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Mike Godin
01-05-2014, 06:59 AM
Dear Kobojo,

LEt me start by saying that I love the game. I do enjoy most parts of the game and I am a big fan of it.

Now, let me get to the meat of my issue here. I am tired of being drained of credits. Why do I have to spend almost 500k credits to get an even match up in the Global tournament? I either have to face a team of mutants that have 10+ levels over me (and get my butt kicked) or spend outrageous amounts of credits to get a match up I even have a prayer of winning. Then there is the extremely misleading graphs. I have seen a team of all "Bronze" star mutants mop the floor with me because two were Zodiac mutants or a Captain Peace. I think I am going into an even match and see that the mutants have double the health of my best mutant and hit three times harder.

I don't want walkover wins here but is asking for a match up where my opponent is within 2-3 levels of me and whose mutants are comparable to the ones I have? Is a well balanced fight too much to expect?

Wolf Al Harez
01-05-2014, 04:08 PM
u fight high lvl opponent because u r in high rank compare to your lvl if u cant win then dont fight

Markus Walter
01-05-2014, 07:01 PM
Try to check who fought you in the past(Fight summary at the bottom of the screen) to keep the costs low or even get someone fitting to fight. Stop spending those ammounts and just call it quits. Its your own fault as soon as you click the change enemy button. Continue in the campaign asap to cover those 10+ levels. In Beta & Alpha division you get outrageous ammounts of creds but you have to save some gold for the bossfights since they are pretty tough on the way.

Thats the catch with the new System...the star level shown is overall, so if you use a reactor team of the right ones you end up with bronze or even no Star Level, yet still kick butt with a lot of people. The only thing you can trust in is an overall gold level lol Anyway I try to focus more on what kind of Genes I have to be strong against. If your enemy manages to get that freaking out you have a fat problem, especially if the level of stars match Gold level ^^

Check your Tags and make a list who has a destructive or cataclysmal level Mutant there to get better winning chances and someone of speed 7.14-6.66 to deliver it early. 2:3 mostly goes to the one with the 3 Mutants.

Last tip: Skip the next 2 Events & PvP and only concentrate on saving credits and continuing the campaign. You will be pretty amazed how much you can gain by doing that since instead of once a day it might take 3 days to get your psy captain up 1 level plus if you get the fat credit prizes from the campaign those 10+ levels will melt soon to maybe only 5 levels (or evenly matched ;) )

@Wolf: Don't be so harsh! The delta division shows a pretty misleading case of prices for ending a city. If not one of my pals had told me some tipps I still would be in delta division. Besides you level much too fast if your not very cautious which leads to his problem I guess.

Mike Godin
01-05-2014, 07:48 PM
@Markus Thanks for the tips. I liked the old system better where you still had the gene graph but instead of the star level you had the psy captain's level. This way I knew if I had a fighting chance. I'll just be more cautious...Saving money for Dezinger and I am going to start writing down tags.

Again, thanks for the tips.

Markus Walter
01-05-2014, 08:10 PM
No Problem. I started off with the same problem but now I just do 1 pvp a day at max and level a lot slower. The way you sound, it might be you overdid it for a long time so it might take a while to recover but with this it will happen!

Thats something I did for 1 long day but since tags can change you better keep track every once in a week or so. Already have Dezinger and the first 100 million prize, now I work on the 200 millions ^^

I press my thumbs for you and hope you recover quick! The longer you keep that up, the more superior you get. I made it my general way of playing.

Wolf Al Harez
01-06-2014, 01:11 PM
ok i Apologize if i was to harsh , but i must say the new system is way better then the old one because in the old system u only see the opponent lvl now u see opponent gene

oh i have a small tip in pvp (if u want to fight) if u see the opponent have a silver or bronze star rating and the gene rating shows that he use both saber and mythic gene then he have a captain peace or if he have a high cyber rating then he have a Goliath