene mute in his blood and darwin be stronger and i think unbeattable.A mutant to have in your team if you want be one of the best team. Bloady wolf is now his fighter's name.

Faizal Fegi
11-14-2015, 12:23 PM
When darwin is working to create a new mutants with creatures that can issue a strength that has never been thought of before. But when doing the final stages of him experiment failed and fluids used darwin exploded and hit it. And now darwin become monsters ready to fight in arena.

Adem Gedik
11-14-2015, 01:36 PM

For years, he tried to say that people came from apes. But everyone has ridiculed him. And finally he came to the Arena to take a revenge.


Obreja Dragos
11-14-2015, 03:03 PM
When Darwin saw one day Eva's Replication, he was pretty happy of what he created, but he was jealous to. So he decided to put his DNA in a mixture of a Zoomorph and Cyber gene, he saw how the entity was created fast but it escaped from the Incubator, destroing everything in it's path. Darwolf, that's how he named it, and from that day he tried to get it back in the lab. To late, Urban got his hands on it, using it in his evil horde of mutants.

Rahul Verma
11-14-2015, 04:01 PM
While Darwin was upgrading his lab and making new mutants, he thought that by mixing zoomorph gene tube and saber gene tube. He upgraded a new development that can make any animal as a WEREMUTANT!!!... He made this experiment to face neo-urban XIII. He was putting that formulae on a baby lion DNA. Then something crashed in the experiment and in place of lion DNA he accidentally put the formulae on his hand.Then AHHHHHHHHHHH......... he shouted and fainted. After that whenever he sees Neo-Urban or his experiments he becomes Weremutanist. So, be careful there's a beast behind you.............

Ean Rogers
11-14-2015, 04:10 PM
Did you know alternate realities really do exist! Darwin does. In an alternate reality Darwin suffered an injury to his chest and decided to use mutant DNA to heal it. It worked, too well. Before he knew it he was growing larger, stronger, and more aggressive. Still the science wiz, Darwin experimented with several devices to regain his humanity, what he found was a portal to our dimension. Now he has come to fight in the arena to prove himself the greatest Darwin of all times!

Ronald Hines
11-14-2015, 05:53 PM
To make the ultimate mutant Darwin realized it had to be as intelligent as it was strong. Eva's and Urban's cloned mutants proved the host DNA would always be dominant so Darwin created a device to temporarily splice his DNA with that of some fearsome mutants, so he could finally help in the ring.

11-14-2015, 07:17 PM
He was once a tourist, on vacation, taking pictures on his visit to New Mexico. A full moon had risen transforming him along with his camera into the evil creature he is today. Lesson to be learned: never take a camera out during a full moon.

Jorgiis Dri
11-14-2015, 07:18 PM
I hope you like

discovered in the holiday eve .
Wolf has fasted all the qualities of a zoomorphic
willing to derotar all mutants in their path and
show that nothing and nobody can beat .

Rory Binns
11-14-2015, 09:27 PM
after helping eva with a mutants genetic codes darwin realized there was some the slime on his arm he quickly wiped it off and took his jacket of but he started feeling strange tingles run through his body so he rushed to the bathroom to get some water when he saw himself in the mirror his hair got long and his ears got all pointy he felt his arms expand into great muscles so he went to the lab to get a heart stabilizer to keep himself from getting to far into the transformation eva saw darwin and told him that if he wanted that he could fight in the arena and said yes.... so look out players there's a new cat on the street.

Adriano Dias
11-14-2015, 11:01 PM
Darwin scientist to engage further in the world of genetic mutants, created a strong new similar mutant man and bear, including its own characteristics on it. He was named Fur Red.
In a way, Darwin, will not be just imagining inside an arena, now a part of him should survive them.

forgive my poor English, I learned with google translator.

MagicMan Octav
11-14-2015, 11:42 PM
After Eva started to lose her powers , Darwin soon realized that it is possible for Urban to have his way eventually. Strategy is needed. Enter the "Wild Thing" .Brute force for the arena and zoomorph look not to raise suspicions.He is to infiltrate behind enemy lines and wait for the perfect moment to strike.

