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Jared Franke
12-05-2015, 07:31 PM
Ok so i am a little bit mad because i am evo 35 fame 110 and when in the pvp i go against people with 3 platinum mutants and there total mutant level together with all three mutants are 30 to 40 levels higher than me. I used to go against people that are the same level as me and now i hardly ever win a pvp fight unless i have a very good Britney tag-team, even then i hardly get to win. The only platinum mutants that i have are the platinum honey bunny and the platinum behemoth both are bad for pvp cause the behemoth gets targeted and the other mutants get one shot by all the other platinum mutants.

Please fix and make pvp more fair like if i don't have 3 platinum mutants then i dont fight against 3. And if i have 0 while pvping then i don't fight any platinum mutants.

12-08-2015, 04:58 PM
What is going on with the PVP lately? I'm getting to fight people with up to 50 levels above me. Last match i had two of my mutants were killed by retaliate alone. What the hell is going on?

Kenneth Pocaigue
12-09-2015, 12:10 PM
Sucks.... all I can say is expand your mutant collection so that you can have more variety to choose from when taking on tough opponents.. the risk is small when fighting higher people... the reward is great.. So generally it is better to seek strong opponents with higher star ratings so that you have a chance at MUCH better points... Also.. Behemoth is actually very strong in PvP, probably one of the scariest things you could go up against, and one of the few mutants that can be your saving grace against heavily stacked teams.. Get a Shellshock, and work that up to platinum.. Tengu is an easy legend to get that just takes a bit of time... Work on him too.. Tengu+Shellshock and any mutant with great speed can net you a lot of wins and answer a LOT of teams reliably.. so work on those to get better. Behemoth is amazing, you just need to learn how PvP A.I. works to get over his speed flaw.