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Damian Van Selm
01-04-2014, 05:22 PM
I have a lot of ideas and most of them will probably seem ridiculous or absurd but I will try my absolute best to argue both sides and present them in a way so that all of the variables will been presented.
In other words, I know that these aren't perfect. But, they seem to be a common thought among players. So some of these will be my own ideas, some will be the ideas of others mashed together to form a better argument. Of course I would like input from all of you. This is your game as well, so feel free to say what you like, dislike or couldn’t care less about.
1# Dark Stars - Some of the more recent threads I have read through talked about new Stars to improve Mutants further. I will be the first to state that Mutants DOES NOT need ANY new Stars that make Mutants stronger than the Gold Star already does. It would make PVP a whole lot harder for everyone who is not a Pocket Warrior seeing as the only way to distribute these more powerful Stars would be through the shop. What I am suggesting is something I noticed about the games themselves. In the storyline, the biggest, baddest, most awesome looking Mutants are the Bosses at the end of each round. And these are the only Mutant Versions that are (currently) unobtainable. So, why not let us have the option of getting these versions of those Mutants? Now I know it would be far easier to create a Reactor for them, but I think being able to get Dark Stars, which allow certain Mutants to be bred as these Boss Versions, would be far better. It wouldn’t need to be that much more powerful than a Gold Star. Maybe even equal to a Gold Star, just a different skin. If it has to be different, make it either 80% (5% stronger than Gold) or make it weaker than Gold at 50% or 60%. If these Boss versions could only be bred by using a normal version of that Mutant and another Mutant who shares a gene with that Mutant (like the Legendary or PVE Prize Mutants), it would work out quite well.
2# Storage Unit – I haven’t seen any posts about this so if someone else had this idea first, I apologize. I am, first and foremost, a collector or Mutants. I don’t particularly mind not getting higher than Expert rank in the PVP as long as I can get the Mutant for that Tournament. However, judging from posts I have seen, other people are experiencing the pressure of lack of floor space as much as I am. If you are a collector like me, than you know that to obtain every version of every Mutant is impossible. There is simply not enough room for them all, even if you have no duplicates whatsoever. So, I suggest a Storage Unit that can hold all of the Mutants we probably won’t use again but want to keep anyway. For instance, in the space of two days I bred a Bronze and then a Silver Deux Machina. Now, I am not ever going to use that Bronze Machina, because I have the Silver, which is far stronger, but if I sell it, I lose the Bronze Mutopedia entry, which I do want. A storage unit is perfect. Being able to compare various version of Mutants is one of my favourite things to do to waste time while I wait for campaign passes to replenish or Tags to reload. It saves us space and the game developers will then not have to code in more floor space for us to buy at increasingly higher costs.
3# The Pedestal – Tag Teams. It can make or break a well-tuned strategy, causing an amazing victory, or a savage and infuriating defeat. Many, if not most of the posts I have read have complained about Tag Teams being unpredictable and that some way to tell what Mutant is the Tag should be implemented. The Pedestal would be a single raised square, just big enough for one Mutant to stand upon. Then, if you wanted to know what one of your friends Tag Team Mutant was, you can simply visit their Rooftop and check which Mutant was on their Pedastal. The Mutant on the Pedestal would not generate credit, but it could be used in any battle that the owner needed it to. It would behave exactly like any other Mutant, except it would always be the Mutant that was sent to bail your Friend out in a crisis.
4# New Genes – And let the complaints come rushing in! I know perfectly well that this is impractical. It is ridiculous. Impossible. Foolish. Wishful thinking. Believe me, I have read most, if not all of the posts on new genes for Mutants. And I have read, understood and empathised with the replies. I realize that it would make the game staggeringly hard. It would change so much, so quickly and in such a massive way. But don’t tell me that somewhere in the back of your mind, you haven’t also felt the thrill of “What if?” What if Kubojo DID bring out new Genes. What would they be? What new Mutants would they make? Could current Mutants also fit in with the new Genes? Would certain Mutants lose one Gene to be replaced by a new one? And how the Hell would the “Strength and Weakness” wheel even work? Well, if Kubojo did bring out new Genes, or were thinking of doing so, some available ideas wouldn’t hurt, would they? For instance, an Avian Gene would be good. Think about it. Phoenix, the Mystic-Avian; Vulture, the Avian-Necro. Not to mention that Horus could easily become an Avian-Saber and Captain Peace could become a Saber-Avian. It would mess up the Correct Parents part but still. Or Icthys (fish)? Can you imagine a massive rotting Jaws as a Icthys-Necro? Or Neptune as a Mystic-Icthys? And Shell Shock is based off of a Kaiiju from “Pacific Rim” so it could become a Galactic-Icthys or Zoomorph-Icthys or any other combination or those. Or even Insecta. There are so many Insect or Arachnid-based Mutants, like Beetle Bot, Parasite Queen, Arachno, even Xenos and Cancernia that they would be spoiled for choice. But still, Kobojo has stated that they won’t be bringing out any new genes any time soon so this is probably just a pleasant fantasy.
