View Full Version : Explanation for new PVP system

Kerim Kova?
01-03-2014, 11:18 AM
It took me a while to fully understand it but it goes like this:
-If your opponent has at least one bronze mutant his star bar will be just a slightly filled by just one section not fully up to the bronze star on STAR METER
If he has three bronze mutants it will be filled up to the bronze star,This can also mean that he could have one Gold mutant,while other two mutants are normal,or it could mean that he have one silver star mutant and one bronze it's pretty easy to understand.
If your opponent has a full STAR BAR that means he has three gold mutants and thats the only possible outcome.
If the STAR BAR is up to Silver star it could mean he has at least 2 gold one normal,3 silver etc etc...
It's all about mathematics