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Enzo Palacio Morales
01-06-2014, 01:19 AM
i think the new pvp system doesnt tell you nothing about the strengh of the other team, i mean that you can fight against a person that has empty the star bar, so you think he is easy to defeat, but then you are fighting against a goliath lvl 20 (hp 5000 normal ap 2500) , a captain peace lvl 20 (hp 6000 normal ap 2500) and a cancernia lvl 20 (hp 4500 normal ap 2500) or you can fight against a team with a full star bar and then you fight against an alien lvl1 (hp 1200 normal ap 200) a zombat lvl 1 (hp 1200 normal ap 200) and a honey bunny (hp 1200 normal ap 200), so that prove that you cant guide by the star bar and the other thing that shows you the gene doesnt tell you anything about the first gene of the mutant, if it indicates 3 of the six genes are cyber and the other 3 are mythic, ¿which mutant will you choose? because they can be anything, 3 techno taoists, or 3 deus machine, or 2 techno taoist and 1 deus machine, or 2 deus machine and 1 techno taoist, you wont now, except you fight
comment anything you want
thank you for reading, sorry if i expelled something wrong (i was born in a country where the spanish is the official language)

Wolf Al Harez
01-06-2014, 01:22 PM
still better then the old system where u know nothing about your opponent

Enzo Palacio Morales
01-07-2014, 02:39 AM
but at least in the other you have the defense team

Abdiel Peralta
01-07-2014, 07:59 AM
certainly the whole "no star mutant" like goliat , captain peace and zodiacs need to be fixed, but like "wolf al harez" said is a much better system. the before system used the info of the whole mutans the palyers had, the new is only about the defense team. so ... thanks kobojo.

Ronald Richard
01-07-2014, 06:12 PM
If you can tell for sure what kind of mutant the opponent use, and what level of strength they are, then you can create a strategy that would guarantee you to get a win, and the PvP became boring. This random factors is making the game interesting. Besides, in most cases, you can guess what mutant your opponent uses. For example, if you sure that one of the opponent mutant has the cyber and necro genes, then in most cases (more than 75% chance), the mutant is a dead bot, for people rarely use zomborg as their defending mutant. In most cases, they're more likely to use the faster mutant, so you should prepare for it first. You also need to revise some backup plan, in case of the mutant is actually the tanker one.

For example, i challenge an opponent who has a saber-galactic mutant. The mutant could be martian, bounty bug, or behemoth. First, i would assume that the opponent is martian, so i use honey bunny so i can defeat it in one turn. But in case that it's the other two, then i decide to use a tag partner who sent strong necro mutant, like dire drespot, ghostmonaut, grim reapress, or any other mutant. You can tell what mutant your partner sent by making a note of what mutant they sent before. Of course, in case of your partner changes his mutant, you might get defeated. But by doing such a planning, i could increase the chances of winning.