5# Titles – Now this one is even more of a long shot than new Genes. What I am referring to is a new system that would make it easier to buy or otherwise obtain Mutants, Stars, Boosts etc. These would have to be extremely difficult to unlock and very expensive to change. I am saying that you may choose one of these, but then you are stuck with it unless you are willing to pay a huge amount of Gold to change them.
To unlock them, you would have to have entered five separate PVP events and finished in Expert Rank or higher. After that, there would be various tasks you would have to complete in order to unlock each individual Title. Here are some examples.
Competitor – Unlock: Finish one PVP event in Grandmaster Rank and complete one PVE event. This Title causes Boosts that affect battles, like Critical Strike to last slightly longer, upgrading of the Evolution Centre costs 10% less, reusing Tag Team attacks costs 50% less
Collector – Unlock: Obtain every breedable mutant except for Legendary and Prize Mutants (meaning you just have to have the Mutopedia entry of every Mutant you can breed except Legendary or Prizes or Zodiacs) and have every Version of one Mutant. (Eg Normal, Bronze, Silver and Gold)This Title causes the Breeding Centre and Incubator to cost 20% less to upgrade and chances of breeding Versions of Mutants you don’t already have are increased. Floor spaces cost 10% less
Gambler – Unlock: Win at least one Mutant in the Slots and complete one group in the Mutant Reactor. This Title allows 20% off when using Gold on the Mutant Reactor and 50% off when using Gold on the Slots.
Hard Worker – Unlock: Complete all 7 Achievements at the end of the Achievement list. This Title bestows an extra Magnetic Key at the start of each day
Merchant – Unlock: Complete Final Achievement for sending Gifts. This Title allows the shop to supply a discount of 10% on everything they have in stock
Star Gazer – Unlock: Have 5 or more Zodiac mutants. This Title causes all Stars to cost 5% less and all Zodiac mutants to cost 15% less
Legend Maker – Unlock: Have 5 or more Legendary Mutants with at least 3 Elite Versions of those Mutants. This Title allows Legendary Mutants to be sold at 15% less and bestows a higher chance of breeding their Elite versions
Clever Breeder - Unlock: Have 5 Correct Parent Mutants except Legendary or Prize mutants and at least 5 Elite Versions of those Mutants. This Title allows a higher chance to successfully breed Correct Parent Mutants INCLUDING Legendary and PVP Prize Mutants and all Stars cost 5% less
Beginners – Unlock: Complete PVP in Beginner Rank. This Title allows all Boosts within the shop to cost 25% less
Veteran – Unlock: Complete PVP in Veteran Rank. This Title allows all Bronze Stars to cost 15% less
Expert – Unlock: Complete PVP on Expert Rank. This Title allows all Mutants within the Shop to cost 10% less
Elites – Unlock: Complete PVP in Elite Rank. This Title allows all Silver Stars to cost 15% less
Grandmasters – Unlock: Complete PVP in Grandmaster Rank. This Title allows all Gold Stars to cost 15% less
These are just some, and I know that they sound exactly like Achievements, but you would only be able to have one of these active at a time and would have to use a lot of Gold to change them. This could make it easier for players to play the game the way that they wanted to.
6# More content – Simply put, more Achievements and more daily tasks would be amazing. Also, what do we do once we have completed the Final Campaign Battle? It would be incredible if these were expanded, even slightly, to give us more to do within the game itself.
Finally, I have noticed that most of the posts on the Forum are all negative, about how Kobojo is cheating us and ignoring us and not fixing the bugs fast enough or how the Slots never give you what you want or…… The list goes on. I just wanted to take the time to actually Thank Kobojo for creating such an exceptional game. I can say with all honesty that “Mutants: Genetic Gladiators” is probably my favourite game at the moment and I hope to keep playing it for years to come.
Thank you

Wolf Al Harez
01-04-2014, 07:53 PM
only loved the first idea bosses can be 150% or maybe higher but can only played alone

for new genes : the 6 genes already cover every thing