11-15-2015, 04:57 AM
One day Darwin got tired of splicing mutants for Psy-Captains,so he tried to take a nap but his mind is fully set for breeding mutants and he can't get to sleep.He tried counting sheeps but this only makes him awake, so he imagined himself as a man-wolf chasing the herd.

Tushar Aryan
11-15-2015, 06:23 AM
He was the best genetic experiment scientist, but someone was really jealous of him wanted to take over him.
So he planned and gave him a dose of mutants gene. Moment later darwin transformed,seeing this drastic change he vanished
But now he is back to become the best and take his revenge.

Jesus Sanchez
11-15-2015, 06:59 AM
Darwin un respetable científico, en una ocasión tuvo una gran racha de derrotas por lo que decidió crear un artefacto el cual dotara a cualquier creatura de un poder nunca antes visto, trabajo día y noche sin descanso, germinando en el la semilla de la locura, eso fue lo que lo orillo a que usara el artefacto en sí mismo, dando como resultado que sus niveles de mutosterone aumentaran radicalmente, provocando un crecimiento folicular excesivo, añadiendo una hipertrofia muscular, conservo su inteligencia y astucia pero se le agregó una gran sed de combates, desde que entro a la arena se ha ganado el respeto de todos los mutantes, ¿te atreverías a tener a esta creatura?, antes de responder esto recuerda algún día fue tu amigo.

Yuki Chi
11-15-2015, 08:09 AM
Darwins Bio:

"By the shadow of a cloudy night. A curse was casted into the night. As sweet as sugar, and spice that fright with mixture of chemicals the curse was right. As young scientist Darwin was experimenting that night, he thought of something great and bright. As he stared to do his bide, alas a red smoke covered him so tight, he fought with all his might. Yet as the spell covered him, his body change to grim. As the curse was lifted into the night, young scientist Darwin howled into the moonlight night."
(=198 words including the dots and spaces :3)

or either this one

"Young scientist Darwin was experimenting that night, he thought of something great and bright, but slowly and shurley it wasn't right. As sweet as sugar, and spice that fright with mixture of chemicals, he thought the mixture was right. But alas the mixture huffed and puffed, as red smoke covered him in a blast, he fought and fought but he cannot win. As smoke covered him, changing him into grim. As the smoke was lifted into the night, young scientist Darwin howled into the moonlight night."
(=185 or 186 i guess? words including dots and spaces :3)

I did not include the " though.....

Hope you like it :3

Sa Hul
11-15-2015, 09:03 AM
One day,Darwin come to give The MonkeyKing an XPJar but the MonkeyKing bite Darwin and Inflict a Virus to her Body And then Darwin evolved to SuperSaiyan .. jajaja... xD

11-15-2015, 10:31 AM
Once uppon a time there was a scientist named darwin ...In the morning Darwin go to his Lab ang begin for an experiment ...When Darwin Finish for his experiment he tried to wear it on his self..... Darwin didnt expect that he cant controll his self when he will wear it ......Darwin was transformed to a Beast Form(RoaaaaaR).....Darwin Broked all of his experiment ....and Darwin became a Beast cuz his brain was control on his own cyber experiment that can make a HUMAN TO A BEAST FORM ----

Story Of Mee Gee Jovar Paule .... :) xD

Yuri Nazarene Baldemor
11-15-2015, 11:14 AM
After Urban's mutant And Eva's was created Darwin did'nt want to be left out,so he got his DNA and the Beast Gene mixed,other than that he also mixed big shots of mutosterone hoping he's mutant will be stronger than Urban's,and to also impress Eva,but it resulted to this.

Ricardo Ferreira
11-15-2015, 12:55 PM
When the lab was attacked, Darwin got scratched trying to save his experiments.
His heart racing, he fought Baron's werewolf lackey.
Darwin had become a werewolf. Kept lucid by his higher intellect, he created a capacitor enabling him to transform at will, taking his research onto the arena!

Gde Gita Bharadwaja
11-15-2015, 03:07 PM
Why Darwin draping his headphone instead of use it? Darwin's secret revealed when mutant's world threatened by the greed of Urban's clone, Could darwin's mutation safe the mutant's world?

Thanks for making this event, Kabojo

Serg Paladiychuk
11-15-2015, 03:23 PM
Guys do not forget that your story can hold a maximum of 300 characters, but otherwise anyone could write a "masterpiece of Shakespeare" :angry:

Dev Anmol
11-15-2015, 05:27 PM
once a glubber was trying to copy beast when darwin accidently stepped in the glubber got confused and formed darewolf this mutant went on biting and changing them into dare wolf

Bassem Bosha
11-15-2015, 07:07 PM
Darwin was the main reason for the emergence of a new dawn in genetics and genetic draw maps of all types of living life as human beings even microorganisms . Since the publication of Darwin's Origin of Species book proceeded all the scientists in the design and planning and the discovery of life forms and manifestations , including the evolutionary it did not occur to his theory Derwin.ohdtt coup in other sciences

Bogdan Al Petcu
11-15-2015, 09:50 PM
The young Darwin decided one day to create the most powerful creature which would fight for justice after his dawn. Not knowing what genes to use, he thought of “correcting” his own DNA. Darwin was excited to see his new power. He left the lab and started wander in the hoods seeking for blood.

Yuki Chi
11-16-2015, 03:49 AM
Guys do not forget that your story can hold a maximum of 300 characters, but otherwise anyone could write a "masterpiece of Shakespeare" :angry:

If your implying to my work both story doesn't reach 300 at all.

Serg Paladiychuk
11-16-2015, 08:20 AM
Do not panic you, I just remind everyone, just in case.:D

JF Ochea
11-16-2015, 09:35 AM
In Darwin's case he mutated man and a wolf. Instead of mutating an werewolf ha mutated it a man and a wolf that their genes will be the same but the wolf's only attitude it is got and a body of a man but its broke up to the lab so Darwin made an instrument where they can control it and that thing is in its body now.So Darwin introduce it to the arena as a new mutated mutant and its sharp claws it can slice an body of an opponent and an raging eye brows that can freaked out the opponents.

Arthur Paul Esmilla
11-16-2015, 10:46 AM
Darwin was looking for a new type of gene he can experimenting then suddenly he came across a jar that has strand of unknown material so he experimented with it and was able to create a new mutant but he suddenly realized that he doesn't have a subject so he made a clone of himself and the clone will be his subject after few tries he was able to make it perfect he created Darwolf a mutant that has the same power as Britany he had one spread attack and one normal attack he has speed of 10.5 and life of 2300

Yuki Chi
11-16-2015, 11:49 AM
OMG when will they tell whose the winner the waiting is killing me hahahaha Hope to be at least top 5 just to get those gold, its going to be a great help 4 me :3 Hope the odds in your favor guys. Good luck!!!!

11-16-2015, 11:54 AM
Hi. it was posted in the contest that the winners would be revealed at 11pm on the fifteenth. its now the sixteenth. is there a reason for the delay? I dont mean to complain, but it does inconvinience me a little. please post soon. thanks.

Micha? Mym Mogi?ko
11-16-2015, 01:42 PM
Hi. it was posted in the contest that the winners would be revealed at 11pm on the fifteenth. its now the sixteenth. is there a reason for the delay? I dont mean to complain, but it does inconvinience me a little. please post soon. thanks.

Acually its said that Creations have to be posted before that date, winners will be revealed later (usualy few days later)

Yuki Chi
11-16-2015, 01:53 PM
Acually its said that Creations have to be posted before that date, winners will be revealed later (usualy few days later)

Good to know :3

11-17-2015, 01:52 AM
i wrote the story but i didnt get any reward till now :(

Yuki Chi
11-17-2015, 07:58 AM
i wrote the story but i didnt get any reward till now :(
If you had read the post before me he said I quote "that the winners will be revealed later (usualy few days later)" un-quote. So lets just wait patiently. Doesn't mean you posted your story you'll get the participating price directly. They are still reading all the stories looking for the the best that's why they are quite delayed....After all many did participate....Hope you the best :3

