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Joseph Foster
01-02-2014, 03:04 AM
currently mutants have a good async (not everyone online) pvp system. how about adding another module for sync pvp (for players online)
This is a suggestion about adding a new pvp mode entirely?
(Note - obviously this isnt a quick idea like a new mutant)

Outside of the formal competition is Dr Marous island, a billionaire playbox with cash to spend and a passion for genetic tournaments. On his island are regions out aside for aspiring psy-captians to pit their wills in real time against other psy captains

Game Mechanics:

Choose three mutants (defense team?) and fly to island (ie visit tag partner plane amination)
Choose a map (total players on a map is limited for performance) for real time battle
(in future this can support teams and alliances)
The map opens on a hexagonal grid. You move with a speed relative to the average of all 3 mutants in your team
When 2 teams are nest to each other they auto-fight (normal mutants fight system)
The map has a safe area, if you lose all health you go back to the safe area
There can be random health pickups dropped in the map

Rationale for idea:
what we are missing is any real player vs player contact so how about a pvp where players can go head to head?
select your defense team and enter the competition/battle region- you see your team and can move around the map
kobojo wins as it encourages players to be online more

some options / ideas :
--this map system could support different challenge types, eg:

two tribes - all players are put into one of two tribes (blue team and red team). winner is team that defeats all opposing team
(again 2 teams)get the flags - get 2 flags from enemy safe zone into yours. winner is 1st to have all flags. can ony carry 1 flag at a time
domination - click to 'dominate' a hexagon (you must be on it). All stats are weakaned by 40% while dominating. After time elapsed, the hexagon is coloured as your piece. Get +10% bonus for defending onyour color. dominating someone elses colour returns it to neutral

--safe zone in bottom left corner (cant be attacked there)
--different terrain types have different movement penalties. Faster mutants gets a few more movement points per day
--you can click on a player to see their strength
--You could create in-map teams for balancing - if theres a powerful player, 2 weaker players can cerate a team and work together
get exp bonus for these fights.
--You auto attack when 2 players are next to each other unless you are in each others 'tag' / friends list

screen shots:
perhaps have little representations of the mutants on the disk?

zomming into the map: