View Full Version : The slot machine isn't a true slot machine. This costs kojobo real money

James Wash
01-07-2014, 10:29 PM
Some users are suspicious because of the way the reels act in the slot machine. They are also wondering how they can miss the good prizes so often in the daily "key game". I will explain what is probably occurring here and how to correct it.

Firstly, it doesn't benefit kobojo to cheat in either of these games because the appearance of cheating (which there is now) is bad for them since it reduces participation in gold purchases to play them.

The slots guarantee a win every time. Because of this, it can't operate like a regular slot machine. If the reels were truly random, there'd always be times when they didn't match. Since this never occurs, what is probably happening is that the slot machine picks the result before it spins, then the reels match the result.

This is not cheating because the result the slots pick is based strictly on the odds of that result occurring.

The same thing is occurring in the key game. There is nothing under a hex when you pick it. Once you pick, the result is calculated based on the odds and the other results are randomly scattered under the other hexes. This is why a low chance result is almost always under a hex you didn't pick.

Correcting the appearance of cheating in these two games isn't too difficult. The hex game could be converted to a spinning wheel. Low chance occurrences would be a narrow wedges, common events big ones.

The slots game could be corrected by making the machine a true slot machine. However, whenever the reels don't win a prize, the player would win a guaranteed prize. Or the game could be changed to a lottery-like ball machine. The balls pop out as the player hits a key. When they match, it's prize time. Or just one ball comes out and that's the prize.