Hisham Sayd
11-17-2015, 10:12 AM
he was a very curious scientist he would jump onto anything.He had hundreds of mutant DNA.he once went to get the DNA of an unknown mutant while he got bite from it.With great difficulty he made it to his lab and tried to take the life serum but he took the DNA of mutant and drank since then he was a mutant

Adrian Procells
11-18-2015, 01:11 PM
mutant style well done for the game deserves Cartoonist

Igor Urban Karan
11-20-2015, 06:52 PM
One day Darwin was trying to create the werewolf mutant he tried to make it but he always failed one time laser hit him and nothing happened but every time he is angry he will transform to big angry werewolf that is ready to beat all enemies in the arena

11-21-2015, 04:17 AM

Psy Captains, today we would like to invite you to write the biography of this upcoming mutant that you certainly recognize!

To be eligible to participate in this contest you need to follow these rules scrupulously:

You must submit only your own creations. Any evidence of plagiarism will result in disqualification.

Your submission should not exceed 300 characters (spaces included).

Creations have to be posted before: Sunday, 15th November 2015 at 11PM CET

The grand winner will have the opportunity to see his
biography implemented within the game upon the mutant's release.

We will then choose our 5 favorite submissions and reward the respective authors! [/B


[B]1st position:
500 Gold + The mutant on the release date + Biography in the game

2nd position: 500 Gold

3rd position: 400 Gold

4th and 5th position: 200 Gold

Every participant will receive a gift from the real Darwin!

Ready, Set, WRITE!

darwin despues de haber hibridado a muchos mutantes con adn de psico-capitanes y de muchos mutantes más penso que seria una buena idea llevar a la arena un mutante de el mismo en la arena porque creyo que un mutante igual a el seria una buena idea mezclando asi mismo la fuerza y la inteligencia en un solo mutante y lo mas mejor una que se pareciera él. Y por esas mismas ideas decidio extraer sus propios adns algo que el creyo muy peligroso pero que valdria la pena para un cientifico destacado como darwin

Ademar Chura
09-30-2016, 02:02 AM
darwin quizo que un clon suyo estuviera en la arena , asi que experimento con su adn y de alli salio este mutante sumamente poderoso , este mutante busca demostrar a todos que el es el mejor en la arena

10-25-2016, 01:13 PM
Darwin was a scientist he created many mutants but he is not satisfied with the result so he think of making a mutant using his own DNA and expecting of the strongest mutant and the most intelligent of all species in the world and so starting with his experiment someting went wrong so in his experiment his heart were damage so he couldn't survive anymore so he created an artificial heart using our cyber technology and his intelligent and BOOM........a gorilla like person come out but he know that it was him and so he call himself cyberdarwin coming from the word cyber means relating of something about network and darwin his name.

Alonso Cortez Mesias
10-25-2016, 04:11 PM
Un día como hoy Darwin estaba hibridando Mutantes Como de costumbre de Cuando de pronto Escucha un ruido ... Algo extraño Esta Pasando LUEGO Otro ruido Y OTRO Y OTRO !!!! Hasta Que El Centro de Hibridación Estallo Dejando caos Alrededor !!!
Convirtiendo Así Darwin En un FEROZ MUTANTE Cual le ayuda en la Arena para combatir el Mal ...

Roman Hernandez
11-04-2016, 11:12 PM
Darwin quería crear un mutante especial intento pero fallo entonces Darwin puso Adn sullo y el de otro mutante lo que abia creado era un mutante parecido a el pero mu foros dispuesto a despedazar todo lo que se le pusiera en frente

Agil Mukti Setiawan
01-02-2017, 04:58 AM
its Darwin :After years spent in the lab,Darwin became a victim of his own experiments.When he noticed that his body was mutating he created a device to help him control his rage.Now he will compete in the arena like any other mutant.

Alex Barbosa
02-23-2017, 01:57 AM
Darwin estava em seu laboratório quando de repente Baron Urban invade seu laboratorio e desmaia Darwin e injeta DNA mutante em Darwin agora ele vaga pelas arenas procurando uma cura